6 Tips on How to Control Your Anger and Stop Yelling at Your Kids! #MondayMommyMoments

No Matter how big your bundle(of joy) is, there are times when they quite upset you. Those days are difficult days because you constantly conflict between being a good parent and being a nice parent (There’s a difference, think about it!) In all the chaos and hullaballoo, you really wonder How to Control Your Anger and Stop Yelling at Your Kids!

Mummasaurus is no different, she has her days of upset and actually goes rawrr around the house, and the twinadoes move around like nothing’s happened!



Those days are difficult as it takes a lot to calm down, but I may have a few tips up my sleeve that you could use.

So here are some of my tried tips & tricks that may (or may not) help you, but are worth the try:-

  1. Drink some water

Taking a moment to sit down and consume a chilled glass of water can work wonders. Add some sherbet or make a lemon cordial out of it, as sweet helps to enhance your mood and control your Anger. Errmm… don’t spill it like this guy below as it will more likely ruin your mood further.


2. Eat Your Favourite Food

Eat something you really like. This could also be a good time to smuggle out that stash of chocolate you have hidden behind the shoe rack. (Yes, I know your secret hiding spots!)


3. Chant & Meditate

Chanting “Om Shanti Om” can be of help. Meditate for a while, but if that seems impossible, try the “inhaling & exhaling” gig. This simple image works best for me, helping you regulate your breath while your Anger goes for a walk.



4. Just Go Away

I know it is easier said than done, but just walk out of the place. Go in a different room, or maybe lock yourself in the loo. Moving away from the spot of tension breaks the stress and relieves you and the child both.


5. Yell – the Catharsis for your Anger

This might sound like weird advice, but if you need to yell, YELL!! Let it all out, all of it!! It’s important to give all that steam stemming from your anger to have an outlet.

But remember to not yell at the kids.  Maybe yell at the mirror, at the pillow, at your husband, oh, the flower-pot is a good idea too!


6. Think of the kids

Ok, this one can be a little cheeky and make you all teary eyed. But think of your babies – their innocent eyes, the moments when they giggle. How much you prayed to God for them, for their good health and well-being. Those days when your baby had a horrible cold and diarrhea and no matter what you did, it did not get better?? Think of those moments to calm yourself down, and free yourself from the pressure of your anger.



Still waiting to read more? Need more help than this article to calm down? Please write in to me in that case.

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    1. i think being a Mom means to be able to constantly work on yourself. all the best dear, i know its tough.

  1. Oh I am the Momster who yells a lot and I know I have tried many things and some work and some don’t. As they grow up it becomes more and more difficult to control your anger.
    One thing that helps me a little is asking myself if this is going to matter tomorrow. Or 5 years from now. If it doesn’t matter then let it go.

    And I always try to forgive all of us for anything and everything.

    1. That is a very valid point – if it does not matter, let it go!! thanks for the share 🙂

  2. I liked the idea of yelling at your husband 🙂 poor guy! Was thinking of some other options too in this context 😊 but yes, taking a break and meditation definitely helps

  3. I need to get more patient! Offlate it’s been quite a joy ride! May god give me patience, twice!

    Great tips P! Have to write the post too!

    1. Of all the parents in the world, Z, our kind needs more patience … Thank you for the kind words. More patience to us!!

  4. The last one is my favorite think about kids agreed if kids think like elders than what’s the difference btw the two let them be kids bookmarking this post for my future

  5. If I eat my favourite food each time the twins made me angry I’d be one big fat ball by now :-). Loved the gifs you put up there. On a more serious note – thinking of the kids, specially their baby versions, does cool me down.

    1. Yup, that trick works for me all the time… How much I prayed for having kids and when I have them, I yell. That really makes me cry but cools me down as well 🙂

  6. I liked the advice yell at your husband! Oh! wait, I already do that 😛 Overall I am short-tempered, so I need to put in extra work when it comes to not yelling, but am still optimistic and trying

  7. I totally love reading your posts…And this one is just super cool ..An angry mama like me would definitely gain from this read

    1. Hahaha, thnak you so much preet!! I just hope it helps us keep our sanity, on some days if not all 😉

  8. This post reminds me of Dr. Asthana from Munna Bhai MBBS his way was cool to manage Anger just keep laughing. I do get angry many times but I just walk away to another room to change my surrounding and that helps me a lot.

  9. I wish I could just run away from such situations but I have actually tried them also. But then I am the only one to get back to clear the mess. I guess different moods of the mother leads to different reactions to the child.

  10. our thoughts match so much when it comes to containing anger – drinking water is something my mom taught me long back and I swear by this trick. It always helped me – as always enjoyed reading your post.

  11. Haha..loved it Mummasauraus. Especially that chocolate hiding point as I do that too. But ultimately kids come to know about it and I have to shift my hiding place. Thanks for writing for #MMM 🙂

  12. The more children grow up more we have to control how we react to them.Just yell is something I do too!.It’s like letting off steam.I also run away frequently and hide for a moment .It helps me calm down.Loved reading this.Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments.

  13. JUST leaving the place and going away helps me a lot! 😉 Thanks for sharing so many ways to control anger when it is actually needed.

  14. From the number of responses, it seems you have touched a hot topic. I know as I look around in my family there seems to be some battle happening between mother and teenage daughter. May be with phone, may be with listening music, may be talking too much, may be not studying before exam. List goes on and on. And, many a time mother loose her mind. Quite naturally. I think suggestions you gave, must be working otherwise why so many others are responding.

  15. I don’t loose patience very easily. No no…my kids are not the calm and quite one’s butthat how I am. I usually stop talking whenever something goes beyond my patience level(beyond means actually beyond). But yes, as you said sometimes this patience mamma also go through some week moments. I will definitely practice your ideas.
    #MpthersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  16. A good read for moms and how to tackle their kids with patience. I definitely like the word ‘mummasaurus’ 😀
    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  17. I love your writing…. it cracks me up, lifts my mood and at the same time there is so much to take away from them… What works for me is moving out of the room and hiding in the loo 🙂 … I do indulge in a chocolate or 2 as well… but that is only in extreme cases of anger.. coz if I would actually got to them everytime I was angry, I would totally double in size

  18. Anger management is a tough task.. for me, just maintaining an anger journal has helped a great lot. It helps me see what triggers my anger, reason with my own self and actually make a resolve to get over my anger.

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