The Map to Your Loved Ones’ Heart

It is Day 3 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 #WTFOW and it’s getting very exciting. I Love the phase of writing everyday and it is quite thrilling to be ble to stick to the plan! My prompt for Day 3 of the fest is :- Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual

Maps – our best friends when you are venturing in to the never-seen-before routes. Nothing is as helpful as a map when you have to get to a place where the roads are unknown.

Since I was a kid, my father mentioned one ‘Map’ several times.

He said that to be able to follow that map, you must know how to cook well. He said that in reference to my interest in cooking. So he knew that if I had to take that ‘route’ and follow that ‘Map’, I’d do well for I’m Skilled of treading that path!

What he referred to as a map was the ancient proverb –

The Way to a Man’s Heart goes through his Stomach.

Luckily for me, I loved to cook and my husband has been a foodie, so that has been working quite well for me. I followed the map my father gave me and it worked. Whenever we would have a fight or if he’d have a bad day at work, I’d quickly make something he likes and it did help him divert his mind from the negatives and feel better.

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But it took me a while to add a few corrections to the ‘map’.

The Way to a Man’s Heart goes through his Stomach – well, through the stomach is the route to everyone’s heart!

If you are having a bad day, fueling yourself with awesome food just makes your day! Any kind of a negative mood can be changed with a food that satisfies your stomach and your heart.

Also, gone are the days when a woman would only think about working her way up to her husband’s heart – now she has other people to nurture too – including her children and herself. With changing times, the ‘Man of the House’ is not the only important person. This also ends up having more frequent outings to restaurants in search of great food. And if you like the food of the place, you find yourself visiting it often to replicate how the food there made you feel.

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My daily routine does involve lots of cooking, I make my meals on my own and thoroughly enjoy cooking. Weekends are ‘special recipe’ days when special deserts or the favorite foods of the house are prepared. Because weekends are meant to be special. They are meant to help you unwind and shift your focus from everyday stress to a chilled out day with friends and family.

We are a foodie family and if not everyday, at least the weekends mean great food, great mood.

Also consider the fact that when you have guests coming over, you always like to treat them with most well plated, most perfectly cooked meals. Ever wonder why this culture came into being? Because offering great food brings happiness to people, and eating great food is eternal bliss. It helps strengthen bonds because eating brings about pleasant feelings – given the food tastes yum!

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Also, the food bringing happiness part is the reasons behind your Mom willing to whip up the best of meals when you visit her. Your favorite sandwich, that special ladoo, the cake recipe she recently mastered, that crazy awesome Biryani she makes only when you are around – that’s all love being served to you on a platter, so you love her back. One compliment from you makes her world go around, doesn’t it? Why?? — Food!

Also associated with the same theory is the concept of taking a prospective partner on a Date. You meet over dinner, or even coffee, talk and eat great food. This helps couples bond and understand if this is gong to work or not.  Ever thought about a date this way?

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If you were to believe me, good food gives you these benefits:

  • Fights bad mood
  • Helps in gaining energy
  • Helps gain nutrition
  • Enhances bonding between people who are eating together
  • Better brain function due to being refreshed

So now you know what I mean by the (edited) Proverb — That one of the ways to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

So, what are you eating today? I hope it is yummy!!

If you agree with my line of thought, do drop me a comment in the section below.

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This article is my entry for the 3rd day in the Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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Disclaimer: The Views, opinions presented in the blog above is more of a personal observation of the author and may or may not have a scientific backing to the same. Any given information should not be taken as a hard fact.

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  1. I agree with we can reach man’s heart through his stomach. Enjoyed reading your post. Weekend family time is the best time to share our week. Keep going dear !!!

  2. Every Indian girl is taught about this proverb “The Way to a Man’s Heart goes through his Stomach”
    Healthy food like you said works wonders and much needed for family

  3. I m a big foodie.. but as i grow older i m more attracted to food at home than food at restras.. i absolutely agree that homemade good food is the way to everyone’s heart.. ❤

  4. Yes- the way to my man’s heart is through his stomach- and when I got married I didnt know how to cook- my theory was ” My husband will love only his mom’s handmade food- so I will learn from her so that he can find hints and traces of taste that she creates in the food I cook” trust me it was the best decision- 😁 Love you writeups!

  5. I am a huge fan of your writing Prisha. And I completely agree way to everyone’s heart is through stomach. Happy stomach is equal to a relatively happier person.

  6. Loved your perspective! Way to man’s heart still goes through his stomach to an extent. Good food who doesn’t like?!

  7. Aah.. Food… The answer to all world problems ( or most of them at least). Loved reading your post as usual. I am a fan of the way you write & make reading them so interesting for us.

  8. Loved reading it. My man is pretty much the same but I on the other hand do Not enjoy cooking that much so the days we fight we end up with either take out or dine out 😂😂😂😂 oh I instantly feel better then 😛😛😛

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