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Wife to one, Mom to two and a friend to a hundred. Good, bad, awesome and horrible, all in one! Been through depression myself, I value the power of Entertainment and HUmor in our everyday life. That is why i choose to write about lighter, fun topics more than all the difficulties I went through! I'm Crazy Mom of Twin Boys, my TWINADOES - Chirag and Chitransh ...! Together we learn new things and explore new meltdown points of each other... I don't look for friends anymore, for I have personally given birth to my monster partners of Crime!!! A trained Counseling Psychologist by qualification, I am now a Quirky SAHM and a Creative Content Writer, whose world revolves around an awesome husband and 2 ruckus makers.

6 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Reward with Good Health

The Common Indian is gradually becoming more aware of the lifestyle they live and the changes they need to make. But we still end up making some grave mistakes – sometimes because we are too lazy to change…

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LetsBlogWithPri – May Edition

It was an amazing experience writing with a group of great bloggers in #LetsBlogWithPri – April. I will continue the program in May 2019 and I can’t be more excited!  The “Let’s Blog with Pri” campaign aims at…

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Strengthen Family Bonds with Art & Crafts [Camlin Stationery]

It’s been 30 years since I learned to hold a pencil and use it. Back in the day, in our times, moms did not use colours, or any such activities, before school commenced. So, this is pretty much…

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6 Reasons Why one Shouldn’t have Kids

Everybody loves kids – especially if you went through that phase of 9 months just to give birth to a human being, who would complicate matters even more after they were born. Have you ever thought that it…

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6 Common Dreams and What they Mean

Dreams are a part of everyone’s night. Some see many dreams every day, some see a dream once in many days. But some times, some dreams affect you persistently. You often discard it thinking, ‘meh, it’s just a…

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Just Talk to Me ! Fictional Story for #LetsBlogWithPri

She knew she was going through a lot – a complicated pregnancy, a lack of company and the overwhelming hormones. It wasn’t easy to be on a bed rest for a very long time to come. She knew…

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Lipa Land: A must have Learning App for your Kids!

lipa land learning app for kids

As a parent in a nuclear setup, I totally understand the plight of keeping your children engaged.Engaging children not only needs you to think on your toes, but also needs you to be present with them at all…

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Welcome to Let’s Blog with Pri #LetsBlogWithPri

First and Foremost, Thank you for Joining in this initiative! The “Let’s Blog with Pri” campaign aims at making blogging a regular habit and working towards building a blog train. The blog train, regularity in writing and thus…

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7 Reasons Why it’s AWESOME to be a Mom of Twins

Oh My God~!! You Have Twins?? Now if you are a parent of twins, you probably don’t know what the above lines mean. These could be the awesomest thing you will hear in the day, or it would…

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Let’s talk nutrition in children #UnboxGrowth

As a matter of fact, we live in highly confusing times. The information we need isn’t actually missing, thanks to the Internet. The information we rather have is either incomplete, shared with us absolutely out of context or…

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