12 Things You Have Experienced with Your Maid in India

Love them, hate them – throw them out of the job, and request them to join back – we have all been through that drill with our maid. They often become so much of a part of our families that, agree or not, we DO take them for granted. I believe it’s just the same the other way round as well – they do sense that we won’t be willing to do the chores all by ourselves so they would have an upper hand. Doing whatever they would fancy, they often do some cliched things and say some cliched things, and here, I have a list of things your maid has probably said to you, for at least once in life. Read on and tell me if you agree:-

  1. She pretty much has favorite equipment or utensils in the house and she will prefer using just that.

MRW my brother uses my mug for his coffee

2. Takes unexpected leaves saying, “I did come to your house in the evening, I rang the door bell 3 times but no one responded. Unfortunately, I had to walk back home.”

3. “I  belong to a good family, it is mere circumstances that I have landed here. If my natives know that I have been doing such jobs, they will be devastated!” Sometimes this statement is true and other times, it’s just…!


4. She’d come up with things to make you feel guilty or lucky.

Saying “My ex-employer called me yesterday, pleading me to join back. I told her that currently, I am making Rs. 15,000 a month (while you actually pay her Rs. 9,000) and they have been willing to pay more. I do odd jobs but I don’t betray my people, didi,  I will not go to her, I will stick with your job.”
Oh! thank you, thank you so much!!

5. Her leaves are never for the number of days she sought approval for – “Didi, people from my village have been bothering me so much, I will have to go to a certain function. I will be back in just 2 days”

(And we all know 2 days are never 2 days)

Of course she is ‘interrogated’ when she is back, but she can pull excuses out of her sleeve like a pro – there was no network, I lost my phone (which she would get back miraculously in just 3 days),  something catastrophic happened (like someone passing away or major fights between her family and someone else’s), I fell ill and I was in the hospital .. and on and on with those.

6. She will definitely question who cleaned and mopped in her absence.

She will pinpoint grave mistakes ‘that person’ made because, of course, she is the best we could ever get!


7. She will be the first one to notice even the smallest of details.

Your husband may miss, but she will notice that you got your threading done or that you now wear a maroon bindi instead of a brown one. She will find out all the new things that have been brought into your house.

8. She will switch off the fans in summer and switch them on in winter and completely forget about them. Save Electricity? D’oh!. 

9. Give your maid an advice on whatever, it will roll over them and fall on the ground with a thud. You’ll suffer a dent on the floor made by the advice you gave to her.


10. No matter what you are watching on TV, she will have a TV series suggestion for you (read, TV Series of her choice).

It gets worse if you & your maid, both enjoy watching the same thing on TV because you will barely be able to hear the dialogues amidst all her commentary on the characters and plot of the serial.


11. Everything is chargeable – though not overtly, but you are ‘expected’ to pay for certain things.

Head Massage? Rs 50. Clean a fan? Rs 100 each. Bring you vegetables from downstairs? All the remaining change in coins, and so on….!

12. She spends more time (and sometimes more money) than you on her beauty regimes.

She will never step out without tidying up her hair or applying lipstick. She will pin up her saree so neat, you would look at your own outfit and feel ashamed of it.


How many of these things have you encountered with your maid? Let me know in the comments section below!

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P.S. this is just a funny take on our Home -helps that we meet every day in India. This is not intended to make fun of someone or someone’s actual situation.

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