15 Hilariously Dramatic Expressions your Baby Boy has Aced!

Yes, Parenting can be daunting and overwhelming, but if you actually sat down to think of it, it is a hilarious stage to be in. Parenting twin boys, my Twinadoes, it is absolute madness on most days. Of course, Moms lose their calm with the massive clean up they need to do every single time, but undeniably it is a crazy fun ride with the kids. Here’s just a small reminder that if you have a toddler or school going little bundle of Handsome, you have definitely gone through these hilariously Dramatic Expressions. So read through and leave me a comment if this has ever happened with you. Here are 15 Dramatic Expressions your baby boy has aced and has been using against you!!


  1. When your baby boy has been bathing for 3 hours!!

Some kids just love water. Mine, just take the toilet hand shower and drench the entire room, creating a mini pool on the floor where they can merrily slide. To escape that situation, I let them bathe to their heart’s content, but every time I ask them to step out — this gem!


2. Every time you have to make him wear his pants

What is it with the boys and their absolute rebel towards pants? Every time we have to step out with them, we can’t do so without roaring and threatening. Do you have better luck?

3. But Every time you get ready…

There’s something amazing about how your baby boy is your biggest fan! Even if you are wearing the most ridiculous clothes in the world, he will have just one expression to give — this one!


4. When you tell him to eat it or he won’t get his Tv or phone

He’s got to do what he’s got to do!!


5. When you find weird things happened inside your fridge

Who put the freaking toilet cleaner in Milk???


6. Emotional Blackmail

Baby Boy: “Mumma, Aryan has this spideman remote control car too, I also want it!”

And Imagine, we have to say NO to such faces. C’est La vie, my friend!


7. When you question their drawing…

Me: That’s Mumma, That’s Papa, That’s your brother, That’s Spiderman, That’s Tiger Shroff, That’s you, but who’s this girl with a ponytail??

My Baby Boy: Mumma that is my friend, Dinika

(And deep inside, you are happy it’s not a penis drawing,because hell, they are quite capable of making that as a part of their family)

Image result for bollywood hero GIF


8. When you are going out without them

God Forbid if you have to go out without them – to the grocery store, for a cup of coffee with your friends, or whatever it is.

Image result for bollywood dialogues gif

And if you have to go to an all girls trip, they will have the most nasty of fevers you have ever seen!

9. A ‘Behind the scenes’ of ‘behind your back’

You thought they were listening to the lecture you are giving?? Rise and shine, sunshine!! This is Exactly what happens behind your back as you impart important life lessons.

10. School Work

Making them  do their homework, or helping them learn a pronunciation… eat your Vitamins before you sit with them.

11. Potty Times

“Mumma, potty is coming to me”

Then why are you standing here? Please rush to the toilet – but No!! That’s just way too much to ask for. The cyborg needs to be built right away, Potty can wait.

12. When he knows his time is up!

When he knows he is going to get whooped, damage control strategies come into play. The strategies are ridiculous, but what’s even more ridiculouser (yes I made that up!) is that unfortunately, they work on all days.

13. When Dad is home

When Little Mister Handsome has been yelled upon, Papa needs to know what a nasty person Mumma is.

14. How are you so naughty?

Kahan se lata hai itni shaitaani??

And the epic dialogue – sabko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi!! (Loosely translated as: few don’t know how to manage it, and I can’t seem to lose it)

15. When the fussy eater finally likes something you cooked

But you know, we all put up with the tantrums of our children – for one simple reason …

After all he’s my son!!

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  1. Hahaha…your posts are too hilarious. Love the way how you use exact matching GIFs with every point. Although, at present I am stuck at point 11 but am sure going to experience others very soon. Loooved it!!!

    1. Hahaha those guys are like right after family, you see!! In fact i think little boys are the only reason why Tiger Shroff is in business 😛

  2. Let me begin by saying…HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA….HOHOHOHOHO…OMG…I almost died laughing…hahahahaha
    Brilliant post! It must have taken a LOT of effort to compile the GIFs and add the right captions. The brevity of sentences, packed with humour make you my favourite blogger! I am wondering why I haven’t read your blog before. Keep writing and bringing smiles to our faces. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

  3. OMG i am rolling and laughing. Love love love those bollywood gifs. “potty is coming to me” is epic and i see that face every day LOL. and that “MUUAAAHH” he does almost 50 times to get his ways. 😉 . And that last gif “MAAA” is so like us.

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