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When you are on keto, one big trouble is having pretty much the same items every single day!! Paneer, Chicken, may be some fish or prawns on a few days , but yeah, Pretty much this! Innovating with the same ingredients can be a challenge, but hey! That’s something I’ll be helping you with today. Super simple, super easy recipe, and did i mention, SUPER YUMM Too?? What’s even better is that anyone who’s not really “dieting” can also try this recipe and is bound to love it! Here is a keto chicken kebab recipe, that is ready in minutes and tastes like heaven!!

Here’s what you need:


Ingredients :
200g chicken keema
1 cheese cube
2 tbsp ghee/butter/coconut oil
Coriander sprigs
1 heaped tbsp paste of ginger+garlic+green chilly
2 tsp red chilly powder
1 tsp garam masala
Salt as per taste

For Garnish I have used:
1 tsp Mint mayo ( I had Veeba Mint Mayo Available)
1 tbsp Schezwan Chutney ( I had Ching’s Available)

Replacements in Ingredients (for people who are not on the keto diet):

You can use

More oil/ghee/butter to fry the kebabs

More Cheese to Stuff inside the kebabs

More quantity of the toppings and dips

Mint chutney instead of Mint Mayo

Ketchup instead of Schezwan Chutney

You can add the yolk of one egg


  1. Simply add all the ingredients in a bowl, except the grated cheese. Mix with very gentle hands, as kneading the mixture can lead to really dense, hard, kebabs
  2. Preferably use refrigerated Keema. If not, then refrigerate the mix for 8-10 minutes once it is ready
  3. Then take a spoon full of the mix, spread it gently on your palm, add some cheese and close it, making it like a patty
  4. again, try and refrigerate (not freeze) the mix for 8-10 minutes before frying
  5. Heat fats (ghee/butter/etc, whatever you want to use) on a tava or skillet, or any pan with a flat bottom
  6. Once the ghee/butter is really very hot, gently slide the kebabs onto it
  7. Kebabs can fry in very little oil, so you can add many of those on the skillet and fry them together
  8. let them get golden brown on one side before you flip them over. This should take about a minute or so on each side.
  9. Once they are golden brown on both sides, serve them with some dips of choice, or your favorite paranthas and have a delightful meal.

    Things to take note:

    1. Do not knead the kebab mix, or do not mix with harsh hands. The more you mix or knead the mix, the harder the kebabs will turn out to be

    2.  Add lots of chillies, and a little  extra salt, as the kebabs tend to taste very bland without appropriate and abundant flavoring

    3. It adds a lot more flavor to use freshly made chilli-ginger-garlic paste, compared to the ready made ones

    4. Break the coriander sprigs in to smaller bit when adding in the mix, as compared to chopping them, as coriander tastes heavenly in the kebabs, once it is done.

    You can watch a demo video on my Instagram Grid, or simply play the video below:

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  1. Though I am a vegetarian but still these are looking great options for people who are trying to follow keto diet.

  2. Oh this is such a yummy recipe. Although not on Keto diet, I will definitely try to make this.

  3. I was waiting for this recipe ever since I saw this on your insta story! This is a really yummy keto version kebab recipe! Will ask my grandmom to make these! 😍

  4. Thanks for sharing the recipe. My son and husband love chicken and would love to try these kebabs. I can’t wait to try these at Home.

  5. I’ve watched your video in Instagram and yes it’s super quick and easily made from all available ingredients in the kitchen. Would love to try.

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