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When you hear the word Parenting Coach – you wonder what makes someone a parenting coach in the first place. How can someone tell you the right or wrong way about your parenting, given that every child and parent relationship is unique. How can someone get through to your stubborn, or willful child, without knowing them or you personally? With such questions in mind, I happened to Nivedita Garg from Joyful Parenting. Nivedita is an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and several programs that help Nivedita take an expert’s position in understanding children. Here’s what happens when consulting a parenting coach in India.

Nivedita’s Joyful Parenting Program

Nivedita provided online consultation for my son Chirag. This made it feasible for me to avail services being in Noida, even when she was based out of Chandigarh. The consultations happened in the following steps:

  1. Detailed discussion of behavior between Parent and Coach
  2. An action Plan was shared with parent
  3. Checking of understanding, or queries were discussed
  4. Plan was implemented by parent
  5. Weekly review, and further discussion about next action plan

What did the Action Plan Comprise of

Action plan primarily comprised of behavioral modification on behalf of the parent. Once a better understanding between the parent and the child was developed, behavior molding of the child took place.

As parents we often struggle thinking we are doing way beyond our capacity, yet the child develops negative behavior. It feels like a trap because you do not have a way out. Nivedita helps us understand our child’s world. You get to see the world through their eyes. This eventually helps to bridge the gap between parents and children. This helps the child to trust the parent better, and enables the parent to find logic in their child’s behavior. Once that is built up, it becomes easier to work out differences and modify behavior of both parties, thus bringing about a change.

The plan also comprised of example situations and suggestive conversations that helped parents understand how to deal with situations better. These short scenarios helped parents see their situation from a third person perspective and understand the consequences of their behavior.


Her Approach

We began by verbally understanding issues being faced by Chirag. We then set them on priority as to which of the issues have been creating more chaos for him.

Consultation Sessions were conducted on phone, once a week. These sessions would include discussion on what is the progress in implementing the previous plan, what are the issues that still need help, and difficulties faced during implementation.

For example, one of the action I had to carry out was to play Mozart music 2 hours after Chirag fell asleep. Every time we tried that, despite being a deep sleeper, Chirag would wake up from sleep. So we modified the plan and played it when he was busy in some activity. So his concentration was on some other activity, whereas his subconscious mind would address to the music playing.

Advantages and Review

Throughout my consultation with Parenting Coach Nivedita Garg, from Joyful Parenting, I realized many aspects of parenting. The first and foremost being that I did not have to try so hard, I had to make efforts in a different direction.

It is true, that certain aspects of parenting, and understanding my son, wouldn’t have worked as well, if Nivedita didn’t point them out to me.

What one needs to understand while consulting Joyful Parenting, is that such therapies and interventions take time to show effect. Most f the toil has to be done by parents while executing action plans, but they are simple so it isn’t that difficult. Difficulty is simply in being consistent with you following these plans.

I did feel that these sessions are a bit expensive, and time taking in exhibiting results. But if they eventually help my child, I am willing to take these chances.

Contact Details for Joyful Parenting

You can reach out to Nivedita Garg at thee coordinates:





In case you have any questions, you can share them with me in the comments below.

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  1. i have never tried any parenting coach as such, but i read a lot of some aspects of parenting and experience of some fellow parents.Not aware why you chose it for one of your son, but really intrigued by your experience. would check their website for more.

  2. Now this is totally new to me and I’m so intrigued as well. I have not heard of parenting coach before and the program looks interesting.

  3. Parenting coach sounds interesting but the term itself sounds complicated in my opinion. However, as a parent we are continously trying to improve our methods of parenting and if any help is available, there is no harm in checking what they have to offer.

  4. Indeed, I too felt that one cannot be a parenting coach, but rather share the experience gained over time with other fellas. But having multiple scenario’s and their solutions sounds something exciting..

  5. I never tried parenting coach. I really want to know why you take parenting coach, this is for some issue.parenting is learning phase, it will be Very helpful bridging the gap between kid .n parent

  6. Would recommend this to my sister as she is soon going to be a mom..parenting can never be taught but if you keep certain do’s and don’ts in mind then it would benefit in upbringing of the chikdm.

  7. Never been to parenting coach , I think its time to try one now..
    And yes, this is so so true sometimes we panic out of personal frustration and children are the ones who become first target of our anger. Feel really bad at times 🙁

  8. This is totally new to me. Never came across something like this before, at time I feel that I should have a coach to help me out with parenting things. Thanks for sharing this with me

  9. At first thought a Parenting Coach sounds like anathema to the very context itself. However there may be more value in it. I was really interested in the Mozart music experience.

  10. Joyful parenting program becomes a need to under the child psychology better. And this seems to help in dealing with child problems in more mature and positive ways

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