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The 3 AM Phone Call – Shades of Love (Fiction Story)

“Fuck You”, she muttered under her breath. She instantly realized that she shouldn’t be saying it to her mom, but then another voice on the inside said that it was ok. After all, her mom was being a…

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Tears Rolled Down Fiction Story for #StoryTellersBlogHop

“Ouch”, she let out a loud cry. “Didi, be careful!” He said. “I forgot to tell you, this place has a lot of cactuses and we are not allowed to step on them.” “Oh, I’m sorry, I got…

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10 Things to be Grateful for in 2020

Change is the only constant. We’ve all heard this line and probably quoted it too. But how open and comfortable are we really, when it comes to changes in your very being? 2020 sure has been a very…

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#NavraswithPri- 9 Day Instathon


Navratri or Navratras are just around the corner. And it’s hard to miss a celebration of womanhood, a celebration of a woman’s power. So, to celebrate this occasion, I introduce an Instagram-marathon or an instathon. The major theme…

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The Best Keto Bounty Bar Recipe

I have been on the ketogenic diet on and off for over 2 years. I have done multiple cycles and then taken a break. One can’t do long cycles of the keto diet because the food range permissible…

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Healthy Slurrpfarm Pancake Recipe & Slurrpfarm Review

Slurrp farm, Made by 2 Mothers! The tagline is sure to touch your heart the moment you land on their page www.slurrpfarm.com But do their products actually live up to the “Made by Mothers” kind of claims? Stay…

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Itsy Bitsy Spyder by Apeksha Rao #BookReview

title image itsy bitsy spyder

A read has to be really gripping for me to be completing it. I might sound like I’m difficult to please (and that may partly be true in terms of content) but the reality is that I’m actually…

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A Letter to My Children #LetsBlogWithPri

a letter to my children #LetsBlogWithPri

My Dearest Twinadoes, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and everything else! When I thought I should write a letter to you, in all honesty I was really confused. Sometimes I feel that…

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Let’s Blog With Pri Season 2 #LBWP September 2020

Kicking off the 2nd Month for the second season of #LetsBlogWithPri – I cannot be elated enough. It’s been a beautiful first month and we’ve been on time, every single of those times! Some of our friends had…

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9 Psychological Phenomenon That Trick You Everyday! #LetsBlogWithPri

9 psychological phenomenon that trick you everyday

The moment you spell out the “P” word, people assume a lot. While psychology will not predict what will happen, nor tell you about the past like an astrologer, it sure gives a window into understanding human behavior…

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