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flintobox review subscription box

‘Oh, this generation of kids is too smart”! Don’t we all often exclaim this? With the generation next, their toys become technology based too. There are barely any kids today who have never experienced what a gadget feels like. They all have played a game or watched a rhyme on gadgets. Gradually, Gadgets become our everyday harnesses that we trap our children in. Handing kids a gadget in order to calm them down is not an unknown method. It makes them sit down for a while, as parents attend to other important things. Where does that leave you as a parent?? In total guilt!! But today, I’m going to share a definite way out of the gadget world with almost the similar effects – kids will be glued to it but without any harmful effects. Join in with me and say NO to gadgets for your kids, with Flintobox!

What is Flintobox

In very simple language, Flintobox is a subscription box for kids. This means that on a monthly basis, you get a box full of activities that your child can play with. You get to choose the age appropriateness of the box and avail absolutely new games and activities. These activities are not just helpful in learning but are also insanely addictive for kids.

flintobox review subscription box

Every month, the activities surround a certain theme, to help develop skills based on it. We recived a box which was based on the theme of numbers and mathematics.

What’s in every Box?

In the box we received, appropriate for 4+ years, we got 4 activities and a book. Most boxes have 3 – 7 activities.

You can watch the entire contents in my unboxing video here:

Do they Need adult supervision?

For younger children, Flintobox activities may need adult supervision, at least for the initial few sessions.

How Long does each activity last?

Each activity can be done over and over, or be completed in multiple sessions, keeping the baby occupied.

Our Experience with Flintobox

Flintobox was our first experience with a subscription box. I wasn’t sure if the games and activities of the box would interest my kids or not, but this is what the outcome and overall observation was:

flintobox review subscription box

  • The games and activities are addictive. Even if all of them are not, 2-3 games per box will be incessantly addictive. You may have to pull your child back in order to call it a day
  • There are no small parts or harmful objects. The products used in the box are neat and well made, keeping children constantly in mind.
  • Each activity is wrapped in a cloth bag, so you know exactly what to use
  • All activities of the Flintobox come with an instruction sheet which is very simple to follow. It helps parents and children understand the functioning of the activity better. They also have videos on their site to know how these activities would work.
  • The average time taken by a parent and by the child, skills developed while completing the activity, is all mentioned in the activity bag.

flintobox review subscription box

    • A to Z of items required to complete the activity are provided in the bag. From measuring tapes to funky punches, our kit had everything. All we needed to do is complete it. None of the activities were put aside because we did not have a certain thing available at home.
    • Some activities have extra pieces as well, just in case.
    • Flintobox subscriptions are available on a single box, quarterly or a 6-monthly basis. So if your child does not enjoy activities, you can cease to continue. However, that is highly unlikely.

  • You can even carry some of the activities with you while traveling
  • Some activities may require certain items to be stuck on a wall or a board. Relocating them or removing them after the activity is through can be troublesome.


Each Box is available at a price of INR 1195, but often lucrative discounts are going on their website.

Where to Buy

You can buy your Flintobox, or avail a subscription from

Mummasaurus’ Verdict

My twinadoes totally loved the Flintobox. We highly recommend it to our readers.

It is great for a set of twins, good enough to engage two kids at a time.

flintobox review subscription box

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  1. Such activity boxes make good companions for kids. These boxes educate in a fun way. TCHanks for the lovely review.

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  6. If kids have flintobox then I don’t think they wouls ever think of gadgets. I love the beautiful and educational games and activities that are included in this box.

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