5 Health Myths Busted with Intelligent Ageing

“Your Kitchen is your Pharmacy”, he said. That wasn’t something we’d never heard. But then Dr. Suresh Shottam, from Intelligent Ageing, continued “Even disorders like Depression are known to have roots in what food you eat and how your gut handles it”. My jaws dropped! Having completed a masters in Psychology, it surprised me that I had never read nor heard of something like this before! Dr. Rakesh Shottam sure had some keen insights to share. It becomes all the more crucial for Moms to know about it since, believe it or not, we are the first doctors our family comes across. In a very sharp discussion with the team at Intelligent Ageing, in Lajpat Nagar 3, we debunked many myths related to health. Let’s talk about them here.

Being Healthy is not a state, but a Continuum

In a stirring conversation at Intelligent Ageing, we discovered that children are mostly born healthy. The environment within the womb is pretty much disease free for the tiny living being. The moment they are born, and they come across several microbes in the environment and their journey to illness begins. Being healthy is not a state, it is somewhere on the continuum. From being Born healthy, to die of illness, we are all in between.

We are an Overfed, malnourished generation of people

How many times has it happened that you’ve been really tired and instead of an apple you rip open a pack of instant noodles to suit your cravings? I bet that has happened many-a-times where we have chosen unhealthy, empty-calorie food over something more nutritious, simply relying on the taste factor.  We are currently a country that is celebrating by eating Pizzas and Burgers. Whereas, our healthy food has taken a setback.

Dr. Shottam, at the Intelligent Ageing clinic, shared a very beautiful insight here. He said, “Take your grandmother to the supermarket. Whatever she does not recognize, never put it in your basket. Our ancestors were eating a lot better food than we are today and the best way to step out of that vicious cycle is to reverse our food choices to what we were eating decades ago”.

Dr. Arushi Passi Bhandari, from the Intelligent Ageing clinic, added that “We are eating at least 4 times more gluten, wheat-based products, and grains today than we were eating a decade ago”. We have changed the level of hard work we used to engage in. And to go with the low physical work, our choices of food have worsened drastically. This makes us nothing but a home to the worst of diseases, with a very little scope of stepping out of these choices.

India is under an epidemic

We are currently a generation of Indians who have been hit by an epidemic of obesity, hypertension and a lot of ‘Lifestyle diseases’, simply because of our lifestyle choices, said our speakers at Intelligent Ageing. We are under a lot of stress, and we have very little awareness about how to set our lives straight. From the older generation being obese, to the little ones, as young as 2 years old, Obesity has hit us really bad. (No, the chubby child is not ‘healthy!’)

Simply, because we eat a lot of food which is rich in calories, but is absolutely low in its nutritional values. A Pizza or a burger has almost no nutrients, but we prefer them over a soulful meal at home. That is precisely where our choices need to change.

Preventive healthcare instead of curative methods

In our country, the doctor to patient ratio is very, very high!! If I estimate that most doctors see a patient for 5 minutes or even less, a lot of us will agree. This not just results in lack of proper judgment, but also, almost never results in a doctor-patient relationship. No wonder we are always asking about Doctor recommendations before we seek a consultation.

Such short-lived Doctor-patient interactions end up focusing on curing symptoms instead of seeking answers for the cause. Attention to what has actually been causing the issue, or disorder is fairly less and hence, patients come to a state of comfortable discomfort.

This state of comfortable discomfort implies that the problem has not been cured, but the symptoms have been corrected to a state where they do not constantly bother. The patient still feels discomfort, but it is a comfortable state of discomfort.

intelligent ageing functional medicine clinic in delhi

Symptoms are Interlinked

Yes, you read that right! It is quite possible that your hair fall, poor bone health, absence or irregularity of periods, depression and skin abnormalities may all be caused by one single factor. But with the current healthcare systems, you would probably be visiting 4-5 different specialists to seek help with symptoms of each of these issues.

That is where Intelligent Ageing comes in to play.

Functional Medicine over Conventional Medicine

Intelligent Ageing, along with its aesthetic partner, ‘Sens’ strives to provide a more holistic approach to dealing with illnesses and disorders. Their consultations last at least an hour, covering various aspects of an individual’s problem and lifestyle. They strive to get to the root cause of the issue, instead if siply treating the symptoms and pushing the patient to s a state of ‘comfortable discomfort’.

Their methods of healing involve more functional medicine, than the conventional medicine method of pills and associated intakes.

Intelligent Ageing Follows a 3 Step Process for Healing

Intelligent Ageing Clinic practices the 3 Ms:


When measuring, Intelligent Ageing clinic specialists ensure that they measure crucial aspects like:

  • Various body ratios and compositions
  • The degree or stage of the disorder
  • Impact of the disorder


After measuring the degrees of impact of a certain disorder, the next logical step is to mentor the patient. Intelligent Ageing ensures in-depth mentoring:

  • Not just providing solutions, but also empowering patients to make more informed choices
  • Keeping patient history and family background histories in check
  • Functional medicines and therapies, along with diet modifications are presented to the patient.


Intelligent Ageing firmly believes that just mentoring the patient does not end their work with them. Once aligned with the functional medicine methods, Intelligent Ageing aims at bringing about a shift in their entire lifestyle and everyday life choices.

  • Health Apps and Anti-ageing software are used to enable a more quantitative tracking of a patient’s progress
  • By tracking, it also makes it easier to monitor and assess the level of improvement by Doctors as well as the patients
  • Further consultations or changes can then be made accordingly.

intelligent ageing functional medicine clinic in delhi

Who can benefit from the Intelligent Ageing Clinic and it’s therapies?

Intelligent Ageing has shown great responses among patients that have suffered from disorders like:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Obesity
  • Mental Health
  • Toxin Related disorders
  • Pain Management
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Gut Health
  • Aesthetic Services

The more I know about Intelligent Ageing, the more I find the need for more such services in the country. Functional therapy is definitely a better answer to our problems than conventional medicine. With a state of the art facility, to a more saner approach to dealing with the issue and diseases of our body, http://intelligentageing.in/ is definitely the right approach. To know more about Intelligent Ageing and their services, click on the link here: Intelligent Ageing


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  1. In our society maximum people dont know about it even I was too. But after your post I think it can do miracles. The grandmother part mentioned by the dr. Shottam is really so true. Rather I can include eat for your belly not for your tongue. 🙂

  2. A great article that explains Intelligent Ageing in details. I like the approach taken my the specialists in understanding the root cause of the problem before actually giving any kind of medication. Have shared the info with my friends who im sure will very useful.

  3. I agree with what you have said….actually we are overfed yet malnourished and it is high time people should start looking at it

  4. Thosre are some scary but great insights. I, for one, is definitely and consciously making better food choices for myself and family going forward. Thanks for sharing, Prisha.

  5. These are some eye openers Prisha. Making conscious and healthy food choices are so important. Thanks for sharing these.

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  9. Totally agree! My granny always advocates satvik food and to any problems I might say, her answer is simple eat nutritious and eat mindfully. The docs seem to be advocating similar ideas.

  10. Its a great concept for the holistic treatment of a person. Indeed we are overfed and most of us are lazy bunch eating all for the taste and not for our bodies. IA sounds a great concept that we all need.

  11. Such an interesting and useful post darling. Making conscious decisions about food choices makes such a positive difference. Good to know about intelligent ageing.

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