Birthing Twins: The Untold Story of Me & My Twins #9daysofwomanhood

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It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other WOMEN bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank my friend and co-blogger Preetjyot Kaur Mehra for introducing me. I am a huge fan of her blog My Little Muffin where she talks about breaking stereotypes and raising her girls with power and strength!

The Prompt for today is “My Delivery & Birthing”.

The Day of my delivery – 11.12.13

I was to be operated as soon as I finish my 8th month, on the 4th of December, 2013. But I requested to be able to keep my babies for another week. It was my birthday on the 11th of December that I shared with my 9 years younger brother.

I bought a brand new dress for the day. I asked my Mom to click some pictures of me (Maybe they’d need one to frame, so they could use a recent, good quality one). My mother accompanied a fully decked, heavily pregnant woman to the hospital where my husband dropped us while he and my MIL attended to the guests that had come home.

If you notice, I couldn’t hold my own hands because of the vast circumference.

I was cracking jokes. Obviously being naked in front of a team of masked men and women is overwhelming. So, I cracked a joke saying, ‘It’s my birthday, but I’m the birthday cake. I’ll be cut open today!’.

They all had a good laugh and that brought some consolation to my troubled self.

I kept praying for the kids to be alive. Wife, they’d find another 🙂

Amid giggles, they gave me local anesthesia and Began the procedure. But something began going wrong and one of my doctors kept patting my head – “Prisha, don’t do this. Prisha calm down, we cant control your BP and your blood loss” and I don’t remember when or how they gave me the full body anesthesia and I passed out. I think I was Crying.

Funny enough, I had been such a daredevil, such a confident person, and I saw my entirety lose control and maybe that bothered me.

“Hey Prisha, Dekh, tere ko Ladka hua hai”

My doctor said while I was maybe unconscious – not sure. So I asked her, “aur dusra??”

She said, “dekh, dusra bhi ladka hua hai” and I said “dusra bhi?? Dhatt!!”

This incident was narrated to me later by the doctors who attended to me during that hour. My pediatrician still makes fun of the “I am the birthday cake” joke and tells it to each and every soul present in the clinic during my visit.

I lay unconscious, semi-conscious for Hours!

I was missing my husband, who had more important things to manage back then. His brother & bhabhi wanted to leave on the same day, so they had to see off. In my bad situation, I kept calling for him. I wanted him to see me and maybe comfort me, maybe now express some happiness about the kids or express a will to see them. I was murmuring nonsense. Though I could hear myself speak, it wasn’t in my control. I was in the ICU and no one was allowed to be with me. But seeing my condition, they let my mom be with me. I held her hand throughout. she held mine and did not let it go. It was such a state of vulnerability at that moment, that I felt I’m fighting my battle alone.

I was Full of questions about my twins

I asked her if my kids were alive. (As I did not know about the operation theatre incident).

She said, yes they are!

I asked her if they are pretty or look like ‘them’?

She chuckled and assured me they are very pretty.

I asked her if she saw them & if they are ‘fair’ (Sorry but I really had that kind of a preference, for them to look more like me!)

But then, I asked her where are Ishu Mishu?

She told me they are with the doctors for now.

She said yes to all these things asking me to just be quiet and go to sleep.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep. My MIL came to see a restless and blabbery me after some time and I don’t know why I asked her if the atta in the house is over, and what will we do now. So she just made fun of it saying yeah its over, so now what? Giggled and moved on with other necessary work.

I don’t know how many hours later I was moved into another room.

I heard the nurse ask if they have a wrap or they’d want us to provide one.

My husband responded that we will need one for some time, by the time someone from home gets the stuff. He came, and I held his hand. I cried saying ‘why did you leave me and go. Now don’t go anywhere’. 

He was restless as he did have other things on his mind. I could see it, but I just wanted him and only him around.

Ishu & Mishu

In some time Mishu was handed to Papa. Papa got him to me.

I knew Mishu’s eyes would be like me because my grandma’s genes regarding eyes are very strong. Our entire lineage has that specific kind of eyes. I exclaimed that immediately! He also looked like an exact copy of me!

I asked them about Ishu and they kept giving me stories. I was in too much of a bad state to ask or question much.

Ishu came to me on Day 2. One full day I did not know where he was. I was still quite unconscious.  Well, his eyes were like me too, and his color was like me too!! And I couldn’t help but exclaim these similarities and my husband yelled, “haan sab tumhari tarah hain!! Ye meri tarah hai!! ”

We took pictures with them. Then started another story.

I want My readers to Know

My narration is about How I Felt at that point in time, and not necessarily, how it actually was. I had a bad struggle with depression and that skewed my perception about things. I love my husband and I feel blessed to have him with me at every step in life. This is a very raw, and very honest confession of one of the most difficult phases of my life.

So this was my story. Somehow I still struggle with negativity and depressive episodes on and off and those days are very difficult. But I feel a lot more in control of my life today, and I’m so happy about it Now! My babies mean the world to me, but even Now, My husband tops my list, even though the kids top his 🙂

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  1. Wow such an honest story! Really enjoyed reading it. I love the bits of humour in it. The birthday cake (that makes sooooooooo many share the same birthday in your family) and aata khatam hai hahaha . . My first reaction was also the same oh ladka hua hai? I didn’t have a name for a boy

    PS you look like your mum

  2. Such an honest narration. My delivery was a breeze, but the depression hit soon after and it’s bloody debilitating. Far more so than any physical pain. More strength to you and your little ones for getting through it, mama!

  3. Prisha your post got me really emotional. I love how you you bring humour in everyone’s life despite the challenges u have faced. And the cake cutting ceremony got me in splits man.

  4. You are a mummasaurus…please take a bow, I am going your fan day by day not only because of your write ups but how head strong you are, how easily you spill the laughter around you, and how much positivity is there inside you. I almost dropped a tear when you mentioned about your mom, how she held your hand and didn’t let it go, I was in the same situation, only my mom was allowed to be with me and with every contraction and with scream of mine she was kissing me and holding me even more tighter and repeatedly saying, ‘bhagwan ye sare dard muje dede’. Loved this post. Love to you :*

  5. Loved it.. not even for a spilt second I felt that you were weak or depressed as being honest requires utmost of strength and full consciousness.. well done and as per saying “all is well when End is well”.. keep up the high spirit and keep rocking!

  6. Oh man! I am so sorry all of this happened with you. I can only imagine what you must have felt when you weren’t in control of what was happening with your own body!

    I have really felt unfocused when my own health problems surface. But this is a huge thing and you must know how brave you were.

    The fact that you used jokes to lighten others tension and that you are so honest about your expectation and you came forward and talked bout depression, makes you a truly strong and inspiring lady.

    I know depression is so ugly, and i think it makes you think and say and do things that aren’t cent percent in your control. But you fought it, you came out of it, you are a winner.

    And honestly you have an amazing supportive family, and that’s all that matters.

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