3 Unexpected Migraine Triggers

unexpected migraine triggers

Migraines are a nuisance. They are definitely far worse than a headache. They can occur unexpectedly and last for hours and in some cases, even days. You may feel debilitated and are unable to even help yourself to try to get rid of the splitting pain. Migraine headaches are known to be caused by certain triggers. These triggers can be different for different people, and today we’ll be talking about 3 triggers that are often unexpected. Millions of people suffer from frequent migraines and are unable to tell when a migraine is forming. Sometimes, a migraine is preceded by an “aura” that starts obstructing the vision. An aura would generally mean a ‘feeling’ that a migraine is about to happen.
Everything around them gets dark and one part of their vision is bright. A person’s vision
might be laced with flashes or splotches of color. There are also some unusual triggers that
people may not know about. Below, we will discuss three migraine triggers that people are unaware of. If you tend to get migraines, you should definitely keep a check on these 3 triggers.

Symptoms of Migraines

Some of the most common symptoms of migraine are:
• A pounding headache
• Nausea
• Sensitivity to sound or light
• Pain in other parts of the body like neck, back, or even limbs
• Often known as a characteristic, pain in one side of the head. This may or may not be the case
• Inability to carry on with any chores
• Inability in keeping your eyes open
• Not being able to sleep
• Difficulty thinking or reasoning

Who gets Migraine Headaches?

The likeliness of getting migraines depends on your genes, age, gender and weight. Getting migraines is 90% hereditary. Women are more likely to get migraines than men. And if you are obese, you have a higher chance of getting a migraine than people who are thinner.


The best treatment for migraines is caffeine, sleep and some kind of pain reliever. If you suffer from recurring migraines, there is medication or supplements you can take to help avoid sudden migraines. Supplements are especially recommended as they have no side effects and can treat multiple migraine symptoms at once, like nausea.
Look at websites like https://www.reviewcritic.org/ for a migraine supplement that contains magnesium and ginger.
These sites compare different supplement brands according to their price and ingredients. Natural ingredients like butterbur and feverfew are both plants that help with pain relief, so look for a supplement that has both.

Triggers and Migraines

You can also learn your triggers and avoid them. If listening to loud music causes headaches, avoid concerts or situations where you would be stuck listening to booming beats. Pay attention to certain foods that may trigger headaches. Below, we will discuss three unusual triggers that are very common causes of migraines: the weather, sleep, and perfume.

1. Bright Light/ Hot Weather

Going outside in the bright sunlight or in the hot, humid streets is a very common migraine trigger. It is due to the changing barometric pressure from cool to hot weather, so you are especially susceptible during season changes from spring to summer. If you’re experiencing preliminary signs of a migraine, it may be due to the weather changes.

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source: http://en.ntvbd.com/bangladesh/57409/Scorching-heat-continues

2. Too Much Sleep

Did you know that sleeping in may cause a migraine? You can develop something that is referred to as the weekend headache, which happens if you have the same schedule every day, and tend to sleep in on your days off. Getting 8 hours of sleep is healthy and can rejuvenate your body, including your brain function. However, staying in bed for longer than 11-12 hours a day is a trigger for migraines. It may be due to possible dehydration, but most research has
linked it to the depletion of dopamine. Getting REM sleep readjusts levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain, but if you are getting too much REM sleep, you may have an unstable amount of serotonin which then lowers your dopamine levels. If you do have a few days off, catching up on sleep is a great thing, but make sure to rise after a full night’s sleep to not set off the balance of your neurotransmitters.

Source: Pixabay

3. Perfume

Most people know that pungent odors like cigarettes and gasoline can cause migraines, but heavy perfumes can, as well. There isn’t a lot of research as to why strong odors cause migraines, but finding a fragrance-free environment in which to work or be productive is very important. You can more easily avoid cigarette smoke or gasoline, but sitting next to a person wearing heavy perfume is more difficult. Be open and understanding and hopefully the person
can part from their perfume in order to provide you with clean air.

Source: Pixabay

Migraines: Expect Them To Treat Them

When you are struck by the full onslaught of migraine pain, you may be completely incapacitated until you miss hours, sometimes days, of work. Instead of suffering in bed, you can identify possible triggers of your migraines. Some unknown triggers are changes in the weather, too much REM sleep, and heavy perfumes. Taking supplements, or painkillers with caffeine, are great ways to treat your migraines.

Easy ways to fix a migraine

When dealing with migraines, different things seem to work for different people. But most people find help with these methods:

  • Paracetamol – over the counter painkillers can be helpful in combating a migraine
  • Lying down in a dark, sound-less room can help alleviate the throbbing pain in the head and body
  • Eating something to combat hunger
  • Carrying an umbrella and wearing sunglasses when stepping out in the sun
  • An ice pack for the head and eyes to reduce pain
  • balms and roll-ons that can help to reduce stress and fatigue of the muscles

Unfortunately, migraines cannot be cured but can be managed. The more you experiment and check whats working for you, the easier it becomes to manage migraines. To try avoiding lying down and ignoring a migraine can only make matters worse.

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  1. This is a good article capturing a lot of info about Migrane. I know this personally as someone close in my family suffered for many years. The solution that came out was Meditation and Yoga. Your article sure does give alot of insight, thanks for sharing.

  2. I have migraine and it triggers out of a sudden! Now I know the reasons! Thanks for all the points! Didn’t know excessive sleeping can be a trigger too!

  3. I used to be fine few years ago but now I frequently get migraines. My lifestyle has affected my health and sleeping patterns ofcourse. I sleep very late and wake up early so my body is not getting enough sleep and my eyes are not getting enough rest. This post has given me a reminder to fix my lifestyle.

    IG : @ms_tantrum

  4. The reasons also differ from person to person. I’ve been having migraines for over a decade and yes strong perfumes bug me and they give me a headache but not a migraine.

  5. As someone who has been a long time sufferer of migraine, i would say you’ve covered everything one needs to know about it. Lying down in a dark room always works for me and certain perfumes are my triggers.

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