Probiotics, Enzymes, and other Jibber-Jabber around a Healthy Digestive System

digestive system healthy digestion digestive enzymes

“A healthy Outside, starts from the Inside”, as stated by Robert Urich. He wouldn’t be wrong stating that fact, as a person’s digestive system is indeed a life changer. How your body digests food, the micro-organisms that stay in your gut, define your health. Certain enzymes play an important role in aiding digestion of certain food groups. Those foods may otherwise not break down as well as they should. But there’s way too much confusing information on Probiotics, Enzymes and other Jibber-Jabber around a Healthy Digestive System.  So in this blog today, I’ll try to explain information in a simple way. Hopefully, we can all implement these little big changes in our lives and move towards a healthier gut!

Signs and Symptoms of an inefficient or unhealthy Digestive System

These simple signs tell us if our digestive system has been unhealthy or has not been performing inefficiently:

  • Belching or Burping more than usual
  • Fullness after a meal
  • Acid-like taste in the mouth
  • Feeling nauseous, or vomit-like
  • A growling stomach, even when you are not hungry
  • Burning or acid-like sensations in the upper part of your belly
  • Gas
  • Belly Pain or stomach ache

digestive system healthy digestion digestive enzymes

H.O.P.E. By Brenda Watson

Brenda Watson is a popular author who writes about the link between a healthy digestive system and healthy body. In one of her books, she spelled out the H.O.P.E. Formula for good digestion. This formula is an abbreviation which states:

H: High Fiber

O: Omega – 3 fats

P: Probiotics

E: Enzymes

She states that any disorder arising from digestive issues points to these 4 food groups. Consuming these 4 food groups of High fiber, omega 3 fats, probiotics and enzymes can keep your gut and digestive system quite disease free.

How to Maintain a Healthy Digestive System?

The great news is that a healthy digestive system can be obtained by dietary changes. Some of the below-mentioned tips can help you phenomenally improve your digestive system:

  • Consume fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables consist of a lot of fiber. Fiber helps your body digest food more efficiently. These also provide a lot of essential nutrients and keep serious disorders like heart disease at bay.

digestive system healthy digestion digestive enzymes

  • Make Friends with Fiber

Fiber is found only in plant food. So any part of your food that comes from a plant would have some fiber in it. Fiber can be soluble as well as insoluble. Soluble fiber mixes with water to form a gel-like by-product. This gel reduces the speed of digestion, which helps to absorb more nutrients from the food. It also helps reduce the level of cholesterol and glucose. Insoluble fiber does not mix with water and adds bulk to the stool. This helps to move stool along more conveniently in the intestines. Thus, it helps to keep the intestine clean.


  • Get Nutrients from Food

Include a lot of food groups, healthy food groups into your diet. Foods that are rick in the H.O.P.E. group are essential to build better cells and maintain good health of the body.

Along with the HOPE group, Vitamins like A, D, Minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Folic acid help maintain good health.


  • Again, Limit Sugary foods and unnecessary fats

Unnecessary fats, sugary foods and other foods with empty calories do not digest properly and make the body work too much for too less. Such foods are better kept away from you and your body. This fact has been emphasized by many people, and if we are still not following it, we must do it NOW!


  • Hydrate

There is no word like too much water. The more water you drink, the better it is for your body. Gone are the days when 2 liters of water were sufficient. 3 -4 liters of water is what everyone would aim at now. Water removes toxins from the body, helps the stool move out easily, and helps in the absorption of nutrients as well.


  • Eat Mindfully

You cannot expect your body to perform if you are unfair to it. Your body won’t perform great if you eat a triple dose of spinach just because it is healthy. It is important to not binge or overeat. Eat good food, in limits as required by your body. Pay attention to the signs and signals it gives you. Your body will always tell you when it is full. It is crucial to eat mindfully and not simply stuff it.

Supplementation of Enzymes for a Healthy Digestive System

digestive system healthy digestion digestive enzymes

Sometimes, the body needs supplementation of enzymes to maintain a healthy digestive system. In such a case, Zenith Nutrition brings Ultra Enzyme Plus. These capsules are highly recommended because:

  • They are Gluten Free
  • They contain Multiple Enzymes which help in maintaining a healthy digestive system
  • These supplements are Sugar-Free
  • Zenith Nutrition Supplements are Vegetarian

digestive system healthy digestion digestive enzymes

  • 15 essential enzymes like amylase, protease, glucoamylase, etc that aid better digestion
  • No added Flavors and colors
  • Free of Metals
  • No Sugar or Salt
  • FSSAI approved

digestive system healthy digestion digestive enzymes

Price & Availability

Price of a Jar of 60 capsules of Ultra Enzyme Plus supplements from Zenith costs INR 960

The product is available on all leading websites and Chemists.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

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