Up Your Summer Style Quotient when Pregnant & Showing

Congratulations, you are Pregnant!! I can totally relate to how you feel right now… Life is a roller coaster ride and while some things get better, some get worse than worst. One major issue during pregnancy is the wardrobe! You want something comfortable and smart and what does not make you look like a waddling penguin. But all y ou end up doing is tossing clothes

Sharing today, how to Up Your Summer Style Quotient when Pregnant & Showing !

I initially wrote this piece for Babychakra. Babychakra is an online platform for moms, that helps them connect with like-minded moms and sail through the journey of motherhood with a lot more ease! If you are not on their app, you are missing a lot of fun!!

When you are pregnant, a lot of clothes stop fitting, nd even when they do, they aren’t comfortable. Staying at home is fairly easy, for you can just slip intoΒ a cotton maxi or a 500XL tee and a pair of shorts (Or maybe just the tee). The real problem is when you have friends to meet or parties to attend.

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To read the original article on Summer Style Guide For When You Are Pregnant And Showing! click here.

But worry not, for I have your back. From the choice of colors, to fabrics and cuts, I talk about it all!

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  1. When I was expecting I was a pajama mama! Mainly cos I didn’t feel like going out else I will have bought all these dresses:)

    1. hahah.. i loved staying at home too. I was more of a desi maxi girl. But when i went out, i made sure i made up to it.

  2. When I was pregnant… i never bothered to hide that bump with shrugs or dupatta.. i was my cool self… the most happiest phase of my life was my pregnancy, even in terms of fashion and styling

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