My Treasure: A Possession That No One Can Steal

My Treasure a possession that no one can steal

Some days, all you need is that little nudge to push you to write beyond your zone of comfort. Nothing close to easy, the challenge is worth the effort. The adrenaline rush is unfathomable. And so, I participated in the  6th Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW. The Festival involves writing on 7 days, from the 5th of August to the 11th, on 7 different prompts. The first one is “Day 1 (5 Aug/Sat) – Write about a treasure you have”. So I decided to share My Treasure: A Possession That No One Can Steal.

Now, this particular prompt took a lot of thinking from me.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word, as per the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

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Now if you go by the above definition, and ask yourself, “What is my Treasure”?

The first answer that pops up is My children.

My kids my treasure

But are my children the only treasure, the most important of everything I have?

Even though I’d love to nod, the reality is NO.

Then I thought, May be, My family – my dear husband & my little twinadoes are my ‘Most Valuables’

My Husband and Kids my treasure

But are they the only treasure I have?

errrm… NO!

Then comes the obvious next, and a feeling of the Eureka Moment — Yes!! It’s my Whole Family!

(Missing my Sister in the picture below)

Mummasaurus Family my family

Just as I was convinced of my thought, it had to be crumpled again. Another NO came in.

This one needed some serious thinking.

What is that ONE treasure that I have? The best, the most treasured – treasure?

Couldn’t be Money, or ‘things’ i possess. I almost zeroed down on my favorite La Opala Jumbo dinner set! (it is gorgeous, was given by my parents at my wedding, is a set of 101 pieces !!) but — NO!! That wasn’t it either.

I spent an entire day thinking what meant the most to me, my biggest valuable?! And after 3 pills for a splitting migraine and 8 cups of tea, I finally did get an answer that had me convinced.

A Treasure I Possess That No One Can Steal or Replicate is nothing else but ME.

I am my Biggest Treasure.

Before I sound too narcissistic to you, let me tell you that if I love ‘My’ family, it is because I exist, and  I possess the ability to love.

If I love ‘My’ kids the most, its is because it took a part of me to bring them to life; and a whole of me to nurture them as they grow into fine gentlemen (Twinadoes actually!)

My being is my treasure because of the harmony between my Emotional – Physical – Financial – Spiritual – Social Selves. Though it may be a lot to expect all those aspects to be in perfect harmony all the time, I constantly strive to maintain a balance.  If one aspect is a little off, my efforts are to obtain more efforts from my other aspects and remain in a balanced situation.

I scrutinize what I consume –

  • Negative Emotions
  • Unhealthy Food, body harming agents
  • Poor Spending habits
  • Disconnection with my Soul
  • Being in absolute Solitude

and other such consumptions that are bound to harm me better stay away from me. I make genuine efforts to filter my consumption and let only the good strain in.

That being said, The emotions I feel, the body systems I have, the financial situations I am in, the way my soul interacts with my being & how I tend to gel up with the society, in general, is what makes me cherish every bit of everything that I have in life.

The treasure chest is Me.

My treasure is actually a treasure chest because it has a lot of valuable elements that coordinate with each other to make the valuable worthwhile.

No one can rob me of myself, of my Individuality, because that my dear, is the beauty of being a human! Every person is unique and that makes each one of us, a treasure. Prevent unhappiness, loneliness, and troubles to rob you of your treasure. Keep it safe, keep it secure.

Always remember to treat your treasure like you would really kill for it. Nurture it, love it, protect it and give it the best of what you have.

If you liked this article, and feel that your Idea of a treasure resonates with mine, do leave me a comment in the box below.

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This blog is my entry in my first Blog Marathon ever. This opportunity has been granted to me by the Write Tribe, for their 6th Write Tribe Festival of Words  – #WTFOW

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  1. How beautifully expressed, Honey. You are really a treasure for you. Accepting on self with beauty and flaws need a big courage. Glad that you are doing it. Stay blessed dear.

  2. Totally agree with ur every single word… our daily struggle we, at tyms loose our individuality….. N yeah we all love our family…. Our parents reason for our existence our kids proof of our existence…. 😉😉😉👍👍👌

  3. Very well written!

    Thoughtful indeed. We may think our kids, family or things to be our treasures, but the real treasure lies within! What a lovely thought 🙂

  4. We are the one thing we can count on throughout our lives. But the thing about this treasure is that it isn’t much of a treasure if it’s not shared with the world, is it? 🙂 Or at least with our families and friends!

  5. Wow Prisha… You are fantabulous. This is such a beautiful post and the way you started with kids, husband, family and then boiled it down to yourself. It is very true there is no one who can be our best treasure than ourselves.

  6. Life is complete when you discover the real me. And respecting oneself much needed. You’ve discovered your self as a true treasure and indeed you’re in true sense. Respecting and recognising ones brings lots of satisfaction

  7. My treasure is my family 😀Loved your post, it’s really important to value yourself

  8. I agree with you. There is nothing more precious than us. Indeed there is no better treasure and we should take care of it like you said. Nurture it, love it and protect it.

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