Everyday Tea – Your Best Friend… or Not??

Wake up in the morning and the first thing we Indian Moms need is a  nice hot cup of (rather MUG of) tea! It’s like your daily drug which takes away your headache and the fatigue that you feel right after you wake up. But have you ever wondered that it could be because of the tea, more precisely, the caffeine in it? May be it’s the caffeine addiction that causes the headaches and fatigue, triggering you to brew a cup of the Elixir?

Have you ever wondered if your everyday tea is your best friend or not?

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Regular teas are laden with Caffeine, which gives you the belief that you are getting rid of a headache, or feeling ‘fresh’ & ‘active’, whereas these are just withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms signal you to brew a cup to satisfy your craving for it.

Why should you avoid a Caffeine laden beverage?

It makes you wonder why we as a country are obsessed with tea as the first thing in the morning! It is because Caffeine is notorious for causing a subtle addiction, you will have withdrawal symptoms but they are not as adverse as drug abuse withdrawals. Nevertheless, if you ever try to quit it, it does get difficult to get off it completely. You can reduce the quantity you consume per day, but quitting it completely does pose a challenge for tea aficionados.

Not just the withdrawal, but drinking caffeinated tea on a regular basis also makes you suffer through a series of side effects that we put away unknowingly.

Some common side effects of your everyday tea are:

  • Headache, even migraine
  • dizziness
  • palpitations (heart beating too fast)
  • diarrhea
  • urinating often
  • emptying the body of water, as it acts as a diuretic
  • ringing in the ears
  • heartburn
  • cloudy thinking or confusion
  • tremor
  • sleep problems

If caffeinated teas are out of question, then how do you freshen yourself up?

Your answer is caffeine-free teas!

I recently stumbled upon caffeine-free teas from The Moms Co and that completely changed my morning habit.

Being a ‘chahedi’ or tea addict, green, unsweetened teas, without milk and those without that typical dark brown or tan color never appealed to me. But this tea is DEFINITELY different.

The Moms Co

The Moms Co. – the moment I read this name, I feel an immediate connection to it. I’m a mom, it’s a company that’s going to think of me!

The venture is owned by Malika & Mohit, parents to two daughters Myraah & Syna. Their journey comprised of searching for natural and effective products for their kids, leading them to start this venture. You can read more about them here.

Their motto is “Nature In, Toxins Out”.

Their Caffeine-free tea range:

In this product category, they have two products:

  1. For Nourishing Feeds
  2. For Acidity Relief

Pregnancy Herbal Tea for Acidity relief and Heartburn

I received a sample of the acidity tea relief, which I shall review below.

The Moms Co. Caffeine-Free Tea for Acidity relief

The tea for acidity relief comes in a jar and is very light weight. As I opened the pack, I loved the fragrance, the texture and beautiful looking ingredients of the potpourri. Here is a video of the same, popular on my Insta feed:


Ingredients: (What’s In)

The tea consists of:

Chamomile Flowers: have a Calming effect and are known for Reducing Heartburn.

– Lemon Balm: Phenomenally reduces Anxiety, Promotes Sleep & relaxation. It helps in improving Symptoms of Indigestion like gas and other symptoms

– Peppermint Leaves: These leaves help to soothe and calm the digestive system. They also help with issues like indigestion and nausea.

– Blackcurrant Leaves: Also a very rich source of Vitamin C, these leaves are known to Boost Immunity and Stimulate the Digestive system.

The Tea leaves out:

  • Caffeine
  • toxins
  • preservatives
  • synthetic flavors
  • stabilizers


Simply take a 150 ml of water and put it on a flame to boil. Add 1 tsp, or roughly 2 grams of the mix in a kettle, and top it with the boiling water. Let it infuse for 8-10 minutes before you serve it hot.

You may add sugar, lemon or any other ingredients that you prefer, but I loved the taste without any of these additions.


A Jar with 50 g of tea is available on the site for Rs. 699 (Includes Shipping)

Suitable for:

The product claims to be suitable for pregnant women as well as any other tea lover in general. When I tried this sample, I was not pregnant.

Where to Buy:

Currently, the product is only available on The Moms Co website. You can check the acidity relief tea here.

Mummasaurus’s Verdict on The Mom’s Co. Acidity Relief Caffeine Free Tea

  1. In all honesty, I really loved the product. I did not add anyting except water to it, and did not miss any sugar. The tea may not be too sweet, but it does not taste bd without any. You don’t feel the need to add any sugar in to the brew.
  2. The taste is very soothing. It has a peppermint dominant flavor so the taste is quite appealing and actually Yummy!!
  3. The blend actually relieved heart-burn, a common effect of the regular ones on me.
  4. It did not cause any diarrhea, palpitations, heartburn or anxiety like symptoms that I always get from my regular brew.
  5. I gas problem did get relieved and I felt a lot less bloated.
  6. There was a cool feeling in the belly after I finished my warm cuppa
  7. I felt quite relaxed and calm after consuming the beverage
  8. I did not crave for food or more tea, which I usually feel after consuming my regular brew

Surprise Element:

One evening when I had my tea, I was really very stressed and tired. Drinking it made me quite drowsy and wanting to sleep. I had to lie down. To my surprise, I could sleep well even in the noise of my 4-year-old twinadoes jumping around the house and screaming like crazy.  So I must warn you that it can make you extremely sleepy if you are extremely tired already. It is a great feature unless it is your time for work. So I would recommend to have it when you in a mood to relax.

I must give it to the Mom’s Co to come up with a tea so soothing, that I’d prefer having it before bed time and having a good night’s sleep.


I am so in love with this tea, that the only con I see is the Price, which makes it drinking every day a costly affair.

Final Verdict

Highly Recommended for pregnant women as well as any other tea lover or “chahedi” like me! This tea can definitely take over your everyday tea and give you a great substitute for it. During pregnancy when heartburn issues are at their peak, this tea can help alleivate the heart burn and improve digestion, without harming that teeny weeny wiggly bubbie inside you.

I hope you liked reading the information given in this article. Do drop me a comment on how you liked this post.

If you are still deciding on a purchase, you can also consider the honest review of my friend Charu here.

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  1. Yeah normal tea incorporate so much of caffeine in our diet as most of us are tea Addict. Switching to caffeine free tea like one from moms co will be good option

  2. I’m not a tea person, but your post is tempting me to try this tea for sure.. seems like a great product…I really wish this existed back when i was expecting… I have had terrible heartburn during both my pregnancies..

  3. I am sucha teaholic.. I just can’t start my day witgout a mug of the classic tan colored tea.. I have tried using green tea in the past as my bed tea but the transition is very rocky

  4. I am also a tea lover. My day starts with tea only. And i used to have three cups of tea a day.but as you saying that its not good for our health so now i try to avoid it and will try to use your recommended tea. Its a nice option and healthier too. Thanks for giving this info.

  5. I’m someone who has been having migraines for over a decade now. I wouldn’t say they cause migraines. But one first needs to figure out the type of a migraine. Not everyone’s migraine is dietary even then not all foods are their triggers. That being said I do like caffeine free teas.

    1. i have been suffering from migrines for a long time too. I completely agree with you, but yes, caffeine addiction can lead to migraines.

  6. I’m not a huge tea drinker but I do drink decaf coffee – unfortunately caffeine tends to give me migraines. Will keep an eye out for these tea types though.

  7. This morning, my dad commented on how I should switch over to a bucket of tea instead of a MUG! LOL. He calls my tea consumption insanity! But honestly, tea is one love I just cannot quit! I know that there is more harm than good with caffeinated drinks – but old habits die hard! Nicely reviewed!

  8. Unfortunately I don’t think I can give up my morning cuppa. But I have steadily reduced my tea intake throughout the rest of the day. Non-caffeinated tea sounds like a good alternative.

  9. I love tea and I can even live only on tea. Probably I must introduce into my routine more healthy version like Mom co ones. Thank you for this post.

  10. Wow, this looks really amazing. Who would have imagined that tea can help in better feeds and to relieve acidity? I am sure going to try this for acidity purpose.

  11. My morning never start without tea. I am a die hard tea lover. As per your review these products looks amazing. Will surely try this . thanks for sharing.

  12. I’m a chai person, to be precise green tea person. My day is never started if i don’t sip on a cup of green tea and I believe that it is definitely my heath’s best friend.

  13. I’m a tea addict … Mostly green tea and infused teas like this are my fav … Black current in the mix makes it appealing… Oh the sleep inducing tea i need it us moms just can’t get sound sleep i think.
    I loved your honest review. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing

  14. I have tried their skin products and loved it . I have heard a lot about this tea and your review convinced me to give it a try once. Will soon buy it as I am looking forward for something to soothe my acidity issues.

  15. I was seriously trying not to read through the whole post. I cannot live without tea and coffee. Infact I try checking on the health benefits of tea. I always get rid of migraine with a shot of coffee and hence stick by it very religiously.

    1. I am a tea lover too, hence, I insist that you do get this tea and your migraine will be alot better, because caffeine is known to be a trigger for migraines.

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