5 of My Hopes & Wishes for my Twins

I was expecting my twinadoes and going through a very difficult journey of pregnancy. I was physically and emotionally drained and found difficulty in identifying any kind of hope. Often I would drift into the world of imagination and daydream with my hopes & wishes for my twins… if they would be girls or boys or a boy/girl set if they would excel in school, or in extracurriculars if they would look like me or my husband, or their grandparents instead!

When they were born, I got busy in looking after them nd the first 6 months were nothing less than havoc. I might be a horrible mother to say that I wasn’t happy at all in that duration… but things changed! Now, nothing in the world compares to my love for them – NOTHING at all!!

Now when I sit and daydream about my Hopes & Wishes for them, I always feel a certain thrill of what the unknown has in store for us.

But of all the things, I Hope & Wish these for my twinadoes:-


1.Fail, & Learn to deal with it

I know, you must be thinking this such a cruel wish – but understand that unless they would lose, they may never value winning. Unless they fail, success may never become charming! They need to know their flaws before they are chiseled to perfection. My Hopes & Wishes for my children are that they taste the ‘bitters’ & ‘sours’ of life, before God & their hard work grants them the sweetest of treats! My Hopes & Wishes are that they learn to fail, and learn to rise above it without being bogged down for too long.

2. Be Happy

My next wish for my children is that they stay happy wherever they are. Whether they choose arts, science or commerce, whether they choose to play downstairs or watch TV at home, whether they choose to stay with me or travel to greener pastures, I only wish for them to be happy with whatever life choices they make, or will make.

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2. Stay Safe

My prayers every minute, of every day, is that my children be safe. With heart-wringing News making headlines every day, I simply pray that my kids are safe. I pray God carries them safely in his arms, through all difficulty and dangers.

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3. Confide in Me

My hope is that my twins find a friend in me – a friend they can argue with and confide in. I want to be able to give them the environment at home where they understand my “No” and appreciate my “Yes”. I want them to know, I’m always there for them and will give them judgment free guidance, to the best of my knowledge and in the best of their intention.

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4. Find a life Partner that keeps you Happy

I have sincere Hopes & Wishes that they find a life partner that they get along with really well. My prayers are that even when they fight, they never feel that they do not love them or are not loved anymore. I want them to be strong enough to repair patches of their relationship and not give up on love.

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5. Don’t Forget that I Grow Old as you Grow up!

I wish they never forget that I grow old as they grow up. I always fear that they may go to places for career and life opportunities. Amidst being busy, I wish they call me periodically. I wish they remind me how much they love me and miss me… Maybe make handmade cards sometimes, or send me a flower on my birthday.

I always hang on to them, saying I Love You at least 10 times a day hoping I can have enough of it. I doubt if I ever can. Wish we mutually never have enough of each others’ love!

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It fills me up as I write all of this, as this article comes from deep inside of me. It is something I never thought I would write about. But Thanks to #MomdayMommyMoments that I sit down and introspect my thoughts.


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  1. You must be a mind reader cos you have some of my points too 🙂
    Guess at the end of the days mommies want the same thing for their babies

  2. like you said to fail and learn with your kids and sometimes they teach lessons and easy solutions to problems Indeed you twins is lucky to have you as a mom

  3. my children are that they taste the ‘bitters’ & ‘sours’ of life, before God & their hard work grants them the sweetest of treats! – meaningful lines dear, Great thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such cute pictures … totally resonate with the wishes. Makes me all emotional thinking about their future 🙂

  5. As a mum, I can so relate with all these points. My wish for them includes all this. It’s very important to learn by committing mistakes. That’s an important part of growing up.

  6. Can totally relate to this post!! Also I wish we all remember the last point !! “They grow old as we grow “

  7. Hi Prisha .This topic has made me misty eyed too.Moms everywhere want to hold onto the little ones and want them to grow up too.Loved reading the post .Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

    1. It gave me a heavy heart while writing too! Its crazy how the strongest of women can become the weakest when it comes to our kids.

  8. Those are beautiful wishes for your children. I completely identify with your feeling of not being perfectly happy during pregnancy. Bot how things change once the children come along.

    1. Thank you, a lot of times i was judged as to how could i not be happy. Happy to realise someone can identify with me.

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