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Dare to be Yourself on Social Media #Dareathon

This world is consumed by social media because social media is consumed by the world. Whatsapp, Facebook, and Insta – how much can we really do without our favorite time kill?!! Social Media just takes our need for…

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Hypomagnesemia: all you need to know about Magnesium Deficiency.

Hypomagnesemia magnesium deficiency Hypo-magnesemia

Hypomagnesemia can be broken down to hypo – meaning deficiency and Magnesemia meaning – of Magnesium. So¬†hypomagnesemia basically means low amounts of Magnesium in the blood.¬† Magnesium is a mineral required by almost all of the organs of…

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5 Budget Friendly Outfits to Enhance Your Office Dressing

How about reshaping your office wardrobe this time??? Here we have five amazing dressing hacks which can do wonders for your office style while keeping peace with your valuable pocket. All these women dresses are very comfortable and…

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[[Myth Busted]] There can be Identical Boy/Girl Twins!

We all like to believe that boy/girl twins cannot be identical, but is that really true? Read on to know more!!

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