Chocolates are, I believe, the best food discovered by mankind. Sweet, bitter or something in between! At least my family can gobble down intoxicating amounts of this heaven made on earth. No matter how much we stock it, there’s never enough chocolate in my house.

But of all the things, I never let my Twins finish up their bars of chocolates in one go.

I know you are wondering why do I have to be so cruel?

I grew up with two other siblings and back in the day, the craze for chocolates and junk food was really high. These foods weren’t purchased as abundantly as they are now. In those days, we 3 siblings were the family favorites and would receive a lot of chocolates as gifts. My mom used to keep them with her and often give us just one bar and would make us share it.

Why I Wouldn't let my Twins eat a Full Chocolate Bar
Why I Wouldn’t let my Twins eat a Full Chocolate Bar

All three of us wanted a bigger share than the other two because I’m the oldest, or I’m the youngest, or I got a smaller share last time, or I always take bigger share … the list of excuses was endless. But instead of a bigger share, we always ‘compromised‘ taking equal shares.

Years later when we parted, as I moved to a different city for my studies, I had unlimited bars of chocolate at my disposal and one fine day, I picked my favourite and sat in a corner of my PG, planning to drown in this river of chocolate – One full chocolate at my disposal and NO ONE to share it with!

To my surprise, I couldn’t finish even half of it. I had to force finish the other half and I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would!

That is when I realized why my Mom did what she did!! The sharing of chocolates did 5 things to us:-

  1. It taught us to be fair and share our resources equally
  2. We could settle our arguments and ‘adjust’ with the available options, thus strengthening our bonds as siblings
  3. It did not make us crave like crazy, and feeding on a little quantity seemed to satiate us sufficiently
  4. Chocolate did not become GOD, and in the current situation, there are several chocolates lying in the fridge and we siblings never bother to even touch them
  5. Fewer sweets = fewer cavities in the teeth!!
  6. And most importantly, the intake of junk food was limited. We were fine tuned for proportion for the rest of our life, thus making a healthier choice of food.

Now even when we have a fridge full of chocolates, we ensure that our twins open just one bar of chocolate. We ensure they share it among themselves as this simple trick changed our lives for the best!

What do you think about this chocolate sharing trick? Do you think with all the available resources today Parents should inculcate habits of sharing and nurture sibling bonds?

Do let me know your opinions in the comments below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!!


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13 thoughts on “Why I Wouldn’t let my Twins eat a Full Chocolate Bar”
  1. I try and avoid giving chocholates to my toddler but my hubby always gives him some.
    Oh I need to make him read this article.

  2. The best post I’ve come across today. U’ve written it so damn well. Guess what 2dys back got a pack of Kitkat had 3 since 2dys,dint share wid hubby and he sd today its been 3 dys u hvng dt all alone. How much du u love chocolates 😂☺️ i was like i never share it with my dad too!! This post taught me a lot today

    1. Bwahahahahah well He is a bigger chocolate lover than me so usually I’m the one blaming him for hiding and eating all of that by himself.

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