The Key to being a Power Couple in Times of COVID-19

Since Covid-19 has infected our lives, we’ve turned into a Do-Everything-At-Home-Family! The men have been home, so have the kids, and us too. Then, when we also take away any kind of house-help– Voila! You have a difficult time right in front of you. Well, amidst all this there is one silver lining! Men are stepping up willingly to do their share of chores in the house. While women pitch in the earnings and savings, men have set foot on the household front comfortably without any fuss. Let’s discuss how we can help one another in these tough times!

The Modified Society

Couples today are helping each other out in every aspect of life. Husbands, in most cases, have turned out to be better cooks and even better cleaners! This is surely going to be a positive take away from the pandemic. Juggling with work from home schedules and tasks at home, couples are steadily working as a team. Not to forget, this is also teaching the children a lot. They have also stepped up and taken all sorts of chores in the house, even the ones that are less glorious than merely cooking.

The Key To Being a Power Couple

In some families, the tasks are equally divided. In some setups, couples begin to work together and continue until the chores are over. However, it is best to assign tasks. This helps in keeping expectations clear and we do not have to chase each other asking for updates! Once we know our schedule we can automatically get prepared for the next task in line. What I follow is, every morning I make a list of my TO-Dos and as I go on completing them, I keep ticking them off. This gives me a sense of accomplishment and keeps me boosted throughout the day. Here are a few tips and tricks to successfully steer across the current crisis, of course by working together hand-in-hand.

Relaxed Deadlines

Setting deadlines for completing chores is very helpful. It lets you know what is on the schedule but deadlines for home chores need to be a bit adjustable. Stick to the timeline as much as you can, but a miss here and there shouldn’t be that upsetting. The aim should be to get done with the task even if there is a slight delay! It is also okay to skip one or two activities here and there, just don’t stress out.

Mix and Match

Try and exchange your schedule of chores with your partner. This way it doesn’t get monotonous and also helps you learn how to do different chores! Involve kids in household activities wherever possible and assign them duties. Kids, especially young ones, love to be assigned duties by elders. So small tasks like filling up water bottles or arranging books in an orderly way can be assigned to them.

Add a Twist to Your Routine

With nowhere to go and minimal socializing, days can become really dull. Spice up your daily routine with a change here and there! Try simple things like cooking a new dish together, trying a new skincare regime, opting for a new exercise routine at home together, and so on. These small changes can have a great impact on your overall day. Think of some interesting activities that can be tried together as a family to keep everyone energized. We usually sit down and play indoor games like Ludo or Jenga together.

Try to Keep Stress at Bay

The times are trying as it is. We are all in basic survival mode. So don’t overdo things, in fact, work more towards creating an optimistic environment at home even if that means ignoring one or two chores for a day! Remember, your mental health is equally important. If you are worried about something, don’t lock it inside, share it with a close friend or your partner.

Communicate with Your Children

Children may not understand how grave the situation is but that doesn’t mean they need to be totally unaware. With no friends to play and restricted outdoor activities, kids will surely have many questions. Some may even experience loneliness. Try and be a friend to them. Coordinate with other parents and arrange video calls. Sit with them, have a chat, or share a dessert! Play games that involve a bit of running and physical exercise with your kid.

Make Memories

Grab a moment every now and then to sit and enjoy with your family. The responsibilities and negative thoughts can make you mentally tired but these lighter moments can bring in the much-needed boost. Remember, people who love and are loved fall ill less often. We are all in this together. Most importantly, clicks loads of pictures, keep them archived and as a remembrance to the tough times and how you steered through with your family.

The times of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic is overwhelming. In these times, it’s the moments of togetherness and compassion that keep us going. Contribute to home duties as much as you can – everyone deserves a break! This phase is a learning for all of us, in terms of taking our lives slow, sharing responsibilities at home, and so on. Prepare your children for the future and take them away from the rigid stereotypes by setting an example, Kyunki Agar taiyaari sahi ho, toh jeet pakki hai. – In association with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

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  1. The situation has changed our lifestyle and routine too. And u wont believe how much Ludo we r playing these days:)

  2. We all have secretly wished for such times with our loved ones, the time to spend together or cook with all that fun! I miss meeting my parents this year but thoroughly enjoying these days with hubby. Like you mentioned we have a set of chores each day and we cook together as well 🙂

  3. These are trying times and one needs to make many adjustments in life and with each other. But the silver lining is one gets to share more and understand each other better.

  4. These are some nice way to help each other in this pandemic situation. Couple should follow this points every time.

  5. The pointers mentioned in the Post are sure shot ways to sail through the testing times & run a smooth house hold as well. Wish post this situation too the sharing of work load & love goes like this. Loved reading this one.

    1. In this phase of life, couples have to work together in the house to maintain the harmony. Men no longer can say that this is not my job, I won’t do it. And you have shared some great tips to do everything with peace and harmony.

  6. These are some great tips to make some memories with each other during Covid time. My husband is helping around the house a lot. You are right it’s time be a power packed couple.

  7. These are some nice way to help each other in this lockdown situation. It is normal to spend quality time with your partner, it’s not the most ideal to spend every single moment, seven days a week, with that person.

  8. Indeed this period has given us an opportunity to cherish relationships and bond with the family more. Lovely ways to be a lockdown power couple here…

  9. I loved all the suggestions that you had given in this post, indeed it is a hard time and we have to deal with this patience and mutual understanding. I admire the idea of making memories, since last few days, I was thinking to do a fun photo shoot with my girls but it is not happening, after reading your post feeling inspired and will do this soon.

  10. felt so good reading a refreshing article. We have been reading so much about COVID-19 that even a little bit of positivity feels good.
    I also make a list and yes ticking each task gives a sense of accomplishment.

  11. Well I read out your post to my husband and he thought some ideas we could incorporate. So we are going to pep up things at home and be a power couple during COVID-19

  12. This lockdown has given us a lot of time to spend time with our loved ones and make our bonding strong a positive post during this season of covid19…

  13. These are some tips which not only during this tough time but in daily life too we share and do we all can lead to happy and power couple …glad we are sharing household chores!!

  14. My husband and I surely don’t qualify to call ourselves a power couple. After he created a bigger mess while attempting to help with the household chores,we mutually decided that he would take on the responsibilities of grocery shopping while i would take care of the house!:)

  15. Adversity definitely unites ! We are all working together but there are times , we end up squabbling over chores, so setting deadlines and adding some fun could really help.

  16. We’re a power couple and surely enjoying every bit of it. My husband cannot cook to save his life but apart from that helps me out in every way he can. This is a good example to set for kids too.

  17. On a positive side this situation has given us a time to live together and cherish the we time . Your points are so practical here. husband-wife should divide their works equally and enjoy the moment without being stressed.

  18. Are some really good tips that couples can involve in a daily life in this situation. Husband often help me in household works when he get time from his office work

  19. Lockdown is very stressful situation sometimes. Agree with you couple should find new activities like workout or cooking together for strengthening their relationship

  20. I agree with you! This has been an exceptionally challenging time, setting up a to do list with relaxed deadlines will certainly help.

  21. Being a power couple during lockdown could seem to be a paradox if asked before but here we are completing the household chores and office work so hand in hand. Even at my home we have relaxed timelines for completing the chores for now.

  22. Being a couple that has less misunderstanding in this Lockdown is kind of power couple for me as we all are used of some me time that is being shortened during this COVID 19.

  23. It is necessary for couples to mix and match and divide chores between themselves. The lockdown has been stretched a lot so exchanging roles and making memories is good way.

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