10 Things to be Grateful for in 2020

Change is the only constant. We’ve all heard this line and probably quoted it too. But how open and comfortable are we really, when it comes to changes in your very being? 2020 sure has been a very ‘unusual’ phase of life, to say the least. But I, as a person, have always loved the change! But one thing I didn’t change even in the phase of the Pandemic, is to be grateful and see the good in things. 

I’m totally an adventurous person, an out-of-the-comfort-zone kind. I Play with my appearance a lot to stir things up a bit. Sometimes, I completely change the settings of my home, or phone, to get out of monotony. So honestly, when the lockdown happened, I wasn’t quite scared, except for the aspects of safety and availability of resources. 

Once we had basic information on fighting with the virus, preventing the disease, and stocks of items became available, life didn’t remain as hard. But here are 10 things that happened during 2020, and that I am honestly grateful for. 

1. For Having Twins

I know, a lot of times I or my fellow twin parents have cribbed about having twins and the tonnes of difficulties managing them. But so, so many times during the lockdown, I closed my eyes and said a prayer – thanking God for the gift of twins. I’m grateful that my twins were old enough to engage with each other during these times and kept each other busy. Whether by fight, play, or random silly things – my kids did not miss the playground that much. Thank God for that.

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2. My Husband.

The gift of family is indeed the best gift ever. While Vinod and I went through many ups and downs during the lockdown, I am truly grateful for being married to a gentleman. We fought, we stopped talking, but we also just sat together aimlessly and had quality time. I was bogged by his office work as he was drowned in it, but I’d rather have him work late at home than work late at a place where I can’t see him. 

3. Househelp

Do I even need to elaborate on that? I’m a true lazybones and hate any chore that needs much physical effort. So when the maids stopped coming, all hell broke loose. My husband did help me, but with him having loads of office work, and me having almost none, it was obvious the load was on me. I did not like it one bit and did it with zero zeal and without proper cleaning. In that phase, I thoroughly respected the amount of effort my help put in when cleaning. I have mostly been considerate with the work I give to my help, but it helped me be even more cautious and conscious about the amount of hard work it takes to do the most basic of jobs. So, I’m grateful, for my house help and the efforts she puts in keeping my home clean. 

4. Work Load

I’m a freelancer – blogging, influencing, are project-based tasks. Some are paid, most are not. But it is the non-paid ones that attract the paid clients. When the lockdown happened, paid projects vanished from the market. The ones that came went only to certain Influencers and many of us either had no good work or very poorly paid projects. I’m grateful for this phase, I truly am. In this phase I got the ability to generate content I thought I never will, I got projects from friends and followers who were not planning to engage with massive Influencers, but people they spoke to often and connected with on an individual basis. 

I truly am super grateful for their faith in me, because not just content, who I am as a person, drew them to my [age and offer me work. I’m grateful, very grateful for the sufficient amount of work that came my way, brands, and clients that trusted in me. I’m also grateful to the clients who refused to work with me because it helped me introspect and understand and sometimes even let go that I am not the best, or I am not the best fit for a certain client and that is OK. 

5. Keeping Busy

In terms of my freelance work, as I said, most work is unpaid. A few challenges like the makeup brush challenge, the Jeet Jayega India Challenge, and many such challenges were viral on Instagram. I did not initiate any, but I made a point that I participated in each and every project that came my way, without thinking twice as to who all was in it, whether they matched my following or not. If they asked me, I said yes. If a little bit of my effort made someone happy, how could I let go of that chance? I’m grateful to each and every creator who thought that I could add some grace to the video by participating in it, I’m grateful for them for keeping me busy when I needed it most.

6. Friends

I am close to a lot of people, but my friends are very very few. I’m grateful for being in touch with them, albeit on and off. I’m grateful that I do not need to constantly prove my love to them in a compulsive way. I’m grateful that they understand the value of affection and are secure enough to understand its value. 

7. My health

I have always been a plus-size person. When the lockdown started, I started gaining weight again, and one fine day, I hit the 3 digits. I was petrified, uneasy, and absolutely in disgust with what I had become. But I decided once again to change that and also assured myself that I will go slow and expect less. Weight loss and fitness are a slow process but I always end up losing my patience about the process. This time, I promised myself I will go slow, I will not push myself too hard, and I will give myself 2-3 years to get to my target weight, or even lose a big chunk of my weight. 

And I did. I went slow, I went steady, and I lost a decent chunk of weight. The maintenance was hard and I haven’t been able to keep up because of my travel, but I am very happy that I could do it, and I can’t wait to get back home and go back to my routine. 


8. Sushant Singh Rajput

I am, grateful, for him, his death, and the entire mass joke that became out of it. I’m sorry if reading this line hurt you, I understand it because it hurt even when I was typing it. But the truth is, that I am indeed grateful for the entire public joke that happened at his death.

Sushant Singh Rajput suicide, Mumbai Police to write to Twitter for Sushant  missing tweets, Sandip ssingh questioning | Celebrities News – India TV

I’m grateful that as the news of him dying came, I lost all my brain cells and had a relapse of depression, unable to cope with the news of his death. I’m grateful that I decided to talk about my mental health struggles publically. I’m grateful that many people related to it, connected with me, and I gave the number of my psychiatrist and therapist and they sought help. 

I’m grateful that I was so engrossed with the updates about his murder/suicide, that I followed the news diligently, and realized soon enough that this is going to come out as suicide and nothing else is going to become of it. I was right. I started avoiding his news, updates, etc soon enough and I think it was one of the wisest decisions of my life. One month after his death, I promised myself I won’t talk about him or share about him or even follow news/videos related to him. This made a huge difference in how this worked for my mental health, and for the mental health of all those people who were connected with e for the reason of getting updates about him. I told each and every one of them to stop following that news because if it is to bring that much negativity to me, then it is not worth it. 


Also, the practical aspect of it all was that he wasn’t related to me, so mourning his death for too long wasn’t a sensible thing to do anyway. 

One of my very close family members was deeply engrossed in his death and it had begun affecting them intensely. But I let them drown in that pain and vent out the hidden pain that they were projecting on the death of SSR. They eventually came out of it, but I a grateful that at that moment where the world wouldn’t stop reminding that person that they were extremely stupid to mourn the death of an actor they didn’t even know, I am thankful that I understood what was going on inside of them and was ‘there’ when I should have been. 


9. Mental health of my parents.


In the pandemic, I was really thankful for the fact that I ‘tricked’ my parents into consulting online with my psychiatrist. It wasn’t easy, because I had to cook up a lot of lies. After being a parent myself, if there is one thing I learned, is that you cannot fool your parents. So it was hard to convince them to take a mental health checkup, or do follow-ups, and why they needed to take medicines. My father dropped follow-ups very soon, but y mother was pushed into continuing it. My mother became a whole different person after therapy and treatment. Her anger, her frustration, her body aches and stressors, all came down drastically. She became the kind person that she is on the inside, the happy person that she wanted to be this whole time, and I am ever, ever so grateful for the pandemic to happen – so I could push my mother to take this step and fix her to such an extent. She still doesn’t know how much I pay for her sessions, but as long as she is willing to continue, I am willing to spend every penny I would have. 

10. Life

I shall never underestimate the gift of life. To be able to wake up and have pretty much fine health, to have children to hug, a partner to care for, a family that checked on me, friends that stay connected through the heart. I am grateful for being alive to witness beauty, witness love, and witness the becoming of things. I am grateful for having enough food to eat, enough money to survive, enough wishes to splurge, enough medicines to keep me in good health, enough love to make me see and realize the importance of it all. 

Thank you 2020. 

For everything you gave me, for everything you helped me realize that I already have, to appreciate the minutest things, and knowing, that the big things mean nothing without the greatness of the small things. 

I am grateful that 2020 has been the best year in so many aspects for me. Thank you for all the gifts you brought to me and gave me, 2020. I do not like to use the words like New normal, or wish that 2020 should end. It is a year like any other and yes, maybe the Virus took the better of us. But with prayers in my heart and love in my eyes, I choose to walk forward and say a small prayer for everyone. May the Lord do what is best for us all. May he keep us safe despite the years, despite the pandemic, despite the fact that maybe things are not going as planned. 

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  1. I think gratitude is the best gift of 2020 to the world! I am also thankful to the many blessings I had this year.

  2. As much I like your content on Insta, I like reading your blogpost as well. One should indeed be thankful for the things listed by you but no. 8 is the highlight. I wish you wonderful 2021. Stay Safe😊

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 😊 yes, #8 changed my life, the way i looked at many things. I’m surprised myself that it made it to this list 😊

  3. This post is filled with so much positivity, it is very motivating, Prisha. It’s amazing that you got your parents to go to therapy. It’s amazing that you held strong throughout the difficult times and emerged with a clearer conscience. Thankyou for this uplifting post. Wishing you great year ahead. 🙂

  4. One should be really thankful for all good things they are blessed with! It makes it easier to fight through the difficulties life throws at us.
    Lovely post! While most of your blessings are heartwarming, a few did dishearten not only you, but the entire nation. It is saddening to know how badly you were affected, at the same time relieved to see how powerfully you surfaced yourself to the light of positivity.
    Beautifully penned.

  5. This is a post full of positivity, Prisha. Certainly, there is so much around us, that we take for granted but should be grateful for. Loved your energy and enthusiasm in your Insta post.
    Wishing you a wonderful and happening 2021.

  6. After reading your post Prisha, the best thing seemed for me is bringing your parents to the counselor. You know I have seen my mom suffering from Anxiety Disorders this year, for long 7 months. I have seen her suffering a lot. It feels so sad to see our parents in such situation. Enjoyed reading your post dear. Lovely read. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. I wish you a great 2021 ahead. Best wishes dear.

  7. Loved reading about your year and rightly put points. I quite liked what you wrote about mental health especially when it comes to our parents. Beautifully worded and aptly written. I’ll sure be following you on insta as well.
    Best wishes

  8. This is a blog full of how cruel this year 2020 is and you have rightly put across all points . But I loved the gratitude filled vibes from your post that is a message in itself 😊. Wish you a great New year 2021 .

  9. Great to know that despite pandemic you managed to work for every best positive things around you and for you and for your family members. And I want to mention that your positivity towards life can be easily seen in your all videos. Appreciate your out of the box thoughts regarding mental health of parents. Wishing all the good things in your way in coming year!

  10. Prisha your posts are always full of positivity and how effortlessly you put forth your thoughts. The Mental Health of parents point touched my heart. We should keep a close watch about out parents mental health too. They are old, have more experience , have seen the ups and down so they can stand still even in pandemic like situation. This thinking is completely wrong. I really liked your off beat trick. When something is done with a good intention then it is not a trick.

  11. I really loved reading your post Prisha🥰you’ve pulled an awesome year for yourself and created a mark. All your endeavors are worth praising!! I wish you lots of success and winning feats in 2021!!

  12. Thank you so much for this beautiful post radiating with positivity. The way you found so many things to be grateful for, in such a chaotic year shows how wonderful a person you are.
    It was so good to know that your mother is doing so well after therapy. And I could relate so much with what you wrote about Sushant Singh Rajput.
    Kudos to your spirit!
    And wish you a fabulous 2021 😊

  13. Truly 2020 was year of gratitude. It has brought things to be happy about like closeness in families, opportunities to resolve mental and physical heath issues. I also have become more grateful with every passing day

  14. Loved reading this post and your content on Instagram is awesome. Keep doing good work. Yes, there’s so much to be grateful for and thus year made us realise that.

  15. From the looks of it, 202p has actually been quite tough for you. I’m glad you’re here, that you survived and most importantly that you rose above it.

  16. A lot of things on your list resonate with me, Prisha. 2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone but made us realize that we are tougher than we think. I like how candid you are about all that you can do, and what you find difficult.

  17. The way you write always brings positivity in me. reflection is always hard for me and the way you write makes everything so easy. I learned a lot of new things from the post.

  18. I love all your videos, Prisha and follow all your posts on Insta. Tricking parents is a tough job but what you did was the right decision taken.Being a twin mom, I too felt to be blessed during lockdown as my kids never missed their friends or going out. A very Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

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