8 Things you learn to Tolerate as a Parent

tolerate as a parent

When they said that having a child changes your life – they were quite right. The initial 6 months you can always blame it on the hormones for feeling way too happy or way to crappy, but before you know it, you are an absolutely different person. I often hear my fellow moms tell me (or even me saying to myself) that I used to be a very short tempered or impatient person, but since they became a parent that changed completely. There are many changes that parents go through and often we leato things which would otherwise upset us, gross us out or even make us judge or ridicule. Here are 10 things you learn to tolerate as a parent.

  1. Disconnecting, distracting phone calls

Admit it or not, after being a parent, you become more tolerant to your mom’s habit of speaking to 345 people while she is on a call with you. Somewhere, you do that with a lot of people now because someone or something always needs your attention while you are on a call…. whether you want to give your attention or not, is not a choice you really have!

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2. The Un-shut Door

Tens of times in a day, doors of various rooms and bathrooms are open and never shut again. For the first few times your tolerance will give up and you may end up yelling, but eventually, we all settle in!

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3. Tolerance towards freshness of food

I remember i used to be the kind of girl who would not eat food that was cooked for lunch, for her dinner. All because I had better ways to discard it back then – have my mother eat it! all that continued till, before I realized, I was the mother. While my kids eat star shaped rotis and chicken shaped eggs, and rainbow spaghetti and all that is fancy, i get the left over, the pieces that did not fit in to their plate’s design, or even sometimes,just whatever is left in to their plates. If it smells about ok, it is still edible!

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4. Projectiles of poop and puke

Did you ever imagine that you will clean up so much of poop and puke and all those nasty oozzy things in this one life? Never ever, before you were a parents! A mom’s tolerance to these things is massive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you ate food while your baby pooped in front of you. No that’s not gross… no it isn’t!

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5. Being Beaten Up

I can guarantee, even parents wouldn’t have beaten you up, as much as your baby must have hit you. And you sit there, tolerating that, because!

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6. Hearing your Name

Imagine your boss calling your name tens of times…

Or your mom! (yeah, they are kinda non stop!)

How do you feel? Want to yell back?

Now imagine your child calling out your name – constantly nagging mumma mumma mumma mumma mumma and you still go – ” yes my little baby!!”

Now imagine your baby just learning to talk and saying Mumma, mumma, mumma on repeat! Ghosh, if that’s not tolerant, then what is it?! Say it a few more times my little one!

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7. Silly mistakes other moms make, especially Moms of infants

You have been there, you have done that – all of that make syou be a lot more forgiving to fellow parents… because, Mom Brain! There is so much on a mom’s mind, that a little goof up here and there is just inevitable. It definitely makes fellow moms more tolerant about it!

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8. Tolerant to puppy eyes and cute smiles

Kid you not, but a mom becomes very tolerant to puppy eyes and cute smiles… especially when their toddlers learn to use that weapon to their benefit. A lot of times we do fall for them too, but yeah, overall, we are way more tolerant after being a mother!

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Trust me a fellow parents, a lot of times we do feel that we are not tolerant, but if you sit through it and think about it, you will see the world is actually different! Sometimes we have to discipline our kids and a zero tolerance policy comes in place, but a lot of times, our tolerance levels are like:—

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  1. so funny! But you have stated the real facts here. Really sometimes its just too much to tolerate. The 5th one is so apt for my hubby. My son does the same with him. 🙂

  2. Hahaha..I couldn’t stop laughing after reading this…more because this is a hard core reality and it happens exactly the same way at my home too

  3. Ha ha yes that’s all what we experience after attaining motherhood. I’m tired to saying my son to keep the doors closed, but he is always in a hurry to grab something..ah kids!!

  4. He he.. you nailed it girl! My son calls out Mumma almost hundredds of times in a couple of minutes.. and i am left with pain n the ear. Shutting the door is what my hubby has learnt

  5. Hahahaha! I am not a parent and I could still relate to everything you said because I did that with mom! Especially the puppy eyes and smiles…. Man she has got so tolerant to that! 😂

  6. I can totally relate with you. As a mum, I have completely changed as a person. Thanks for sharing. Love the giphys you added here too.

  7. Honestly I was laughing out loud reading each and every point here. They are so true though. We have our tolerance level increased incredibly after becoming mother. It was a fab read Prisha xx

  8. I can easily relate with some of the situation where my niece eat his favourite part of food and the rest has to be cover by her mom. Indeed parenting brings lot of change in our lifestyle

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