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Believe it, we are more outgoing than our parents ever were. Frequent trips everywhere and then being those parents who take the baby everywhere with us is not just a trend but also a necessity. In such situations, at least we forever have a pack of wipes in our car dashboard, one in my handbag, and one at home, at all times. Wipes are an essential accessory and convenient to use and carry wherever you go! Mother Sparsh is a brand that introduced the 98% water wipes to us last year, and now they have launched the premium version of their wipes with 99% water!! It doesn’t get better than this!

These unscented pure wipes are specially designed for newborns, infants with sensitive skin and also meant to clean the hands and mouth of children. Particularly, the medical grade cloth is so soft that it so gentle on even the most sensitive part of baby. So, while you have the need to carry wipes, and the right kind of baby safe wipes, here are 10 reasons why you should carry Mother Sparsh Wipes with you, wherever you go:

  1. Mother Sparsh Wipes are thick and absorbent

A lot of brands make baby wipes, and one thing that those wipes don’t do, is wipe well! Believe me, I have tried many brands and the material of the wipes just slides on from your face with negligent or zero capacity for absorption. If a wipe doesn’t absorb or swipe clean your skin, how is it going to benefit you at all??

  1. Medical Grade Cloth

If you are thinking what the fabric has to do with necessity – wouldn’t you love to have something like a soft handkerchief that is dipped in water? Those seem the most convenient when you want to wipe anything off your baby’s skin, or even your own. Mother Sparsh Wipes are made of plant derived fabric, which is medical grade. So, it is absorbent, and does not cause any harm, even to sensitive skin.

  1. Suitable for the hand & mouth cleaning

Grown up or neonate – mother Sparsh wipes are designed for all uses. Whether you want to quickly wipe your baby’s hands and face during meal times, or if you want to quickly change your make up, wipes are your friend. From wiping the tush to doing a quick clean after a throw up – you must have a pack of Mother Sparsh Wipes handy at all times.

  1. Work out Body Temperature

If the baby has a fever, or if it is a very hot day – one swipe from Mother Sparsh Wipes can refresh and cool your body instantly. If it is very cold, and you plan to skip a bath because of how cold it makes the child, you can clean them with some warm water and a napkin or use Mother Sparsh wipes for frequent wiping, they are also the softest materials to use for cleaning a running nose and trap all those boogers.  Here is a quick comparison between both kinds of water wipes.

Features Comparisons

Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes


Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes                        (Unscented)


YES (Scented/fragrance wipes)

NO (Unscented)

Skin Type

Normal Skin

Sensitive skin/Extra gentle


Plant derived/Natural fabric

Plant derived +

3- times thicker + Medical-Grade fabric

Plastic Lid

Not available (Resalable Sticker)

Yes (Moisture lock plastic lid)








(80 Pcs baby wipes)



(72 Pcs baby wipes)





  1. Unscented, chemicals, and harmful ingredients

Fragrances can cause insensitivity in young baby’s skin or may cause migraines in grown-ups if they can’t find it pleasant. With Mother Sparsh wipes, that aspect is taken care of, as these wipes are free of fragrances and do not have additional scents. Mother Sparsh wipes are made from choicest of ingredients that are free of parabens, free of alcohol, and are gentle on all kinds of skin. 

  1. Moisture Lock Lid

One improvisation that the brand has made to their previous version is softer, gentler wipes, with a neat moisture lock lid. Without the moisture lock, wipes tend to dry out very quickly. Little babies often learn to handle a pack of wipes and peeling off their sticker is quite a thing with them. The plastic lid gives longevity to your pack of Mother Sparsh wipes, keeping them alive for long!

  1. Most Awaited Wipes

Mother Sparsh wipes, with their most recent and the best quality wipes had been awaited. As moms, we have always wanted to choose nothing but the best, especially for our neonates. Mother Sparsh wipes are hands down the best in the range today!

  1. 100% Biodegradable Wipes

Mother Sparsh brand is so noble that they have innovated something which is great for the babies as well as kind on the environment too. As per studies, wet wipes are 3rd largest consumer item in landfills which represents 30% of non-biodegradable waste. Using Mother Sparsh water based wipes does a bit for Mother Earth. Say Yes to the eco-friendly wipes and save environment too.

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13 thoughts on “Most Awaited Launch for Unscented wipes variant of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes”
  1. One of the most important features for me is the moisture lock lid because no matter how good a wet wipe is, if it doesn’t have a lid, it’s not going to be helpful for me. Glad mother Sparsh has it!!

  2. This is a great news for all mothers that it is paraben free, alcohol free and no fragrance.. Would definitely recommend thi to all mommies in my circle.. and i am goinh to own one soon.

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. Mother Sparsh is the trusted brand. Mother Sparsh 99 % water wipes contains moisture locked lid and 100% biodegradable. Great thoughts.

  4. I have been hearing amazing things about Mother sparsh wipes that were launched last year but had no idea they had fragrance. I always opt for fragrance free wipes due to sensitive skin. I think 99%water and fraģrance free option is the right one for my child. So glad they brought out this premium version.

  5. Oh wow, the premium version of water wipes sounds great. Mothersparsh knows very well what we mothers need for our babies’ sensitive skin. I have always preferred unscented wipes for Nemit, now we can have wipes with 99% water and the pack comes with a lid, we are getting ours soon!

  6. Wow, jab ye sab dekhti hu to afsos hota hai ki humare tym per ye sab kyun nahi tha, lakin turant khush bhi ho jaati hu ki kam se kam baccho k kaam ka to hai 👍👍
    Busy parents k liul ye sab bahut relief deta hai
    ,Thanks for detailed review 👌👌

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