6 Tips on How To Control Mosquitoes Outside Your Home

I still remember the terrorizing and agonizing fever my husband and I acquired at the same time. Being in a nuclear family set up, we had no one to take care of the kids. My husband was pretty much unconscious, and I was in agonizing pain – just that Moms don’t have the liberty to go unconscious. Our parents flew down from their hometown and that is when we could somehow usher ourselves to the doctor. We got diagnosed with Chikungunya – a viral disease, caused by a mosquito bite that was infected with the virus. It took several days for the fever to come down and several months for the body pain to settle. That is when I Promised myself to take mosquito repelling seriously. Sharing with you today is my experience and 6 tips on how to control mosquitoes outside your home.

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How To Control Mosquitoes Outside Your Home

When at home, one can use several mosquitoes repelling products to get rid of mosquitoes but the real challenge comes when we step out of our homes. It is not just children, but even adults are at an equal risk of acquiring diseases borne or communicated by mosquitoes. Here are some tips that can help you prevent these diseases and the mosquitoes:

1. Get Rid of Water Clogs

Any place where water gets accumulated or is not running water is the breeding ground of such mosquitoes. Have such clogged water removed and avoid those areas completely. Water for birds, water stored in water coolers are some common spots.

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2. Get Rid of Puddles and swampy areas

Long-standing puddles or swamps tend to become the party zone for mosquitoes. Having an authority clean them up or creating an outlet for the stagnant water can help.


3. Use a bubbler, pumps or fountains for your local water bodies

Small ponds or pools that are not in use have stagnant water. Mosquitoes prefer laying eggs in water that does not move and is not aerated. Using pumps, bubblers or even fountains tend to keep the water body moving. This prevents mosquitoes from breeding in the water body.

4. Mosquito Fish

Introducing mosquito larvae-eating fish can be a great help in controlling the breeding of mosquitoes around you. These fish can eat up to 500 mosquito larva in one single day, which can be a great step towards preventing their breeding and thus control mosquitoes in your vicinity.

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5. Use Mosquito repellent oils

Certain oils like lavender essential oil, neem essential oil, Citronella, basil, clove, thyme, geranium, lemon, and eucalyptus tend to repel mosquitoes strongly. Apply a dab of those on your skin and clothes to control mosquitoes and stay away from them. However, the effect of these essential oils may wear out within a few hours and you may require to apply them frequently.

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6. Use Mosquito Repellent Sprays, patches, roll-ons, and other such repellents

Using mosquito repellent sprays that consist natural oils act as a shield between the mosquitoes and you. The mosquitoes find it difficult to ‘sense’ you and thus prevent their attacks.

Goodknight presents a range of products that help repel mosquitoes and saves the entire family from their attacks. Their products are safe to use for newborns and for grown-ups and are undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands in the country. They have products for all kinds of usage. Some products are safe for use on skin, while some are used on clothing. Each individual should have their personal mosquito repellent and Goodknight offers a vast variety to choose from:

  • Fabric Roll on (for Clothes)
  • Mosquito Repellent Patches
  • Cool gel (for skin)
  • Power Shots

control mosquitoes outdoors

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control mosquitoes outdoors

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To know more about the brand and their products, click here.

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  1. This blogpost is insightful. Mosquitoes in vicinity are worrisome. While I make sure to use a roll on and have custom made the jali window to avoid mosquitoes, I have also learned from the post about the essential oils and their use in repelling mosquitoes.

  2. Great tips ! So useful especially during rainy season when my house is swamped with mosquitoes even after the doors are closed…Would be using these tips in future

  3. This is a big time problem for me, I’ve tried so many repellents . Will definitely give these tips a try . Thanks for your tips!

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