Gaia Organic Baby Products Review

gaia organic baby products

Organic, Organic, Organic!! It is the recent times where everyone, brands, and consumers alike, have been raving about this word. We want to use everything organic, in a country where Organic is still a new word and awareness about it is limited to a small percentage of families in the metros. With almost all popular brands coming up with an organic range of products, are Gaia Organic baby products here to stay? Let’s find out!

What exactly does organic mean?

Let’s look at this from a point of view of a healthy diet. We all want to eat healthily and know the effects that a healthy diet has on our body and overall well being. Still, we eventually give in to the taste, appearance or look & feel of junk food.

It is similar in the case of skin care products. It is a known fact that whatever products are applied on to the skin are absorbed by the body. The constituents of the product are then carried through our bloodstream and stay there a while. Organic products are like healthy food. They may not always be the most gorgeous looking or the most-gorgeous smelling beauty products. That does not prove their efficacy of skin and health friendliness.Thus, just like healthy food, they are the right choices.

Organic products have natural ingredients that work well with your body’s sophisticated and intricate systems, whereas chemical formulations may look gorgeous, may even cost you very less. Brands bombard the audience with unrealistic and promising advertisements, in order to convince you of being better.

Practically, that’s not the case.

Coming from the House of Gaia, Gaia organic baby products not just come with the promise of organic, but also the reliability of the brand. Gaia has been in and around our households for years, earning the trust that it truly deserves.

Gaia organic baby products

Venturing into the baby care range, Gaia has launched several basic products like massage oil, moisturizer, shampoo, body wash, baby powder, and moisturizer.

I would like to share my experience with the shampoo, the lotion and the body wash.

Gaia Natural Baby Shampoo

The Gaia Natural baby shampoo is a rich and clear fluid. It is dense, so you just need it in small amounts. A quantity enough to cover one side of a coin was sufficient for my boy’s hair. The product lathers really well and cleans the hair thoroughly.


Gaia Natural Baby Bath and Body Wash

Gaia Natural baby bath and body wash is again a clear, colorless fluid. The body wash is dense in nature and is required in small quantities. The body wash has a mild orange-y smell. The best part about the wash is that it does not lather heavily, and is easy to wash off. There is no soapy residue in the baby wash. So it washes away with limited amounts of water without that slimy feeling a lot of other body washes have. Despite being dense, it blends with water very quickly and pretty much effortlessly, making it easy to apply and really convenient to wash away as well.


Gaia Natural Baby Moisturizer

The baby lotion is really quite dense in consistency and may require you to put in a bit of an effort to squeeze it out of the bottle. The consistency is like a thick cream, instead of a lotion.

The moisturizer is white in color, with a slight orange tinge. The Gaia natural baby moisturizer too has a mild orange-y fragrance. The lotion when applied feels a bit greasy and takes a couple of minutes to absorb completely. It nourishes the skin and amazingly, suited dry skin as well as normal skin of both of my kids.


General observations of Gaia Organic Baby Products

  • The products do as promised. They clean well and provide nourishment to skin of all types.
  • The products are free of silicones, sulfates, and any inorganic or harmful chemicals, making it a safe choice for our little ones.
  • Gaia baby range products are dense in nature, which make the products cost-effective, as they last longer.
  • The Gaia natural baby shampoo and Gaia natural baby bath and body wash bottles look quite similar. They can only be differentiated with an orange or blue streak for the baby wash and the baby shampoo respectively. So if in haste, it is easy to mix up the two.
  • The fragrance of Gaia organic baby products is not heavenly and may not be very pleasing to some olfactions. But it just makes me trust the brand more because I know they have not used any artificial fragrances
  • Bottles or Jars for Gaia are fragile, and make you put in some effort to get the product out. But it is in a way it feels more reasonable as it does not squeeze out too much of the product in one go. This also keeps the product safe from spillage by inquisitive toddlers
  • The product may not seem very budget friendly in the first go. But the amount used is really very little, which makes the products last quite a while. So the prices and the benefits associated are well justified.

Where to Buy:

The products from GAIA are available on:

Mummasaurus’ Final Verdict:

If you don’t mind a natural fragrance, then Gaia organic baby Products are beyond awesome! At least you are assured that you are using the best for your baby.

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  1. You’re absolutely right, awareness about it concept very limited but thanks to the Brand those who introduce such organic products in our country. This product seems very good for kids.

  2. Using organic products for baby are very important. A baby’s skin is very fragile and sensitive we can’t take risk. Haha seems like a wonderful product range.

  3. Gaia looks a nice upcoming brand. I would love to see the pictures as well. You gave indepth review of the products thanks for sharing

  4. This seems totally new organic and safe brand comes for the baby’s soft skin. Organic and natural products are always comes first for my kids. Thanks for sharing about these.

  5. This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!

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