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Did you know that there are far many types of teas than we normally know? Among the most popular teas is the black tea that finds it way in every Indian Household (Almost). We like our brews nice & strong and oblivious t o is effects or ill effects, continue to stay in an addiction of the same. Also catching up with the black tea, is the green tea in the Indian Market, claiming to be a lot more healthy than your everyday tea. But did you know there are several varieties to the ‘green tea’ category as well?? One such tea is the Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea, shared with me by TeCha Teas. I shall attempt to pen down my honest opinions about the tea down here.


What is a Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea?

Three leaves of the tea-plant, usually the tip are scented with the summery freshness of Jasmine flowers. Tea leaves are picked and rolled by hand in spring. They are then placed in a container where fresh jasmine flowers are mixed with the pearls. Once the jasmine dries, it is replaced with fresh flowers. This process is repeated to up to ten times. The jasmine flowers give some of the perfume to these leaves.

Jasmine Dragon Pearl teas are considered fragrant green teas with very low amounts of caffeine. They have a beautiful aroma to their taste that earns them the name.


TeCha Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

The Rendezvous

The tea came to me in an Off-white tin box with the brand’s name and the product’s name. It had a double lid to seal the freshness of the tea, once the inner pillow pack was opened.

The moment you open the box, there’s a moderately mild fragrance of Jasmine that hits you. As I opened the pack, those tiny little pearls reeked of hard work – that was put into rolling each of those pearls. They are a pure beauty to look at and very aromatic.

The Brew

The brew needs just a few pearls, less than a teaspoon to brew a cup of about 200-250 ml. Simply drop a few pearls in your cup and add boiling hot water on top. Immediately cover your cup and let it stay for about 5-7 minutes. Then remove the lid and sieve out the leaves that have unfurled from the pearls.

The Flavour

The brew looks greenish in color, like a typical green tea. There is a mild aroma of jasmines that tickles your sense and is a wonderful experience. It feels like you are in a garden of jasmines. When you sip the tea, the brew is mostly sweet but somewhat bitter, like black tea. This slightly pungent tone of bitterness in the tea does not vanish with lemon or sugar. In fact adding any of those two will mess up the entire flavor of the tea.

The tea is strong in its effect as well. So if you are that tea lover who has a problem with green teas because they are not strong, and don’t have that ‘kick’? Then this is your answer. A fragrant tea with a kick, and low in caffeine, and benefits of green tea— So much in this beautiful looking pack of pearls.

The Aha! Experience

Brew the Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea in a glass container, and watch the pearls Unfurl — it’s a heavenly experience. My husband is a coffee person but has switched to the Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea now. And even if it simply involves pouring boiling water in a cup,  I prefer doing it for him. I totally love watching the tea pearls unfurl one by one and open up into full fledged tea leaves. It’s a beauty to watch.

One also needs a very small quantity of the tea to brew a nice, strong cup. About 6-8 pearls for a 200 – 250 ml cup is sufficient.

The Misses

The Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea from TeCha Teas is priced at a whopping INR 1499 for a 100 g Pack. That is kind of expensive to make it an everyday beverage for an average family.

The strong and slightly bitter flavor of the tea may not be a fun aspect for some people and may put them off.

One may need to develop the taste for the tea because it is like none other. That is its Plus point and one of the most important minus points.

Mummasaurus’ Verdict

If the budget is not an issue,  GO FOR IT! Excellent beverage – Refreshing, fragrant and healthy.

If you would like to visit the site and check this online tea Boutique, you can do so here.

To buy Jasmine Dragon Pearl Teas, you can click here.

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Disclaimer: The above review has been written from my experience of consuming the Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea, sent as a sample by TeCha Teas. However, the review and opinions are of my own.

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  1. Jasmine Tea is truly refreshing if made right, just like you described the process. I love having it and the fragrance it an instant mood upper.
    The packaging of TeCha is really nice. Thanks for sharing a wonderfully written and detailed review.

  2. I like my regular masala or green tea. But I also like to taste new flavours of different teas. This Jasmine pearl tea seems very nice and refreshing one. Love to try this if it easily available

  3. I am a coffee lover but I really feel lot of research has been done by the company to develop the tea. the time and efforts gone into getting the aroma of Jasmine in the green tea , makes it an expensive product. But as you said if budget is not an issue, this is definetely worth a try for tea lovers.

  4. I am a tea lover
    Yeah it is out of budget for me and also mom will yell at me 😂 if i say I need this luxury tea
    She will taunt on me for not taking milk and green vegetables

    But I want to have it ..
    I went through the explainatioj you mentioned
    That jasmine garden
    That relax feeling

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