8 Ways in which Motherhood changed Me

Whether you planned on having kids or someone just surprised you, motherhood is a state of metamorphosis for the mom. Motherhood changed me in several levels and some of these changes were permanent!


A bulge here, a bump there. Hair everywhere on the body, except on the head — Motherhood can be mean on how you look and feel about yourself.

The absolute loss of intelligence

Meet a new mom and she will narrate tales about the ‘dumb’ things she has done.

Light Sleeper

I used to be a deep sleeper and was always apprehensive as to how would I even wake up if my baby needs me. I used to jolt out of sleep even on the slightest of noises. I’d always worry I’ll roll over them, or not hear them when they cry or sleep through their midnight diaper changing needs. I barely slept sanely for months to come, but I never missed any of these 🙂

I have learned to respect everyone’s struggles

We often want to hear sympathetic words on how difficult our parenting journey is. My journey was actually very difficult initially and I could barely pull through, but I learned to respect everyone’s journeys and difficulties. I realized that everyone is in their own kind of struggle and we can never compare two parenting scenarios ever.

Get used to the Accidents

My twinadoes, from the moment they learned to move, had in numerous accidents. Now I don’t fret over small hurts, don’t even pick them up. in turn, I have a pair of boys who get up, brush themselves and continue with whatever they had been doing.


As parents, both DH & I have become very patient as we realized, that is the best way out. We once had set of guests home, where we were preparing to leave. One of my boys was twirling round and round and lost balance. He hit his head on the wall and began to bleed profusely. We were both calm, picked him up and calmed him. he was quiet in seconds, yet bleeding. I bandaged him patiently, did first aid before we took him to the hospital. our friends were amazed at the calmness and realized what we had imbibed within us and how effective it could be.


I yell all day, “Nahi” (No) being my favorite word. My boys just giggle and run away! **major eye roll**

Healthier Food choices

As non-parents, we would eat just about anything. We’d eat ‘out’ at the slightest sign of fatigue or craving. But now with kids, we are careful about what we bring into our home and what we feed to the kids – making healthier food choices.

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