6 Tips on How to Control Your Anger and Stop Yelling at Your Kids! #MondayMommyMoments

No Matter how big your bundle(of joy) is, there are times when they quite upset you. Those days are difficult days because you constantly conflict between being a good parent and being a nice parent (There’s a difference, think about it!) In all the chaos and hullaballoo, you really wonder How to Control Your Anger and Stop Yelling at Your Kids!

Mummasaurus is no different, she has her days of upset and actually goes rawrr around the house, and the twinadoes move around like nothing’s happened!



Those days are difficult as it takes a lot to calm down, but I may have a few tips up my sleeve that you could use.

So here are some of my tried tips & tricks that may (or may not) help you, but are worth the try:-

  1. Drink some water

Taking a moment to sit down and consume a chilled glass of water can work wonders. Add some sherbet or make a lemon cordial out of it, as sweet helps to enhance your mood and control your Anger. Errmm… don’t spill it like this guy below as it will more likely ruin your mood further.


2. Eat Your Favourite Food

Eat something you really like. This could also be a good time to smuggle out that stash of chocolate you have hidden behind the shoe rack. (Yes, I know your secret hiding spots!)


3. Chant & Meditate

Chanting “Om Shanti Om” can be of help. Meditate for a while, but if that seems impossible, try the “inhaling & exhaling” gig. This simple image works best for me, helping you regulate your breath while your Anger goes for a walk.



4. Just Go Away

I know it is easier said than done, but just walk out of the place. Go in a different room, or maybe lock yourself in the loo. Moving away from the spot of tension breaks the stress and relieves you and the child both.


5. Yell – the Catharsis for your Anger

This might sound like weird advice, but if you need to yell, YELL!! Let it all out, all of it!! It’s important to give all that steam stemming from your anger to have an outlet.

But remember to not yell at the kids.  Maybe yell at the mirror, at the pillow, at your husband, oh, the flower-pot is a good idea too!


6. Think of the kids

Ok, this one can be a little cheeky and make you all teary eyed. But think of your babies – their innocent eyes, the moments when they giggle. How much you prayed to God for them, for their good health and well-being. Those days when your baby had a horrible cold and diarrhea and no matter what you did, it did not get better?? Think of those moments to calm yourself down, and free yourself from the pressure of your anger.



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