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Wife to one, Mom to two and a friend to a hundred. Good, bad, awesome and horrible, all in one! Been through depression myself, I value the power of Entertainment and HUmor in our everyday life. That is why i choose to write about lighter, fun topics more than all the difficulties I went through! I'm Crazy Mom of Twin Boys, my TWINADOES - Chirag and Chitransh ...! Together we learn new things and explore new meltdown points of each other... I don't look for friends anymore, for I have personally given birth to my monster partners of Crime!!! A trained Counseling Psychologist by qualification, I am now a Quirky SAHM and a Creative Content Writer, whose world revolves around an awesome husband and 2 ruckus makers.

Let’s talk nutrition in children #UnboxGrowth

As a matter of fact, we live in highly confusing times. The information we need isn’t actually missing, thanks to the Internet. The information we rather have is either incomplete, shared with us absolutely out of context or…

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70 Things to pack for your Beach Trip

Traveling towards the beach is an ultimate break from you reveryday life. If you have been following me on Instagram regularly, you would know that I took my first big vacation with the Twins! Yes, we went for…

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The Dominant – Submissive Relationship of Twins

The moment you get the Good news, you’re jumping off your feet. And the moment you get to know it is twins, you are probably doing long jumps hitting the orbit of the earth. Been there, done that,…

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5 Ways to Turn around a Really Bad Day with Twins

Feeling of fatigue, and being tired as a parent of twins, are not unheard of. As a new parent of twins, or worse, as a new mother, everything that can go wrong, DOES go wrong! As a new…

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6 Romantic Movies for total Valentines Day feels

It’s been 8 years since I have been married, and this would be my 9th Valentine’s Day with him. If you have spent these many years with your partner, you already know that Valentine’s day is most likely…

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8 Parenting Mantras for Parents of Twins

The only perfect parents exist in books and fairy tales. The kinds that give it all to their kids, who are never angry or venting out on the child, and making the world happen for their little one….

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ZEE5’s “Cabaret” – Characters to Watch Out For!

Richa Chadda is one actress whose performances I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years. Be Gangs of Wasseypur’s Nagma Khatoon or Fukrey’s Bholi Punjaban. Her ability to switch through roles really catches our attention. While I was browsing…

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Most Awaited Launch for Unscented wipes variant of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

99% water wipes from mother sparsh

Believe it, we are more outgoing than our parents ever were. Frequent trips everywhere and then being those parents who take the baby everywhere with us is not just a trend but also a necessity. In such situations,…

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Joyful Parenting Program Review – Parenting Coach in India

When you hear the word Parenting Coach – you wonder what makes someone a parenting coach in the first place. How can someone tell you the right or wrong way about your parenting, given that every child and…

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5 Mistakes I Made as a First Time Mom of Twins

“You have two heart beats”. “Hmm? What? What does that mean?” “You are carrying Twins”. “Oh My God! Are you Serious?” That must be my first “OMG Are you serious” moment with my twins, but that definitely wasn’t…

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