There was a time when we went to Ansal Plaza to kill time. But the same place now seems to become a hub of all things posh and classy!

Trend is one of the newest things there and has the vital to get #trending in the area soon enough!

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We were greeted into the restaurant with a Chef’s Special for the day. It was a gram flour based Tikki with a yummy dip. This dish looked heavenly and impressed us right there!! It also changes every day, which means new things are served to customers on a daily basis!


We first ordered some Iced tea and the Falooda drink. I love falooda – like anything! And the drink did not disappoint me. Creamy, thick falooda flavored shake with all the spaghetti (which should have been softer) and the seeds and whipped cream! It was yummy. The iced – tea I would probably give a pass.


For starters, we ordered the Aloo chat. The Aloo Chat was a bit too tangy for my taste but tasted heavenly. They had puffed potato fries in them which was the first time I had them. It made me crave for more of the chat!

Next in line was the 3 Cheese Souffle with Asparagus, in Potato cup. Not just sounds unusual, but the dish looked very unusual too. The souffle was light and perfectly cheesy, the asparagus was layered with a crispy outer crust that adds the perfect crunch to the bean. It was heavenly!

We also had the Mango Salmon with Berry Caviar and Cream Cheese. It is a very unusual combination but for sure will keep you asking for more, if you manage to eat this one. Why?? It looked so gorgeous, I didn’t want to touch the plate at all!!

Next on our table was Roti, Chutney & Achar. The dish sounds like the contents of your tiffin but looks nothing less than glamorous. This particular dish had 4 types of rotis Khasta Naan, Missi roti Masala Bread, and Chana roti served with 6 kinds of chutneys & achar – the aubergine chutney, the fig chutney, mint chutney, pyaaz, regular pickle and peach chutney. The fig chutney was my favorite. I loved having it with khasta naan and masala toasted bread. The others were just average.

Landing on our table next was the Chicken Tikka Trilogy.

If we call it their best dish, it wouldn’t be wrong. 3 types of chicken, served upon a glass with 3 different dips, in house salad and Khasta naan. It was a treat for the eyes and the palate. Each of the three tikkas and the three dips tasted different and phenomenally good. The chicken was soft and succulent, the dips were creamy thick and the flavor game was on point. The house salad was basically spaghetti, so don’t eat that.

Pizzas Ccame in next and I must say, they were yummy and had the thinnest of crusts ever!! But as the pizza began to get a little cold, the crust became soggy, so while it is at the table, quickly finish what you find!

The Goat Cheese Tikki and the Fish Kebabs looked gorgeous!! The goat cheese made me a little apprehensive to taste it, but the Tikki and the chutney, and the salad with those cheese laden kebabs were heavens on earth!!

Main Course

For the main course, we had the Signature Butter Chicken, 7 Pulse Khichdi with Paneer Pinwheel and Karela Chips, and Burrata Makhani, with stuffed kulcha and Chur Chur Naan

The Butter Chicken was just dot perfect, the gravy, the plating – just awesome! It had a cheese net on top which made it look like it just walked out of grub heaven for you!

The Khichdi was humble, yet spicy. The Paneer pinwheel seemed totally off and wouldn’t have made a difference if it was taken away. The karela chips were average.

The Burrata Makhani had an unusual cheese-panner as its main ingredient and it tasted something between a tofu and a paneer. I might give this one a miss the next time.


The breads were fantastic! The kulcha was totally on point and was the perfect accompaniment to these dishes.


We ordered the Shahi Tukda and the Holy Coconut.

Shahi Tukda was a reconstructed version of the regular Shahi Tukda and looked rather fancy!! It had oodles of rabdi piped onto puff pastry sheets and every bite gave you the crunch and the softness that is enough to sweep you off the feet.

The Holy Coconut had a coconut look alike chocolate shell with coconut mouse and sweet goodies in the shell. The shell was smoking when it came and it had to be thrown and broken before you eat any of it. Be careful of the red-ish rose syrup on the plate as it will completely kill every tastebud on your pallette.

Worth A Mention

This particular dish was no t served to us, but it drew our attention like ants are drawn to Honey. We were too full to order one more dish, so we just clicked the food item. The watermelon feta salad is by far the prettiest dish I have ever seen. Here is my Instagram post on a boomerang made out of the dish while it was ready to serve:

Mummasaururs’ Verdict

I loved the place! The interiors were trendy, there was awesome music playing around, though I wish it was better lit, so your pictures came out well.

They have a great set up outside their restaurants where you can take great pictures for your Instagram!

The restaurant wins hands down for the BEST LOOKING FOOD ever! The plating was Masterchef style and a lot of effort was put into designing each and every plate. The chef deserves and applause for that.

The Service was also quick and the staff was friendly and courteous. They would help serve the food if requested to.

However, the food on n overall basis was average. They had too much of cheese and paneer going around in the food which just got a bit too much for me.

However, they cooked chicken with utmost panache in their skills. It was a piecce of succulent, soft and yummy on every plate!

All in All – A MUST VISIT!!


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  1. Presentaion is the first thing which attracts the customers. And then comes the taste and other things. And as you show pictures of the different dishes, starters, drinks etc all looks fabulous and beautifully presented. Hope the taste is also superb like the looks. interior looks also classy and trendy. Thanks for sharing this place review as i love to visit new new places.

  2. After reading this my stomach is grumbling. Good review. I loved thick falooda flavoured shake

  3. The ways they garnish and present those dishes are just fabulous. Thanks for this virtual treat.

  4. Oh My Gosh!!!! It definitely couldn’t get any better or heavenly. The place look like it has come out of dream. Look at the food and the presentation. Its just mind boggling. Wish I could visit this place anytime soon. Lovely images Prisha and a clear/perfect review.

  5. They greeted you with a Chef’s Special Tikki and that’s really impressive special the presentation
    Last one looks like a piece of art work.

  6. Presentation is really good. “3 Cheese Souffle with Asparagus” looks different. This place with their presentations are certainly different from others.

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