What Night Suit Personality are you?

Yep, That’s right! Your night suit is talking about the kind of person you are, and you probably never knew about it! But isn’t it cool that I have a write up that will help you know what does your night suit say about you? haha!!! So let’s get started!!

1. The Satin Night Suit

Your pyjamas tell that you like to live life at the moment. What would happen after, is not something that bothers you way too much. You like to be planned, poised, and classy, but don’t kill your vibe in the process. You are prone to like being very presentable most of the times.ย 

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2. Fleece Night Suit

Your night suit tells everyone that you are a child at heart. It is quite possible that you have a denial of adult life, and often like to talk by babbling and cooing. I am also guessing that you have two lives – prim and proper like Batman in the day, and a goofy li’l stuffed bear by night!! Not bad I’d say!

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3. The Quirky Print Night Suit

Your night suit speaks for you. You have an attitude and that attitude says – “this is me, take it or leave it”. There is a a quirky side to you, and you are not ashamed of it. You see the world as it is and you say what’s in your mind. You call a spade a spade, and a pain in the butt, a pain in the butt! Sometimes, you may give a thought before you speak, but someone has to be excessively valuable for you to make you think before you talk!

4. The solid cotton night suit

Your Pyjama suit is a personality of its own! You are a mix of gentle and ruthless, classic and rustic. You have a streak of you that you don’t like to talk about. It is possible that you are a reserved person trying to fit into a group of extroverts, or an extrovert who prefers to keep it low and quiet. You can be unpredictable sometimes and well, not even you see that coming!

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5. The PJs and Tee

You are a comfort zone person. That does not mean that you cannot step out of it, it only means that you’d prefer things to be done your way, the usual way. At least that is what your pyjamas say about you! Routine things seem nice to you. Things in order seem to please you. You are an amicable person who enjoys the company of people you know. Meeting new people isn’t a challenge but you don’t include them in your circle just with one meeting.

6. The Mix and Match

Your life, just like your pajama suit, is an expression of chaos. You are usually busy – if not with work, with your thoughts… after all, being lazy and doing nothing can also be a chaotic job. You are usually independent and go by your own rules in life. If things don’t fall in place, you know how to make appropriate arrangements and make things work. Jugaad is not a game for you, it’s a skill!ย 


And if you have a combination of all of theseย night suits,ย You are a slayer!

So what did your results come out to be?? Did any of these come out to be true for you?? Share with me in the comments below.

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  1. I love loved this article. It is quite innovative. I always live your pists Prisha. I guess I am a mix of two of more personalities I can’t get out of my comfort zone, I am take it or leave it person and I also like the fleece suit person ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  2. Honestly I am both satin and fleece night suit person depending upon the weather. Thanks for this lovely post.

  3. I love wearing quirky print and mix and match night suits. Like you have said we Indian always find a way to do jugad to match our routine life

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