My Not-so-Emotional letter to my Twins, my Twinadoes!

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five-day ‘LOL-a-thon‘ organized by ‘The Momsteins’. It is a privilege to be one of the organizers and host this talent series with 27 amazing bloggers across niches. Join us to read some wonderful letters on Today’s prompt, which is ” Writing a letter to your Parents, Parents in Law, or kids”. This one really got me thinking because it was very difficult to choose who to write to. I started off penning my feelings for my father but it got too mushy. Then I thought of my siblings but I realized I’d rather argue with them than tell them I love them… and then my thoughts finally deduced to writing a letter to my Twins, my Chirag and Chitransh, My Ishu Mishu!!

An interesting fact is…

that I named my twins Ishu Mishu ( further abbreviated as IshMish) while I was expecting them. I thought these names were unisex and could be made Ishu Mishu or Isha Misha, depending on the gender of my children. Well, in all honesty, now we call them by all versions of Ishu Mishu. If the word starts with i or M, my kids understand that they are being called.

Here’s a cute picture of us all, which pretty much sums up my life with them – A couple who started out as strangers and fell in absolute Love with each other. The love-birds who gave birth to these Tornadoes. Now amidst all the hullaballoo of taking care of the kids, we manage to be each others’ favorite!!

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So go ahead, read this letter, that is nowhere intended to be a big ball of mush!

My Dearest IshMish, My naughty little twinadoes!!

in all Probability, when You get this letter, you are either grown up, or away from me, or probably because I’m dead meat… or maybe all the 3.

I write the letter to you because this misery has been inflicted upon me by my own self (yes I used to Organize these blogathons and kind of hit my foot on the axe myself!)

So anywho, Let me use this wonderful opportunity to remind you of the reason why I call you twinadoes. I hope you didn’t expect much mush from me because well, by now you are already getting embarrassed by the way I act with you in front of your friends. Stop rolling those eyes, You!! I saw That!!

Remember, when you were just 5 months old?

That is the time since when we stopped leaving you two alone. I was surprised, amazed, out of my wits when the two of you squiggly worms, who couldn’t even sit or crawl, traveled to the powder box nearby and tore the puff to bits. Yes, how you did it, still remains a mystery to me!! here, I captured the moment to keep you reminded of your endeavors even at that age!!

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Remember, Mishie, when you were just above a year old…

What a Drama King you were (and still are?!) You nasty little fellow, screeching like something’s really wrong while it was just attention seeking. I recorded that and yes, I put that on social media!! You didn’t realize I was recording, isn’t it?!

And Do you two remember how much you fought for adjusting to that silly shelf in our old house?

You would argue and fight and go from left to right, and climb up or come down – that shelf would keep you busy for hours together. I also remember once, one of you even dozed off in there!

And when we moved to the new house!

I was so scared of living on the 20th floor! I got the balconies guarded, I got my latches and knobs checked thoroughly – I did everything I could to kill the paranoia. But then one beautiful day while I was struggling with my phone, my keys, your bags and bottles and attempting to lock the house, you two ran away in the lift. Remember, how you were lost for a good 40-45 minutes? You took my soul out in that time. I had never panicked more in my life and I had no idea what it would be to never see you again… to lose you, just like that! Both kids, in one go!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, icecream and baby

When I got the news that the Guards found you, I wanted to Thrash you to bits! Don’t expect me to go all cuddly and lovely … you have no idea how many deaths I died at that very exact minute. But when you did come in front of me, I was shivering so bad, I couldn’t think of anything else.

But on the plus side, introducing myself to someone in the society is kinda fun. They always say, ‘aren’t you the one whose kids had run away in the elevator’?? At that moment, Ishu Mishu, I draw the imaginary gun from my pocket and shoot them in the head, and then I just say ‘yes, that’s us!’

The two of you, together!

When you run to me, TWO of you, just at the same time, my life feels complete. When you try to do just anything, even apologize so many times so I don’t get angry, I just feel so miserable getting angry at you. I know I’m not reasonable, even mean or a BULLY on some days, but you know what – I have never loved anyone with so much of Intensity. I have had my days when I really wanted someone to relieve me of you, but most days I have wanted to do everything for you. (And I pretty much have, unless I felt really lazy πŸ˜› )

And for the record, I do have a favorite!!

The better behaved of you two is my favorite πŸ˜›

I Love you, my boys, try to turn out more like Mommy because let’s accept it, Your Mommy is Hands down awesome! <3

Take Care and Be good!

Your Mummasaurus

I would like to thank Nishtha Sama for introducing me. You can read her post here :

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Charu, who is also a fellow twin mom. You can read her soul touching writings here

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  1. Oh my God Prisha! This letter is so so beautiful!! It made me laugh so much but I had a minor anxiety attack because I was in the future and ishmish had grown up and so had Uday and us mummies were going through old albums reminiscing the days that were and oh how I wanted to be in the past again (which was really the present). You made me time travel !!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Sumira. I wanted to write soo soo much, but it was a letter and not a thesis so I had to stop abrupt.

  2. I can eat them up.. gulp gulp
    and u know make them read this once they are like 15-16 so they understand what this letter really means.. amazing

  3. Ha ha.. this is so fun to read… Not from the mom’s pov tho. But those 2 twinadoes are such cute bunnies and it’s really nice to read how and what all they were upto… Am sure this is not even 5% of their naughtiness

    1. Oh God, in the fair it must have been extremely crazy. I’m so sorry you had to go through this.. And happy you found Him/her. May God keep our babies safe and sound ❀️

  4. Aww mommy i completely get you I am paranoid and once while i was choosing a tee , when the little one was about 16 months he played hide and seek with me in a store and for that fraction of second I died i can tell you thats the worst feeling..the store boy took him out from his hiding place in just a minute and i cried i know i am a melodrama but thats my biggest fear in life and lived that fear for that one minute…40-45 is too much i can imagine what you went through…Thats a cute letter I am sure they are going to love this an cherish this for life…

    1. Oh priyadarshini, I almost died. I wanted to beat the crap out of them. I had after effects of the scene on my mind and body for days. Thank God my husband took leaves, I was that bothered. I’m happy it’s just a funny thing memory now 😊 I’m sorry you had to suffer, even one minute is a millennium. I’m glad the staff helped u. May God keep our little ones safe

  5. Aaww…..
    Such a cute letter. I love writing letters because I believe that writing is one awesome way to express what I feel for them. I can feel every word of yours.

  6. This is such a lovely letter that your twins will adore all through their life. Its special and full of emotional feelings and memories. This post inspired me to write a letter to my son sharing some beautiful memories that he can adore and live when he gets older.

    Ash |

    1. You know you should do that for sure!! He will love it and so will you… Believe me when u begin to write you will be perplexed as to how to start and where to stop πŸ˜‹

  7. So well written.. am sure this will be a beautiful read for the kids when they grow up. it will be wonderful for them to reminisce old times. and will be a lifetime memory for you.

  8. Loved reading every bit and every word of your letter prisha. Written directly from heart. You have captured it really well. Do show this letter to your kids when they grow up. I am sure they are going to love it.

  9. Ha ha ha ha I am so thrilled to read amount these cute little monsters who have kept you on your toes till date. And trust me I can relate to your fears on the 20th Floor. It can indeed get scary. But you are a brave mom who has survived all this time and sure will do great in future too when IshMish will make your head go grey completely and your bones will begin to scream. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Haha I sure hope so my dear! Pretty much every parent puts in beyond what’s in their capacity.. I wish I am able to do that ❀️ thank u for stopping by my dearest friend, much love to the kids and to you ❀️❀️

  10. I just wrote a reply. Where did that go?? πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ Anyhoo, so I said no disrespect to your dad or your siblings but I am so glad that you chose to write this letter. Bwhhahhahaha. Btw. How did they manage to enter that shelf? It looks so narrow.

    1. Beats me!! May be little babies have more flab less bones like little mice. They’d sit there all day and eventually would close the glass from inside. I’ve had tons of adventures to a stagnant shelf!

  11. Such a beautifully written letter. Im sure ur kids your appreciate or say recollect times after reading this after growing up. A wonderful blog πŸ™‚

  12. What a beautiful letter .. i could actually feel all the emotions .. i am in love with ur twins now .😍

  13. Omg, this is just awesome. Your ishmish are super cute. And that shelf pic, feels like to come and just pull their cheeks.

  14. They are adorable Prisha .And they really ran away ??My God what a difficult time you must have felt.

  15. Beautifully penned emotions – reminds me of the time when my daughter also ran away once in the lift and I was also searching for her all over – tiring moments, till she was found!

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