8 Things that Actually Happened to Me as a Parent

I know, I know! You can never rave enough about how amazing being a parent is, and how beautiful things are because of our children. So much mush and emotion emerged on social media likes of Insta & Facebook, that eventually separate category of blogging was assigned to parents. There are certain realities to parenting & specifically, Mommy-ing that no one really talks about in the open. But Mummsaurus speaks pretty much how she thinks. To be the most honest, quoting James Blunt – “It’s not always Rainbows & Butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along ...” pretty much sums up what parenting is like. There are certain unusual things that actually happened to me as a parent. What they were – read on to know!!


  1. Paid my life’s earnings to the doctors

You never really know the pain of a twin parent unless you have paid twice the amount for your ultrasounds during pregnancy,  consultations, for vaccines, and what not. But if that isn’t enough, the twinnies will catch an infection, pass it on and spread it to you and everyone there is at home. So, the doctor can go sponsor an all night drinks & food party for his friends.

Source: Buzzfeed

2. Participated and … admittedly, initiated Poop Conversations

Green, yellow, orange, purple and rainbow stranded poop – I have spoken about them all. Discussed the texture, the colour, the consistency, the frequency – Hell!! If I studied more science I would have spoken about its constituents as well (well, I did spot some porridge once)

But … That’s… just … a… normal thing for us, as a parent  🙄

Source: Tenor

3. Met this ‘kind’ of people

Ranging from giving bad looks to giving good lectures, I have met such people who are not sure of how to handle the baby. Even if they mismanaged their baby, I stepped in and then thought to myself – How could you?! That does come under your rules & responsibilities contract as a parent, doesn’t it?

Image result for baby poop gif

Source: Reactiongifs

4. Managed Unsolicited advice coming my way

Yes, I have Reacted to Unsolicited advice like this — like in a full ninja mode !! Beware and be prepared. If you ask me one more time how or why my child has become darker toned or why don’t I consider xyz things, I will cut you.

Source: Giphy

5. Forgot to deal with my basic drives.

So, the basic drives of a human being are to eat, drink, sleep and have sex (That’s what Psychology says, I did not cook that up). And I have forgotten to drink water or eat for long periods of time. The idea of missing on sex and sleep has already been mentioned umpteen times by parents. Yet, I’d reiterate that I had forgotten what it feels like to have sex, or to have a full nights sleep. So if you have been there, you realise things what someone as a parent has to deal with. #TrueStory

Source: The odyssey online


6. Liked children

I was someone who did not like kids per se. I always thought that the concept of Motherhood is extremely over rated – unless, of course, I had my own kids. So I went from this:

Source: hercampus.com

To This

Image result for mother and infant gif

Source: carisaadrienne.com

and This.

Source: Pinterest

7. Prefer to Stay Comfortable than to look sassy

Parenting makes you want to stay in your pjs for the rest of your life. I was pretty much in an opted locked down in my own home and my inmates were funny little tornadoes. While that was a phase, it sure seems like being trapped on some days and being the happiest and most carefree soul on the earth. Comfort came above everything else to me as a parent!!

Source: Tenor

8. Made sure I had an audience while peeing

If you are not a parent yet, this might seem the grossest thing on the list (or the second most to say the least). But believe you me, initially when the kids cry for you when you are in the toilet, that is still tolerable. But when they start roaming around, the fear of “what-might-happen-if-I-take-0.000003-extra-seconds-to-pee” will freak you out of your wits. SO, a lot of moms, including me, prefer to have your audience right in front of you, discussing pee sounds, and poop shapes and how the toilet smells like bubblegum can be quite a good conversation starter. Trust my advice as a parent – that is any day better than having the oil and detergent mixed in something so that the soft toys can take a freaky bubble bath! (don’t even ask!)

Source: Tenor

As a parent, I’m sure most of these things have happened to you! Did I miss out something? Let me know what happened with you in the comments section below.

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  1. Very funny and interesting gif are used in this post. Great and interesting article. Motherhood experience is the best to enjoy. Sometimes hard and sometimes with love and cute moments.

  2. You have explained tough part of motherhood through funny gifs. Liked the way panned out this post. All the best to you too. Its not easy to be a twins mom.

  3. Every single bit of this post is truth !! Comfort over style is my dressing principle now. I am always in mysneakers to run fast and safe with my toddler even if I am wearing skirts or maxi dresses — ImaginE !!

  4. Oh my God, you have a great sense of humour to see humour in the troubles of parenting. I had a hearty laugh. Extremely humourous. And yes I am sharing this … moms require to laugh off their troubles

  5. Hilarious. Point 1 to Point 8… I was nothing but laughing. Having a sense of humor is like icing on the cake or a writer…

  6. Okay, now I am thinking what I have gotten into. The poop talk I want to avoid it like forever. If only that was an option. Loved how you have described the feeling of being a mother. 🙂

  7. Loved the way you presented this article.. And there are things in there I can definitely relate to .. Specially from being a person who wondered why people had kids to someone who wonders why I dint have one before ..

  8. Funny piece with awesome inserts. I could relate to most of them. Love the poop discussion piece – been there, done that!

  9. Could there really be poop that is rainbow-stranded? I mean, it’s fantastic (not in a morbid way). 😀 Your mommy-hood tale amused me and scared me in equal parts. May be, my fur-babies are enough for the”lazy” me.

  10. Hahaha…too good! It’s the funny reality of every mother and I like all things funny now. You totally nailed this post by using the perfectly matching GIFs.

  11. Hilarious and the gifs were sooooo apt! Every one of that has happened to me.. I only wish I see the funny side of it like you have!

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

  12. Absolutely adored it. You have presented the struggles of mommyhood with a dollop of sarcastic humour which makes it so perfect. Most of the things listed here were a part of my phase as a new mommy.
    To add to all this my girls used to crawl away as I tried dressing them up. Oh! it was like winning a war when I could successfully dress them up in winter or in their sleeping suits. #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  13. Agree on most here. Silence is golden, but not with kids. If my little girl is silent, I know she is brewing up something to keep me on my toes. You summed it so well. Though we admire them, I have the feeling that the previous phase was better. 😂 The only times we cherish we were in the past is with the kids being less naughty.

  14. Hahahaha… This hilarious post made me laugh and cry at the same time! All the points are damn true and I have faced all of them… The grossest being talking about poops, which incidentally makes all of us laugh when we remember them!

  15. Hehehehe another masterpiece of your writing with the humor dose. There is nothing in the list that a parent wont relate to.

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