My Greatest Resource – A Matrimony

On day 2 of my participation with the Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, I feel all enthusiastic for the write up. My prompt for today is:- Day 2 (6 Aug/Sun) – Share about a resource/s you have or use . 

Before I reveal my resource to you, let me start with an anecdote –

One morning (this morning actually) Dear Husband and I were snoozing, part awake, part asleep – whereas the twinadoes were up and chirpy. I hadn’t slept for over 6 hours in days and this looked like THE chance to catch up on my sleep. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door knob clicking vigorously. That is when I realized that one of my Tornadoes locked himself inside. He must have pushed the button and shut the door, which locked it. He was absolutely clueless on how to open it and all our screaming and instructions fell on the closed door. My boy was howling and panicking, and so were we.

I gave my husband ‘the look’ for not keeping the keys handy so he rushed to find a set of around 30 keys. NOT ONE of those keys went through the lock slot. We called for help, but no one seemed to be available before 8/8:30 AM which was at least an hour later. So, my Husband rushed downstairs to find anyone who could do anything to help while I just sat down on my bed – all quiet. I stopped talking and thinking. And I had a Eureka moment!!

I googled for options which did not seem of much help – I did not have any tools required.

But I thought of trying with a knife and Voila – 2 seconds and my son was out!!

Now you ask, how is the story related to a resource?

The resource is Marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, not ‘OUR’ marriage (sorry Husband) 

But the Marriage between my heart & brain is my biggest resource!!

My Greatest Resource - A Matrimony of the heart & mind

Source: Insideoutimpact

Unlike my previous self, my current self has the Brain Vs Heart problem seemingly sorted out – well, on most days!

These two seem to be like a married couple – totally in love, but more against each other than with each other. But I benefit from it as in a moment of difficulty, both  of them cooperate and bring out the best of solutions.

Their matrimony is my biggest resource – for to use any other resource, I have to utilize this one first.

Like in the morning, if my heart did not stop panicking, I would not have been able to think it through.

They say that even the most intelligent of people never use the full capacity of their brains in their lifetime. Now if you mix the interference of our heart in it and that comes down to 1%. But the harmony and ‘adjustment’ that exists between my heart and mind, seems to be a boon.

When the brain wants to think and maybe write a blog, the heart avoids throwing memories of what my neighbor said to her teen boy ten years ago. And when the heart wants to laugh at something, my heart does not throw a list of ‘stupid things you have done in the recent past’.

My Greatest Resource - A Matrimony of the heart & mind


If the heart feels like it could really have another helping of that heavenly chocolate & blueberry cake, my brain does not lecture on how ‘someone’ needs to lose weight. And if the mind wants to start exercising, the heart agrees & joins in.

My Greatest Resource - A Matrimony of the heart & mind


On days when the mind really wants to give it back in absolute crude language, heart manages the intonation & verbiage. Usually one is right, but the other one is usually forgiving and accepting. Together, they learn their way to a better life.

My Greatest Resource - A Matrimony of the heart & mind


In short, its a merry matrimony on most days – but it all depends on who gets to call the shots.

Of course there are days of disagreement and discord between the two love birds. Those days they definitely take the best of me. Body pains, crying spells, one after another pills for migraine and other such crazy solutions to get them into a harmony again. Everything that can go wrong with me, does go wrong.

My Greatest Resource - A Matrimony of the heart & mind


But then I have to interfere and tell the two to get their stuff together and pull it through. They love me, so usually agree when I have something to say with a strong conviction.

I actually feel very much in control of my life with these two devils in me sorted.  I consider myself to be part emotional and part practical. There are days when one rescues me from the blunders the other makes. That is why I consider them as my biggest, the most valued and the most crucial resource I have.

Do your heart & mind live in a happy matrimony? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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This blog is my entry for the Write Tribe festival of Words #6. Write Bravely!!

The Write Tribe Festival Of Words Is Back #WTFOW

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  1. Finally got to visit your blog ! I have made all bathrooms lockless at home because the person inside can always shout a warning and those inside can be rescued ( we have old people and toddlers in the same house) . As for the rooms that can be locked , we have their keys kept in the key hole at all times ! Pointless ? But serves the purpose of helping a trapped soul

  2. “the heart avoids throwing memories of what my neighbor said to her teen boy ten years ago.” LOL. SO true. I loved this post. When heart is on track mind goes the opposite way and vice versa. My heart and mind are in harmony 50% of the time, recent of the time it’s the Mind who’s the rabbit in the race only for the heart to takeover like the tortoise.

  3. Wow….your post for sure gave me a surprise. Never though that your post would be dealing with heart and mind !

  4. What a fantastic read – at first I thought you meant the matrimony of your husband and you… whoah!!! Enjoyed reading this article. I love your take on the prompt.

  5. Loved reading it, Its difficult to follow your heart always and so is with brain. The best part is to keep it going with positivity. 🙂

  6. That’s a fun read, so many times yes Heart & Brain are on verge of killing each other… I had many such brain Haemorrhages & Cardiac arrests. but again motherhood prevails some sense in me and I get to set them up by bribing “next time will take your side OK” 😉

  7. Prisha loved the way you started this posts with a personal anecdote. The best one was the marriage between brain and heart. Its very important to have brain and heart in sync with each other for a perfect life.

  8. It is really a fun reading post and on the other hand helpful… There was a same case at my house when my son was only 1.5years old… And marriage between heart and brain is really interesting… Enjoying reading the post…

  9. Loved reading the article. And specially the way it began with the story to go with it. It’s really important to strike the balance between brain and heart and use the right one at the right time.

  10. You amaze me with your writing. Such a perfect take on this prompt. A kid locked inside is definitely a horrifying situation for any parent but I agree if the brain and heart are in harmony things do get better.

  11. Didn’t expect the surprise at the end. This may happen at almost all houses having toddlers. I agree with you the happy matrimony between heart and brain makes the life more romantic.

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