The Blogchatter ebook carnival has been an amazing place to discover amateur authors, connect and know so much more about writing. It has also helped me understand the kind of writing I’d prefer reading – since the entire library has been available for me to download. I have a few downloaded copies of some books that seemed interesting and not so surprisingly, they are all stories. Except for this one – It Girl, written by my colleague and friend, Dr. Arul Mozhi Nandakumar

What is “It Girl” all about?

It Girl is a book written by Dr. Arul Mozhi Nandakumar. Dr, Arul has penned down simple rules and guidelines on how to be that idealistic modern girl, not in terms of wearing bikinis and posting on Instagram, but the kind that knows her worth and is a go-getter.

It Girl is every girl’s ideal version of herself and talks about guidelines and in-depth understanding of many things that are very complicated or taboo in general life. There’s little or no talk among peers on how to get these achievements, but Arul’s book is indeed a girl’s new best friend. The most tricky and complicated topics have been explained and advice upon quite to the point. So in the book, there’s no beating around the bush.

Book Blurb

“It Girl is meant to be a modern woman’s guide to leading a rewarding life in the prime of her youth. Age has always been negatively marketed to women but like wine, everything in life gets better with time. An ‘It girl’ is a personification of everyone’s dream. The book sets us out to search for her within ourselves – a self-discovery but the fun kind. This book is a sister, a cheat sheet, a well-preserved shortcut with some essential survival rules that every woman must equip herself with”.

My Review of “It Girl”

First things first I love this book. It is a genius piece of writing (and remember I’m quite a hard to please reader) Here are some to the point aspects as to why I absolutely love the book:

  1. The book has been written in the very simple, relatable language. This lets you read quickly, and understand with ease. There’s no flaunting of vocab in the text here
  2. The book uses a very conversational tone, and the conversation includes shades of wit, sarcasm, and humor. This makes the book a very enjoyable read, sometimes making you chuckle, sometimes making you introspect and sometimes giving you a lot of food for thought.
  3. the Author makes it personal. She does talk about a little bit here and there about her personal encounters with experiences that let you slide easily into the author’s head and thought space when she must be writing this piece.
  4. not necessarily for everyone, but I love the fact that it is a 50-page booklet! Quick to read, fun to read, enjoyable, and positive.
  5. it touches and explains certain topics, especially emotional abuse, so simply and clearly! It goes to show how well the author herself understands the concept and writes it to put it out there for the common man to understand it too.

Final Take

I can go on and on about this book because there is barely a flaw that I can point out here. The simplicity and good flow of conversational tone are what exactly makes it a genius!

About the Author – Dr. Arul Mozhi Nandakumar

“Dr. Arul Mozhi is a dentist, blogger, influencer and the Founder of Chennai Mom-Tribe. When not drilling into her patient’s teeth and giving people a new smile, she is a writer who believes that words can change the world and bring hope. Dr. Arul knows that happiness is a conscious exercise just like building up sculpted abs but requires unusual strategies”

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