7 Reasons Why it’s AWESOME to be a Mom of Twins

Oh My God~!! You Have Twins??

Now if you are a parent of twins, you probably don’t know what the above lines mean. These could be the awesomest thing you will hear in the day, or it would be just the tip of the iceberg. Tip of the iceberg of routine twin parent interrogation questionnaire by strangers 😐 . OMG, You have twins? So do they sleep together? Does one run if the other is running? How do you manage? Why don’t you move in with your parents or in-laws? Hire at least 3 helpers!
And tons of other valuable tips on how I could make my life easy with twins. To top it all, if you have twin BOYS, you are all the more “mercy-worthy”. “Oh Poor you, your house must smell like a toilet! Your house must always be a mess! OH, I can’t handle one boy, Don’t know how you handle two!”

I’ll be honest. My life is Faaaaaaaaar from easy or convenient but I would take being a Mom of twins over any other role, anyone in the world has ever assumed. Because it may be difficult, but being a Mom of twins is the awesomest thing ever! Why??? Read on to know 7 Reasons why it’s awesome to be a Mom of twin boys!

  1. You are a Celebrity!

Admit it! If you are a mom of twins, you assume the role of a celebrity. Wherever you go, people want to talk to you, ask you questions and know more about you. I have also had people who wanted to get clicked with my twins. Why?? Oh they are super adorable, that’s why !! hahaha

2. Matchy Matchy!!

Even before I had a set for myself, I loved it when twins wore the exact same outfits, had exact same hair styles. It is a thrill beyond description. When you have a set of twins of your own, you get endless opportunities to dress them alike, and boy, I do love it the most!!

3. One Pregnancy

One pregnancy, double reward!!Β  Who doesn’t like that?!! Well yeah, I had a very high risk pregnancy and wasn’t even allowed to sit. In the latter part of the pregnancy, I couldn’t even sit, stand, lie down or get up on my own. But yeah… just one pregnancy and twins!!

4. Extra Daddy Bonding

Well, we twin parents must admit, that both parents are intensely involved in parenting and managing the twins. While one is being breastfed by mom, Dad can bottle feed the other. While one is being rocked to sleep by mo, daddy can rock the other. Twins eventually bond with their fathers almost as good as they bond with their mothers.

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5. Born with a best friend

Twins are born with their best friends (and sworn enemies – but since we are only talking about the awesome parts today..!) The love and sharing between the two, the endless giggles over nothing, the fulfilling companionship and camaraderie is absolutely like no other kind of sibling bond. Twins are special that way – Period!

6. Two Sides of a coin

MostΒ  twins are very different in terms of personality. Raising two at a time, with absolutely different personalities is a blessing as well as an interesting challenge. It is thrilling to see how two children can behave absolutely differently in the same situation.

7. Mom to Twins are less Judgmental

True that! Moms of twins have been through so much themselves, that they tend to judge another mom’s situation less. Shit happens, and no one knows that better than a mom of twins. We’ve all had pur baby’s finger in the door hinge, had them locked,lost, hurt profusely, may be sometimes permanently, but we all live with it, deal with it and never judge about it.

Having twins is a matter of a bit of luck and a bit of science. But the result is always the same – witnessing parenting like no other!

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  1. I can really feel the enthusiasm in your post! I have always wanted to be a twin myself, it seems like a secret pact against the world πŸ™‚
    Good post! #MomsSpeakUp

  2. Wow! You have given a different twist to being a mother of twins. It’s awesome to be seeing the bright side of things through it all. Keep it up and all the best to you. Love to the twins.

  3. Wow!! It’s difficult but enjoyable and if it’s that for you who are others to judge.
    I feel happy after reading your posts because there is so much positivity in your post.
    Much love to your twins.

  4. Wow love the post dear, especially the point “”you are celebrity””
    , I could understand that amazing feeling. indeed, it is hard but rewarding too. and I love the fact that you had shared and highlighted the positive side of being a twin mommy. such a great start of #Momsspeak up blog train.

  5. I love reading your posts and blogs! Watching your tiktok or videos is indeed a pleasure. With this humorous writeup, you have portrayed that raising twins is like a cakewalk. I am sure at times, it will be otherwise. But nevertheless, you are super awesome women.

    Happy Women’s Day!

  6. I think every mom wish to have twins in her first time. Do it once and for ever. Atleast you don’t have to go through the dilemma of haVing second child or not! I am sure parenting the twins is an exciting roller coaster ride.😊

  7. Loved your post, being a mom is totally awesome and when you are a mom of twins it double the fun.

  8. Loved this post. It was good to read a positive take on raiaing twins. So far i have read and listenes to only challenges

  9. What a fun and insightful read about being parents to twins! ImI sure it’s an experience of a different kind! 😊

  10. I know! Yes, a parent of twins is a celebrity and ofcourse not that easy feeding 2 kids one after the other. Kudos!

  11. You rock the mom of twins title for sure…i definitely think you are a celebrity with your awesome hilarious videos ….but it is hard work….and you manage it with that huge smile.

  12. Oh twins😱 being a mom of a twin is always tiring n amazing at d same time, n I definitely believe tat d child gets equally attached with dad’sπŸ˜€ u so well narrated Ur story with ease,way to go girl πŸ€—

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