The recent trend has it that all moms are a part of one Mommy group or another and we all have our opinion about them. Some join in for fun and games, some for serious help and some for decent time kill, but all of us do come across various kinds of moms that we do or do not identify with. Here are my observations on the kinds of moms I have met in these groups – I am one of these on some days, and on some other days, I just watch them all going through their day, being one!! Here is my list:-

  1. The Logical Facebook-er

She does not believe in things that do not have a solid logical basis, she will write what she has read from credible resources and even quote research articles if need be. She is also likely to be an atheist or an agnostic, constantly questioning the existence of rituals and customs that do not resonate with her belief of having logic in them.

2. The Comment-Blogger

Her comments are usually mini blogs – long, elaborate, beautifully written comments with a very careful usage of her words. Not just going by the length, but it does come across like she has put a lot of thought and tried to put meaning in it as well.

You can identify this mom from the size of her comments and often the number of likes on her comment!

3. The Emotional

She is the kind that will read an anonymous post, may or may not comment on it, but it will linger on her mind for a lot of time to come… she is the one who will always comment on posts that ask people to pray for them or wish a  birthday. Things touch her heart and she just takes it all with her all day long, often having her eyes filled up with tears (sometimes even with happiness) from what other moms post.

4. The Offended

This one is really easy to piss off – she has a strong aversion to UNACCEPTABLE things – patriarchal values, incorrectly managing your baby, almost everything that fits her definition of wrong will provoke her enough to try and ‘correct’ things with her words. She may not post it,  but she is upset alright!

5. The Jester

This lady loves to laugh!! She is the one who likes memes and funny videos posted by moms, in fact, a lot of times she is the one who is posting them because she found them too funny to contain with herself. She tries to be funny when commenting on posts, which sometimes get her into some soup, but then she takes it with a pinch of salt and moves on.

6. The Vice-Admin

She serves as an admin if the admin herself is not available, or has missed something. Reporting spam posts, updating inappropriate posts with “Read the pinned post” message, managing contests, and giveaways, etc. She pretty much enjoys quite a lot of popularity and people are surprised that she’s not an admin!

7. The Quiet One

Not many will know that she is a part of the group – she is just there, silently reading posts, answering some queries in her mind, but never says a thing. The only time you get to know her presence is when you check the list of friends common in your friend-list and the member list of the group.

Image result for hidden girl profile

8. The Advertiser

She may not be sure if she is ok with the group ethos or not, but she remembers the #marketday. Most of the times, that’s the only day when she surfaces from beneath the posts and posts her own stuff.

9. The Queen of Short forms

She is the one who usually uses DH, DS, MIL, FIL, FML, SMH, AFAIK, LMAO, HBD, IDGAF and the like. Life is too short to type in full.

10. The Mom-directory

This lady knows a lot of other Moms. Moms who own books, toys, of gifting ventures, ones with an innovative business, local vendors, online site information and so on…! Whatever requirement you may have, she would know moms who can help and tags them in your post.

11. The Socrates

She likes to talk about profound things in life. Be it philosophies, social behavior, incorrect depictions in movies and videos, the right and wrong in parenting – all of it. Healthy discussions and answers of the unknown are what she seeks.

Image result for jennifer aniston deep thought gif

12. The Social(Media) Butterfly

Everything that’s on her mind is on her lips  facebook page. She will try 3 dresses and ask for an opinion, & check with her gang of girls if she should take up work or not. She would update friends about how miserable one of her children is and what all did the doctor recommend. Her gift to her hubby on their 13th engagement anniversary will be a the result of her friends’ opinions. So basically, everything that she needs an opinion for, she resorts to her trusted circle of mommies.

Tag a friend that you thought of while going through this post… If I have missed a certain kind, let me know in the comments section below!!

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  1. This was a fun read for sure…! You have done good research 😉
    I wonder what type am I!

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