This Anti Obesity Day, STOP being OK with being obese

anti obesity day

I know, if you’ve ever seen me, you’d wonder how come such advice comes from me, another person who is OBESE!! It is a bit hurtful to be calling anyone, including myself obese, but if that’s a reality, it is the reality. Of all the people in the world, an obese is the right person to advise about obesity, because they have been there and they have been doing that. Taking liberty on that account, I want to pass a message to my fellow Indians that on This Anti Obesity Day, STOP being OK with being obese. I don’t say that you should quit everything else and shift the entirety of your focus on losing weight – NO. But we as a clan need to stop being OK with our ‘condition and just live with it saying, ‘Nah – it is what it is. I don’t think I’ll ever change’. You may or may not in a situation to put in your best for your weight loss efforts, but to make small contributions throughout is what makes a difference.

Anti Obesity Day

Almost everyone is acquainted with VLCC health care services, but not many know that they initiated the observation of Anti Obesity Day on the 26th of November every year. Vandana Luthra, founder of VLCC took the first step towards observing this day to increases about obesity, how big a problem it is in our lives today and its ill-effects. VLCC conducts an annual health cap on this certain day and conducts mass counseling sessions, health experts addressing the issues, talk shows, and extensive media sessions.   Image result for anti obesity day Picture source:

Stop Being OK with being Obese

Being slightly chubby, golu molu, teddy bear, plump, slightly overweight, plus size – and many such words used by yourself or your friends to address you and undermine your problem of being obese is only distracting you from doing something about it. Here are some facts about Obesity that you must know:

  • Overweight and Obesity pose the fifth leading risk for global deaths, as per WHO
  • 2.8 million adults die every year on account of being overweight or obese, as per WHO
  • One in 5 Indians is overweight or obese, as per an article published in the Hindustan Times
  • 41 Million people of our country are obese, ranking third in the world for such high numbers, as per an article published in the Hindustan Times

The statistics are alarming and we continue to take a high calorific, low nutrient value diets in the country in the name of westernization (junk food chains), heavy consumption of sweetmeats and mithais in the name of festivities and general overeating in the name of ‘not wasting food’.

At what Age Group are people Obese people?

It is of utmost importance to realize that even children under the age of 5 CAN BE OBESE! One of my children was moving the path of obesity at a very young age of 2-3 months. My pediatrician identified the issue and we started taking care of his inputs from 6 months of age when we started solids for him. He is nothing close to even chubby now and I as a parent feel extremely proud of that feat. From a few years old to as long as someone lives, obesity is possible and it is a very viable problem for us today.

Certain Attitudes and Behaviors we need to change for Obesity

One of the factors about not being able to lose weight is what we think about it. Its not just the lack of a nutritious diet or an active lifestyle, but what our approach and thought process towards obesity is, also affects us tremendously. Certain behaviors that need to change in today’s times are:

  • If someone is fat, stop calling them ‘healthy’

How often do we see people trying to be polite and describing a fat person as someone who is a ‘bit healthy’. That’s wrong. An obese or overweight person is not ‘healthy’.

  • Finish what is on your plate

A few decades back, Indians valued the food they had. A lot of people in the country were malnourished as several famines and droughts had hit the country. That period is long gone. It is still extremely important to only pick what you can finish and eat, but in case it is more than what you can eat, either keep it aside to finish later or discard it  (less recommended). Just in order to finish what you have taken on your plate, do not stuff your body with food.

  • Stop overeating

Only last half bowl of food left? Has the baby refused to finish her porridge? Is the Rasagulla really very yummy? Did the hosts push you to have ‘bas ek aur’? STOP OVEREATING! Stop treating your body like a dumping yard where you dump in all the remnants. Eat fresh, healthy and nutritious food. Eat food that makes you full, and not just push food down your throat to finish leftovers.  This Anti Obesity day, promise your body that you will treat it with more respect and kindness.

  • Stop being OK with your size

Have health conditions like hormonal imbalances, genetic influences and several other factors that make you fat? Stop telling yourself that this is how you are and this is how you will continue to be. Make small, genuine efforts towards your weight. Aim at making changes that show differences in the long term, if not immediate. I do not mean that by the time you continue to be overweight, ruin your life with guilt – NO! But also, don’t cut yourself loose and ignore your weight issues.

But How to STOP being OK with being Obese?

Following these very simple tips can change how you look and feel

» Control your portions and prevent yourself from overeating

anti obesity day

» Maintain a slightly active lifestyle if you cannot exercise every day or join a gym. Basically, avoid being sedentary at all costs

» Stop expecting your weight to go down drastically with small efforts. Weight loss takes a longer time than weight gain.

» Try to have food with a  good nutritious value

» Hae an informed diet – inform yourself about what goes on to your plate and what would it become when it enters your system

» Try to count your food. For example, one small bowl of dal every time you eat dal. 2 rotis, every time you eat rotis. Half cup of rice, every time you eat rice

» Stop wearing very loose clothes as they give a mental illusion that you still have space to grow. 

» Keep a regular eye on your weight. Weight yourself regularly – even if it means weighing every week. 

» If you cannot get into a weight loss regime, at least avoid gaining any weight too. Hold your weight at whatever it is currently, at least until the time you make up your mind and finally go for a grind

» Do keep ‘going for a grind’ as a short-term agenda. The first opportunity you find, grab it!

» Still love yourself and think positive even when you are not the desired size. It will happen one day, on a planned day but until then, take care of your heart and mind.

» Read up more on Anti Obesity Day, Obesity Day and many such ‘credible’ write-ups that come your way

Is weight Loss difficult?

Coming from the same world of being Obese forever, I have had my share of ups and downs and have finally had the ‘time’ in life to lose weight. Weight loss is difficult but it is DOABLE. Hundreds of people are putting in their effort and gaining success, You can too!! Just be careful to follow the right methods and not just go for shortcuts or extremely promising methods.

Do you have a weight loss success story to tell? Write to me and share it with Mummasaurus. Thank you, Hena Jose, a fellow blogger who has an amazing blog – for introducing me into this blog train. Next in line is fellow blogger Priyanka who has blogged about awareness around Anti Obesity day. Read more of her blog here. Do SHARE this blog with friends and Family because this Anti Obesity day lets set out to make a difference in our worlds. Let’s STOP being Ok with being Obese.

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  1. Although I agree with most of your points here I feel being obsese and still healthy is a possibility. I have always been overweight yet I can climb mountains while even regular marathon runners run out of breadth half way through. I neighter over eat not do I eat junk all the time. Yes I have hormone issues and I keep fighting an unending battle with my weight. But I am fine being me weight and my size and enjoying life

    1. That’s exactly my point. Nowehere do i intend to demean people who are plus size… I’m one too! But you know, my article is to throttle and wake those people up who are living oblivious lethargic lives just because they have made a compromise with their lives. You need to be active, you need to be functional – an OBESE cannot do that. To have a plan and to do little bits of being careful, even if that means taking your medicines for hormonal imbalances timely, or not eating non sense are also good ways of keeping your weight in check. you seem to be careful with your life – making good food choices, doing really rigorous activities – thats what is the need of the hour. You are not OK with being obese, you are striving against it 🙂

  2. I am over weight too, and I am ok with it. Because I am quite active and very flexible too. But I never knew the stats that’s mentioned in the blog. It’s shocking

  3. I couldn’t thank you enough for pushing down this post. There is one huge mistake that my family has done. They could clearly see how I was gaining weight but no one came to me and told me to avoid hurting me. We really need to stop calling an obese person healthy. It isn’t.. Really.

  4. I really Loved your practical approach to obesity. One must not be okay with with obese and take it lightly because it is a silent killer. The tips you provided are very nice and doable.

  5. I agree to the point that we must avoid wearing too loose clothes. As it kind of gives our mind the thought that you still can gain some more. Very valid tips from you

  6. This is a wonderful write up.. I can’t even remember how many times I have had those extra few bites since just so that I didn’t waste it…
    Love how you say being fat is not healthy.. In fact it’s unhealthy

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