Dare to be Yourself on Social Media #Dareathon

This world is consumed by social media because social media is consumed by the world. Whatsapp, Facebook, and Insta – how much can we really do without our favorite time kill?!! Social Media just takes our need for approval and affection to another level. The constant Hunger for likes, follows, hearts and thumbs ups is incessant. High Definition pictures, witty quotes, unusual content – we’d love to hit the next hundredth like with our content. In this race for being liked and loved, somewhere, we step way beyond our skin, and exhibit ourselves to be someone else – something our lives are not, someone that we are not! In this world wide web, People like me find a sane spot, a comfort zone by being just ourselves! We Dare to Share what is just everyday musings and shenanigans!

When I began to ponder on our prompt for the Dare-a-thon, I felt clueless. Not that I haven’t done anything daring, but putting that in exact words wouldn’t communicate the feeling. For once I actually considered doing an arranged marriage as the Dare of my life…

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But then parenting my twinadoes started to nudge and run for the top spot.

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Eventually, both of them lost to being my own self.

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So In this post, I’m kinda going to gloat, or tell you the not-so-cool things about me. Judge me if you like, I dare to be myself, social media, or not!!

1. I Dare to be body Positive.

A lot of people don’t get body positivity right. Body positivity is not about “being OK with being a certain size”. Certain Body sizes are not healthy. I’m obese and I’m well aware of what a disaster it causes in my everyday life. There is a constant pain in the body, regular wardrobe updates because size keeps going up and down, the pain of controlling your food habits, or, gaining back weight. Nope, that’s not body positivity.

Body positivity is to strive to reach a body size that makes you feel fitter, healthier. Body positivity means that while you strive to get to that size, you don’t hate yourself in the current body. The body you want is going to come from the body you already have. How can you make something you will love, from something you don’t love?!! That, precisely, is body positivity.

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Plus Size and Proud If I said I was very sure of how pretty I am since forever, it would be the biggest lie I've ever told. From being assessed for my talent basis my weight, to being stereotyped mercilessly because I wasn't the 'norm' – I have been there, suffered that. But you have to believe me when I say everyone is beautiful. It took me years and years to understand that the compliments of others meant nothing, unless I felt the same about myself. Once I accepted that this is me, take it or leave it, I was suddenly loved for everything that's unique to me. I cannot stress enough how much positivity for my own self meant to me and how it changed the course of my life! It isn't something that happened over night, but it is every ounce of worth it! I'm just an everyday lady, doing everyday things I my own extraordinary way. II don't have to be a part of something massive to bring about a massive change. IIf even one of the readers finds motivation in this post my purpose is done. The world is open and accepting to people of size, color and what not – but when would you start accepting, atleast your ownself? Supporting the spirit of body positivity, I wish to convey THAT love yourself, everyone else will follow! Outfit credits: @afamado_style Pc: @photosbykushagra The outfit from afamado.net is my current favorite, for the simple fact that they have sizes ranging awesome to out-of-the-world-awesome. No matter the size, you are sure to find a fit! I absolutely adore the fact that they customized the outfit to my liking of length and body type, so I don't have to compromise with ready fit wear. They take care of the style, comfort and the ease for a person to be carrying out the dress, and that's precisely how I'd like my outfits done! . #afamado #naturephotography #plussizewomen #plussizefashion #afamadostyle #floraldress #plussizeandproud #plussizeindianblogger #plussizeindian #bodypositivebabe #streetphotography #plussizemodels #plussizegirl #portraitphotography #bodypositivemovement #plussizeindians #plussizefashionista #photographyeveryday #prilaga #bodypositivepower #plussizeindianmodel #bodypositiveblogger #bodypositivefitness #plussizeindia

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I have made several attempts at weight loss. Succeeded at most of them, then gained weight back and sulked. Then picked up my pieces, tried and succeeded again. It took me way too long to fall in love with myself. And now when I have, I don’t and wearing a skirt if I think I look fine in it, irrespective of the digit that prefixes the XL.

2. I Dare to live an imperfect life

I sometimes use torn and broken things, and sometimes do without them completely. I never get breakfast in bed, hell, there are days I wished someone brewed a cup of tea for me but, that is that! I like to keep it real. Broken, torn, tattered, sad, unhappy – My posts are what I feel like. And it’s just not about y social media, even as a person. if I’m upset, I’d rather close myself than to say rude things to people.

3. My Parenting fundas are a blend of Multiple schools

The Montessori school of activities, or the early learning fundas. Gentle parenting, or no Screen time styles, I don’t follow suit with all of them. Most days I’m just struggling to get through the day. I’m way too lazy to be craftsy or to have a spotless home.

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*the Half Lipstick applied by the #twinadoes* We as Moms stress on gender equality and bringing up children of all genders equally. But you know honestly, we really need to stop feeling so proud of our endeavors. We need to stop calling ourselves heroes by giving blue theme birthday parties for our girls We need to stop feeling like super moms Because our boys exhibit interest in cooking and we let them roll a roti The child has all the right to like a certain color, pick a certain hobby or quench their curiosity. If your son wants to learn cooking, let him because he likes it, not because it is "gender neutral". If your girl likes cars and flaunts her collection over her doll collection, let her because she likes it, not because you are a gender neutral parent. Gender discrimination comes when they say a certain gender is not strong. Gender discrimination comes when they want to do a certain task and you don't let them because it's not their gender-like task. Let them do it because it interests them. Let them do it because some things are basic survival skills. Let them do it because you of all people shouldn't be calling it a gender based task. But some things ARE gender specific. Let them do it by telling them some things are not OK for society but they can try it at home. My sons show a lot of interest in my make up. So I let them know the names and the differences in usage. How a liner is different from a kajal and how a lipstick is different from a gloss. Of course they want to apply it but I tell them they can try if at home but not wear any make up outside. Most days we also bargain on the fact that they can apply it to me instead of themselves and that works just fine!! Most days it is my boys who come and tell me what colour looks good on me and what would they like changed. I don't pat my back about it. It is a feature they liked to know about, so it was my right to educate them about it. We occasionally put nail paint on the feet as it can easily hide in the shoe. Be proud of being a fun parent first and everything else will fit in on its own! P.S. Im no expert, just sharing my opinion😊

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strewn clothes, scattered toys, me without makeup – or even undone eyebrows, kids in a vest and days of outbursts – my posts dare to show glimpses of my reality. Have you ever noticed them?

4. I Dare to Love my children

When my kids were born, I knew I was supposed to be happy. But if you genuinely ask me, I wasn’t. It took me a good 6 months to fall in love with them and of course, now I’m head over heels. There still are days when they are just a handful. There are days when they absolutely tick me off and I’m hurting badly. There are days when I yell and roar like an animal and still see no difference on them, so I give out a whack and now since they are growing, that also fails. But I live through my days. I apologize, I feel guilty but I pick up my pieces and ask for forgiveness.

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The perks of a work from home Mom!! There are days I regret having a job and some days I tell myself that I can probably pick more work… But then there are days like these that make me very proud that whatever small or big I do, I do it at home. . Most of you know if recently been to #GOA without the kids and the #TWINADOES have been a little clingy since then. . After a vacation comes the backlog of work which I'm still struggling to clear up. Add to that a pair of twins who seek your attention and a Mom who'd definitely want them to have it! . My work spot is in the hall and I moved it to the room because the kids and their Nani were twirling and screaming there but even in the room, I had no respite from the attention seeking gimmicks. . So when I started clicking a picture, they started dancing to "to kheech meri photo, to kheech meri photo". I am proud, blessed to have the opportunity to have a career and jot miss on these silly little moments in life. . #momblogger #prilaga #workfromhome #twinstars #twinslife #workfromhomeday #twinsofinstagram #parentingskills #workfromhomemom #twinsmom #parentingblogger #parentingwin #parentingdoneright #workfromhomeperks #twinsie #twinsboys #twinspics #prilaga #twinstagram #workfromhomelife #workfromhomejob #parentinglife #parentingproblems #workfromhomeonline #parentinghumor #workfromhomemum #workfromhomemommy #prilaga #goatrip

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I dare to love my children and forgive them every single day. They are my lifeline but I will do whatever it takes to fix them and to fix myself.

5. I Dare to keep my Friendships

Someone very wise once sent me a message:

” A young couple, asked a senior couple on their 50th Anniversary: You two still seem in so much love. How do you continue to stay in love after so any years?!

So the Older couple said: We come from a generation where if things broke, they were fixed, and not replaced”

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This message stuck to me forever. That’s what I think when a relationship gets really stressful for me. I ask myself, is it so cheap that I could break it? Or I should strive harded and try to fix it? Most of the times, my answer is to fix it and so , I do!

In this world of social media, our friendships have changes face forever. We make and break relationships well over a piece of written text. I have, for sure made and lost tons of friends, but to lose even one of them still kills me. I always strove to keep them, try not to react unless something has been biting me. I always ask, what’s the matter? Is something wrong? Because it always helps to chat and discuss than to assume and just shut yourself.

I am blessed with friends who also value friendships, who don’t think that deleting one name from the phone will end it all. Who yell and then apologize, just like I do, It means a lot to me that we stick together, and it does not bother me that we fight because, at the end, we all prove that we love each other. Blessed, Ain’t I?!

So these are some very simple Dares that i take in my everyday life. You don’t have to be a daring hero, you just have to have enough Dare, enough courage to not succumb to peer pressure, not conform just because you have to, and not love just because you are supposed to. My every day is filled with these little bits of courage and valor, and I feel extremely proud that I can stick my ground, despite all that it asks.

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I would love to thank my dear friend Charu from www.themomsagas.com for introducing me in this blog train. I would like to introduce you to another dear friend, who is a sea of knowledge! Say hello to Princy, aka Harneet from www.theclanpedia.com. do drop them a visit and read their entries for the Dare-a-thon

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  1. Woah! I dare say this is a brilliantly written piece…and quite relatable…
    It is one of the hardest things to come out truthfully and without any “filters” in today’s time and age, to succumb the pressure of the perfect hair day every day on the platforms is stressful as well as harmful to our very own being. Great perspective.

  2. Love this one… We usually pretend to be someone we are not on Social media.. I think Dare to be one’s own self and not pretend is a biggest dare these days and I can vouch that you are rocking this dare!! You are truly an inspiration and I am glad to know a person like you..

  3. The Mummasaurus ia doing a wonderful job at being herself. Very honest words and relatable. It takes courage to be true to ourselves. 🙂

  4. What a refreshing post Prisha! I find extreme comfort in your posts ACTUALLY. Your not-so-perfect life and personality makes me feel much at comfort unlike a few accounts that make me question my existence (well that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it does make me think how people have it toooooo easy . . Less human in a way and more magazine) if you know what I mean

  5. When we are webbed in social media, an unnamed pressure we take to be the prefect one. While perfection never exists. Prisha, when you present your view on body positivity to parenting funda, you are showing mirror to many, including me. Totally loved this take.

  6. Prishaaa… Sorry for commenting late, was a bit caught up over the weekend. But yes, this is exactly what I was talking to you about the other day. to be REAL you on the social media and thats what i love about your posts. so genuine, i hope i learn that from you.

  7. Hahaha… yes it is difficult but I find social media the most creative outlet for emotions n I try to real as much as possible the post is wonderfully written and it’s one of the reasons I follow you

  8. Social Media has indeed become the second mirror where we want to see ourselves daily and just like the mirror we are constantly looking to check our look. Here we are constantly looking to check our digital quotient. It is a vortex and if we are not mindful we are sucked into it and we then get our mind, the controller hijacked.

    So well said by the couple, it is the perspective of life, fixing it vs. replacing it, such a profound message, relationship needs nurturing with care and compassion. It is all about makeup and breakup that drives the cycle of relationship, and how do we strive to get the drive in our relationship…friendship matters and they make a big difference we live our life, just that it takes few seconds, one small incident to break that bondage…

    It is all about the way we look at ourselves, and it is outlook that matters in making us who we are and how the world around us perceives us. The inside of us is the steering that governs our outwards growth…and we need to recognize that and periodically disconnect with the digital world and connect with self.

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