That night of Pain… a poem by Mummasaurus

There was this one evening where I was particularly upset about someone very close to me being shattered. That pain, plus a few other things that also happened at pretty much the same time, was enough t take my sanity away from me.

I decided that should vent instead of carrying it all inside me. Certain words began to come up in my mind, and I  just penned them down that night. Later, it seemed to shape up in a poem and all my emotion, so strong, discovered an outlet through the poem.

So here is a short poem on That Night of Pain:


I shut my doors

& lock them up tight

no one could come in

no sound and no sight

I’ll be on my own

till the break of dawn

and worry myself to a betterment

till they wake up with a yawn

I hate the noises that come in

but I wish someone did speak

but I have a pain of letting

my problems myself to keep

One friend two friends and a hundred

I’ll keep not one for me

I’ll weep, I’ll write, I’ll drink it through

for no one fathoms me

My pain makes me miserable

so does that of my love

though my misery multiplies

goes on to my heart

I’m sorry I wish I could say

that it hurts me to see you sore

I wish I was the sponge

your problems absorbed more

I’m sorry I can’t take it

but I’ll take to heal you so

for you mean the world to me

more than anything, myself so

They say the pain you have in

is what comes out in poetry

I wish I may, I wish I might

write away my misery!


If you liked this poem, you would also like to read Meri Maa, a tribute (in Hindi) to my Mother and our eternal bond.

Do leave me a comment on how you liked this emotional poem.

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About the Author: mummasaurus

Wife to one, Mom to two and a friend to a hundred. Good, bad, awesome and horrible, all in one! Been through depression myself, I value the power of Entertainment and HUmor in our everyday life. That is why i choose to write about lighter, fun topics more than all the difficulties I went through! I'm Crazy Mom of Twin Boys, my TWINADOES - Chirag and Chitransh ...! Together we learn new things and explore new meltdown points of each other... I don't look for friends anymore, for I have personally given birth to my monster partners of Crime!!! A trained Counseling Psychologist by qualification, I am now a Quirky SAHM and a Creative Content Writer, whose world revolves around an awesome husband and 2 ruckus makers.


  1. Extremely touching. Poetry is nothing but our inner-most emotion coming out in the form of words. It is an outpouring of emotion. Great poem.

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