Let’s Blog With Pri Season 2 #LBWP September 2020

Kicking off the 2nd Month for the second season of #LetsBlogWithPri – I cannot be elated enough. It’s been a beautiful first month and we’ve been on time, every single of those times! Some of our friends had to part ways in between, but I am very sure that had it not been emergencies, they would have continued with equal zeal and gung ho! The group came up with some fun as well as informative topics during the train. Reading those blogs have been great fun and the upraoar about the campaign has brought me immense happiness. Hence, I’m really happy to take the Blog Train & Linky Part to the next month of September 2020. Read on to know the rules & Guidelines.


  1. I will share prompts monthly, so you can think and plan your posts around it.
  2. Posts can be exactly as per prompt or inspired by the prompt. You can also write a blog absolutely unrelated to the prompt, but it should not be a sponsored post.
  3. The activity starts on the 12th of September, and the deadline for completing your blog post for the week is every Friday. So your first blog should go live on or by the 12th of September.
  4. There shall be 4 minimum blogs in a month.
  5. A chain will be shared and you would be required to link the person before and after you in the blog chain. It is a mandate to have a do-follow hyperlink for people you are linking to.
  6. It is mandatory to add the host badge in your blog, and then link your blog in the host’s blog, as per the linky shared.
  7. Badge code is as follows: <img src=”https://www.mummasaurus.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/WhatsApp-Image-2020-08-09-at-12.39.04-PM.jpeg” width=”387″ height=”388″ />
    <br><b>Hosted By :
    Prisha Lalwani
    <a href=”https://www.mummasaurus.com/”>Mummasaurus.com</a><br>
    IG: <a href=”http://www.instagram.com/mummasaurus1″>@mummasauruss</a><br>
    FB: <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/mummasaurus1″>/mummasaurus1</a></b>
  8. I will need people who are very rigid with their discipline in writing. Plz plan your month and be available for the activity. Last minute backing out will be difficult.

9. Important tags and hashtags: – #LBWP #LetsBlogWithPri S2 @mummasauruss

Prompts for the Month of September – October:

1. Alternatives to Cow & Buffalo milk

2. A Rice Recipe

3. Explaining Gandhi Jayanti to our Kids

4. Facts about Gandhiji we didn’t ever know

5. Rhea Chakraborthy

6. Hair Routine

7. Skin Routine

8. Listening to your kids

9. Easier Ways of engaging kids at home

10. Picture Prompt:

Girl, Lavender, Asleep, Happiness, Purple, Flowers

Image Source: pixabay

Engagement Guidelines

  1. Everyone is required to publish their blogs by Friday, and share the same on Instagram on Saturday. It is mandatory to add #LetsBlogWithPri , Season 2 & @mummasauruss in your Posts & stories
  2. Engaging in the host’s blog is mandatory. Engaging on 2 blogs above you and 2 blogs below you in the chain is also mandatory. So a total of 5 blog links a week – pretty doable 🙂

These rules and guidelines are for the campaign of #LetsBlogwithPri Season 2, hosted by Prisha Lalwani from www.Mummasaurus.com

Hosted By :
Prisha Lalwani
IG: @mummasauruss
FB: /mummasaurus1


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  1. This was a great experience in last month. Had a great time with reading and writing both. Loved the prompts of next month too but not sure about my participation this month. As my friend Alexa is coming soon so not sure how will I manage.

  2. I had enjoyed blogging in this series last year too! Brings a rhythm of blogging continuously. Looking forward to next month participation. 🙂

  3. This has been such a great series and an easy way to stay motivated to publish on a regular basis. Thanks Prisha!

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