A Letter to the my Tupperware Lids

letter to my tupperware lids who are very fond of losing themselves all the time

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five-day ‘LOL-a-thon‘ organized by ‘The Momsteins’. It is a privilege to be one of the organizers and host this talent series with 27 amazing bloggers across niches. Join us to read some wonderful letters on Today’s prompt, which is ” Write a letter to an Inanimate Object”

The moment I had this prompt in mind, I knew exactly who to write a letter to. I always thought that if these things could hear, I’d give them an earful. But where there’s a will, there’s a way! So here I am, writing to the nasty little Tupperware Lids of my house! Read on for some humor and some creative thinking (If I’m allowed to state that and gloat!)

Dear Mr. Tupperware Lid,

Now don’t ask me how I know your gender. Your total inability to listen to what I say is no better than all the other 3 men in the house. So obvious guess – you must be a male!

Now, before I crib further, let me wish you the best of health, wherever you are (All because I have no clue wherever that is!)

I’m sort of done looking for you. Do you have the faintest of idea, as to how difficult it is to give you all the attention at 6 am in the morning?

Try imagining this –

A woman, who’s probably not got decent sleep all thanks to the mobile era and the ME time.

The poor lady struggled to get a decent shut-eye because she couldn’t complete level 3 on candy crush. That’s quite a shame because her 4 years old CAN do that, but anyway.

So she doesn’t get good shut-eye, and struggled to say goodbye to her blanket. BUT SHE DID because if she doesn’t wake up and the kids stay home, its a different level of madness.

But hey back to the imagining part again – so, no shut-eye, really cranky and tired, and just like every day, she is late again!

So she’s rushing to make breakfast for her sons, breakfast for her husband, lunch for her sons and lunch for her husband because for a god-knows-what reason all 3 can never be on a consensus of what to eat. So it is at least 4 dish preparations right in the morning. (and without a doubt, no one pats her back!)

In the haste to pack those lunch boxes, she ushers everything here and there only to see Mr. Tupperware Lid throw an attention seeking gimmick again. Mr. Tupperware Lid is NOWHERE to be found!

Your attention mongering is a trouble to this poor lady but obviously, YOU DON’T CARE! All you care about is your silly hide and seek games and most days, it’s just hide. I really wish you could play these games on weekends, I got fairly better time on weekends … and what, we’ve discussed this a hundred times!

Then, out in the Diwali cleaning madness, a couple of you crop up looking like a piece of crap because obviously, you got rotten as you hid in your god-knows-which place. There are spider webs on you and cockroaches lay eggs. The rats nibble on you and you know what? I’d rather discard you than use you again!

So, Mr. Tupperware lid, I write to you to tell you that I’m done with you and your attention seeking behavior. I urge you to go freaking see a therapist because you really need help.

At least think of your Tupperware box, who tends to feel lonely and ‘useless’ when you are not around, at least think about this poor woman who is anyways having a hard time juggling home, kids, me time, a husband, a job, and everything there is! It will be kind of you if you came to my hands before I see you hugging the maid’s hands. I hate to see her smirk and flaunt you like a trophy of diamonds when she finds you.

So this is my last and final request before I replace you and your poor friend the Tupperware box. Please ‘straighten up’ and learn to behave before I replace the whole of you guys with simple Rs 5 plastic boxes. I’m serious, I will do it! So now, you gotta tread your waters carefully, or else, you know my wrath.

Looking forward to earnest and honest cooperation from you.

Warm Regards,

YOUR OWNER (Yes, that’s right! read that again, you friggin’ Tupperware Lid)

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  1. hhahaha…. Same story at my place and that’s the only time I criticize my help & lids but in my thoughts because I can’t afford my help to leave me as she’s my only hope.

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