Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia? A remedy that works like a magical sleep potion!

Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia? Do these words sound familiar to you? Of course, they do! Every second person is currently suffering from either of these. It is also an established fact that every adult has been through these issues for at least once in their lives. I personally am a deep sleeper but I go through these painful bouts of insomnia too.

Especially the city life is laden with stress levels, and these stress levels lead to anxiety, sleep problems, or even a constantly deteriorating mental health. But how many of us realize this, and of those, how many of us actually seek therapy or help? ‘I don’t need it’, ‘Its a phase and it will be through’, ‘its just hormonal I think’ – are some excuses we give ourselves to convince our minds, putting away efforts.

But you don’t have to suffer. Seriously!!

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You and your family deserve a better You

You deserve better mental health, better sleep, better quality of life.

I don’t claim that you can evade stress, anxiety and insomnia, or always have amazing sleep patterns, but we can definitely work our way out of these stressful situations with a shortcut. Here is what I do when I’m in a stressful situation – and these remedies are psychologically proved to provide help and relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Colors of Noise

That’s an unusual heading, isn’t it?

Noise does have colors. I’m sure you have heard of White Noise – noise that is actually a noise but pleasant, even soothing sometimes. You also have pink, violet or even Brown noise, depending on a lot of ‘scientific terms’ but I won’t get there.

How can Noise or actually Sounds help us?

Noise or sounds basically have an effect on your brain and physical activity.

Ever hear an obnoxious sound in your friend’s car and felt the urge to change it? That is a noise that didn’t quite work for you.

Ever hear a baby cry their lungs out and not able to focus on any other task? That is noise that did not work for you.

Ever had problems sleeping when a video is being played on a phone around you, but been able to sleep conveniently if people were chit chatting? That’s a noise that did not work for you.

Noise, like white noise, can help calm your mind and body and reduce cardio-vascular activity. Which means if you have been feeling stressful and anxious, and are not being able to calm down, white noise helps you focus elsewhere and feel better.

White noise includes sounds like rain drops, rivers flowing, birds chirping and other natural sounds. It can also be sounds that we often hear but ignore their presence like vacuum cleaner sounds, washing machine sounds, car sounds, hair dryer sounds and so on.

These sounds help to calm the mind and reduce the physical effects of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. They are extremely helpful in helping to induce sleep in adults as well as children, even infants.

Where to find White Noise recordings?

White noise, nature-based soothing tunes, tunes to put your baby to sleep, can all be found on Fade Away Sleep Sounds. You can preview a track that has some books marks and if it seems to soothe you or your baby, you can make a purchase from the site.

How do Sleep Sounds help to put infants to sleep?

The womb is a very noisy place. All the sounds that the mother faces get amplified, muffled, and then reach the baby. So instead of a quiet room, a baby would prefer being around everyday life sounds. Not stress precisely, but infants do get fussy at sleep time. Fade Away Sleep Sounds provide an array of Baby Sleep Sounds that help the baby self-soothe. The sounds fade away slowly and gradually making it super simple to put your babies to sleep.

How do Nature Sounds help Adults to combat Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia?

What works for babies may not necessarily work for grown-ups. In a stressful situation, where the person is unable to calm down or lower their anxiety, sounds can help. Listening to peaceful nature sounds can lower cardiac activity and reduce the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. It not just helps you fall asleep, but can also phenomenally enhance the quality of sleep.

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These nature sounds usually form an imagery in the mind of the listener, which works like a charm. The imagery takes you to a different imaginary land, away from your regular city life. The imagery alone is so strong that it can help alleviate even the most severe of symptoms.

Why Sounds?

Sounds have no negative implications like medicines do. There are no side effects, and one does not always need a medical prescription to use them. You can change the tune of choice as and when required. Different tunes can become your respite for :

  • Dull mood
  • Stressful feelings
  • Feelings of depression
  • Constant edgy-ness
  • Hyperactivity or hypo-activity
  • Negative thoughts
  • Negative Self Talking
  • Blurred Thoughts
  • Feelings of uselessness

Sounds are known to cheer up your mood and get over negativity if you just let yourself loose and go with the flow of the music. Fade away Sleep Sounds definitely promote healthier ways of sleeping and coping with stressful situations in life. You can view their entire list of tunes here.

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  2. A very informative article. I was addicted to the noose of the television. So we shifted the television out of the bedroom. Trust me it made all the difference

  3. I’ve been hearing a lot about White noise in fact I even tried once and it was really effective

  4. This is such a saviour when it comes to relieving stress. I just checked their collection of white noise after reading your post and I’m relived that I have something that could help me release some stress.

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