Say NO to Gadgets for your kids with Flintobox

flintobox review subscription box

‘Oh, this generation of kids is too smart”! Don’t we all often exclaim this? With the generation next, their toys become technology based too. There are barely any kids today who have never experienced what a gadget feels…

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Ekdali Posters: Bringing Educational Posters back in Trend

Remember the good ol’ times… the times of our childhood?? No phones and no tabs, damn, we barely got to watch TV. We never had these magnanimous toys and partly our parents weren’t as zealous in buying the…

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Prepare your Car for Indian winters – A Quick Guide

prepare your car for indian winters

#sponsoredpost India, just like its culture, has a diverse weather pattern. While winter in some parts of the country is just a more tolerable summer, some parts get to really low temperatures and feel the chills. In all…

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This Anti Obesity Day, STOP being OK with being obese

anti obesity day

I know, if you’ve ever seen me, you’d wonder how come such advice comes from me, another person who is OBESE!! It is a bit hurtful to be calling anyone, including myself obese, but if that’s a reality,…

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Rashes? It’s not the Diaper, it’s the Polyester baby wipes!


Some days I really feel like I deserve an award… I not just became a parent, but I became a parent to Twins. No one, even in my far, extended family, knew zilch about parenting two kids at…

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Play Shifu Travel: Play Shifu Augmented Reality Games for Kids

play shifu review playshifu travel 3

Undeniably, we live in a world that’s moving too fast. We want our Pizzas in 30 minutes or less, our shopping to be delivered in 2 days or less, our increments to happen every year or even less….

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Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia? A remedy that works like a magical sleep potion!

Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia? Do these words sound familiar to you? Of course, they do! Every second person is currently suffering from either of these. It is also an established fact that every adult has been through these…

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10 Ways to make a special Children’s Day for your Kids

14 th of November is a date etched in all our hearts. Everyone in the country celebrates it as children’s day on the occasion of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. But have you thought of planning a special children’s day…

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Tupperware Folder Keeper Ladybug Lunchbox

Tupperware Folder Keeper Bug Ladybird Lunchbox

When you talk about a hygienic, durable and affordable range of containers and tiffins, there’s just one name that resonates with every Indian Household – Of Tupperware!! Ever since I was a young girl, when Tupperware was launched…

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7 First Birthday Party Mistakes Parents Make and How to Avoid them

first birthday party mistakes

The First birthday, The BIG 1 of your bub’s first life, is undoubtedly the most special events of your life. In most cultures, cities, and families, the first birthday is of much essence. It is also the most awaited…

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