Strengthen Family Bonds with Art & Crafts [Camlin Stationery]

It’s been 30 years since I learned to hold a pencil and use it. Back in the day, in our times, moms did not use colours, or any such activities, before school commenced. So, this is pretty much the age when I first started using Camlin colours too! I still remember having a favourite set of pencil design. We didn’t have too many options, but the Flora pencils from Camlin were my must-have. The lovely pink flowers and mild green leaves on the white pencil still hold the favourite spot in my heart. Now when I have introduced stationery to my kids, we use many Camlin items, regularly – the Flora pencils, Fabrica 3D Glitter, Camlin Colour Pencils, Mechanical Pencils, Camlin Wax Crayons, Camlin Oil Pastels – you name it, we use it. And lovingly enough, Camlin continues to be our brand of utmost trust.

Weekend Art & Fun with Camlin

Weekends are full-on family time for us. We keep away from our screens as much as we can and do activities that build our bonding, as a family. One of our favourite activities is simply holding a painting competition among ourselves. It is crazy fun to see the kids go full-on with their father, who seems to have an artistic streak.

Daddy loves to use colour pencils and despite being this age, has a set of Camlin Colour Pen-Pencil set, all to himself. Nobody’s allowed to touch it, not even me!

Chirag and Chitransh rather love the oil pastels and crayons more. They love to complete their drawings, still learning to colour within the lines. Chirag specifically loves to add glitter to his artwork – his favourite being the stick man drawing who is holding an ice cream. And guess what, the cherry in that ice-cream is always made of Camlin Red Glitter!

Camlin, because Art is also for the Non-artsy

When it comes to me, I’m not very gifted with art. But Camlin Students Water Colours cakes have to be my favourite. I love to use the brush and wet cake paint as it helps me work better with my imagination. And when nothing else works, I resort to hand-printing with Camlin Students Water Colours cakes.

Most days when I’m feeling very stressed managing my kids and my blogging career, I feel stuck in the situation. Just as the kids go to sleep, I pull out some paper and just scribble around with the paintbrush – all alone. It helps me relax and end the day on a positive note. I do not like to show those drawings and paintings to anyone as those artworks are for my eyes only!

Believe it or Not

Believe it or not, Flora pencils are something I hoard on to even today! Every time I use them, I feel like I have moved back to my time, the time of my childhood. I always keep one stuck behind my ear, because it is handy to find. And when I used to have longer hair, I’d always stick one in my hair bun.

Isn’t it amazing how some brands become such an essential part of your past that you just never want to let go off them? I’m very happy that Camlin has made learning fun for many years, and that my generation used it, and so does my kids’ generation.

In Camlin, we trust!

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  1. Bachpan k din yaad dila diye 😊
    Family me sabko colouring pasand hai isliye ye accha idea hai 👍👍
    Mujhe bhi pen ya pencil hairs me lagane ki habbit thi 😀😀
    Baccho ka collection to hum dekhty hi hain, kabhi @papa.kehte.hain ka colour pen pencil ka collection bhi dikhaiye 😀😀

  2. This brand reminds me of my childhood days especially my school days and how everything I had in my school bag would be of Camlin whether it would be pencil ,colours or books .

  3. Camlin is a brand which seems so much part of the family. We have used it and now the kids. You are right, arts and crafts projects used to come alive as family projects. The family bonding was increased by activities and Camlin would always be a part of it.

  4. Camlin has always been a favourite. From my childhood to my daughter’s childhood it has been a constant.

  5. Camlin is such a classic brand that’s been there for a very long time. I remember using Camel and Camlin colours when I was in school. I also won their Painting competitions at national level. Their colours are not available in the UK but I will be visiting India in July so will stock up on some of the sets for my son. He loves painting too!

  6. Oh by the way Loved your IGTV video with Surbhi talking with shy child. Much needed for me as a parent as my son is 5 yr old and he is a shy one!

  7. Camlin is my favourite brand, I am diy person, so does my little artist and everytime she told my colours so I have to hide my camlin in colour,glitter, pencil,pen

  8. Drawing has my heart since 1997 (well, my birth year)! I love drawing… And I still have dozens of colours and crayons and most of them are from camlin!

  9. Camlin has been Everyone favourite since childhood. I really impressive that they have activities to promote fun learning in kids. The camlin water colour cakes looks so cool.

  10. Colouring is a rescue for my husband he like to paint I on the other hand don’t enjoy it much I like to draw ; Ina likes to scribble and colour and Camlin is like the other name for crayons 😊

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