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I still remember when I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with a keyboard. As time went by, my fascination moved from one thing or another, but my fascination for Casio never died. It took me a long time to convince my parents to pick me one, and it is when I finished the 12th standard that I got a beautiful black keyboard as a reward for my efforts in the boards. As a parent, I often read and understand things on how to let my kids develop better and I came across a very interesting piece of info that I would like to share with my readers. Learning Music affects a child’s brain in multiple ways, and all positive ones at that. Let us see how Casio Mini Keyboard can be one of the best options available.

Music for the Soul, Music for the Brain

In 2012, University of Southern California conducted a study that stretched to 5 long years. The results concluded that children who learned music early on in life had better social and cognitive development, namely speech and language development. This was compared to the speech and language development of children who did not use any music lessons, and a vast difference was identified.  (You can read the entire report

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are often included in every child’s early learning curriculum. The simple reason being that music and singing play a crucial role in how a child’s brain develops. Music often touches several parts of the brain, often at once, helping exercise those sections and developing them in the process.

Learning to Play an Instrument

As per my observation of current trends in the cities, parents encourage dancing or even singing more than playing an instrument. Back in the day, music instruments like the dholak, or the harmonium were often found in every household. the use of Musical instruments has pretty much declined with the rise of Dance and other modern-day sports like skating. But this is my personal observation and may be subject to limitation.

Child Development experts believe that learning how to play a musical instrument helps a child’s brain develop tremendously. These developments not just focus on learning and concentration, but affect multiple social and academic abilities of a child.

As per National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM Foundation), learning to play an instrument can improve mathematical learning and even increase educational scores.

Music stimulates all areas of a child’s brain, enabling development and skills for school readiness. Intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy of a child gains benefit from learning to play an instrument. It helps the body and mind to work together. Hence, abilities like better concentration improved fine motor ability and being able to soothe themselves and detach from an unpleasant environment are just some of the by-products of a pleasurable activity of learning how to play an instrument.

The role of Casio Mini Keyboard

Casio mini keyboard has been a world favorite for the mini as well as full-fledged keyboards. Buying one lasts for generations and plays just as amazing. (Mine was used by my siblings and now my children play with it, every time we go back home)

Casio mini keyboard has:

  • 49 Mini size keys
  • 50 Tones, 30 Rhythms
  • 50 Song Bank Tunes
  • 5 Drum Pads
  • Headphones / Output

By Playing a Casio Mini keyboard, children’s brains develop better as:

  • It enhances their fine motor skills, and fine-tunes their dexterity 
  • Children who play the Casio Mini Keyboard witness better social and cognitive development of their brains 
  • They get to explore their creative side by making tunes of their own 
  • Children learn to focus better. Their concentration enhances drastically when they play the Casio Mini Keyboard frequently 
  • It adds on to their ‘cool quotient’ and they can play better roles in their social circle 
  • Playing the Casio Mini Keyboard can act as an added talent 
  • With better focus and enhanced brain activity, children who play Casio mini keyboard tend to perform better in their academics 
  • Casio Mini can be their friend for life – moments of happiness and despair, can both find a company in a musical instrument they love to play 
  • Playing on the keys of the Casio Mini Keyboard can be a therapeutic experience 
  • It is a pocket-friendly and durable alternative to other kinds of musical instruments or musical toys. 
  • Even if the child does not know how to play, they can initially familiarize themselves with the instrument. The Casio Mini Keyboard has 50 tones and 30 rhythms preset. It also has 50 song back tunes and 5 drum pads. The child can pretty much make their own music and have a great time engaging with the Casio mini keyboard.


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  1. Love the expressions there. And yes I completely agree. Music plays a very important role in each person’s life – old or young.

  2. Thanks you so much for such an informative post! Music is indeed eternal and can make wonders when introduced appropriately.


  3. Indeed learning music is something every child loves and it helps them grow creatively and helps them a lot in focussing.

  4. Music definitely plays a huge roles in childs brain development. The idea of playing the mini-board is very good. I will look to buy one for my kids as they grow 🙂

  5. Learning music from an early age improves creativity, concentration and focus. It can also deviate kids from other not so good things like computer games and all.

  6. Music can really help in a child’s development in so many ways. I too have introduced my girls to Casio keyboard and we get to enjoy our time together.

  7. Extremely informative post. New bloggers definitely miss such well explained tutorial articles. More posts from your side is expected from readers of your blog.

  8. Sounds really interesting! I didn’t know music is scientifically related to brain development . My son is 4 and he loves playing and creating music. I would like him to try Casio mini too.

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