5 Facts & Statistics on Happiness – India is Very Unhappy!

I am super happy to be a part of the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge 2020, hosted by the duo of sweethearts Ruchi & Dipika! The theme of the blog challenge is Happiness and while I had many ideas brewing up for Happiness, I wanted an article that stands out. I had an idea about writing a fiction story, or maybe a real-life event chronology, and I even wanted to pour in listicles about the science & psychology of happiness (all the neurological framework) and some simple methods of maintaining happiness & positivity in life. But I couldn’t decide on one – simply because this is nothing new that I would be adding – though I’m still quite bent on the Science & Psychology of Happiness, I’ll probably attempt that later! This blog is dedicated to sharing realities, explanations, and actual statistics of the Happiness of people in our country. Is that even measurable? We’ll find out!! 

What is the Happiness Index?

Happiness Index is a ratio or score calculated by none other than the UN (United Nations). A total of 156 nations were surveyed in 2018-2019, basis which a list of those countries, along with their scores and rankings were released.


How is the Happiness Index Calculated?

The big question – how do the surveyors and UN know how Happy I am? The surveyors visited every country and surveyed a pool of people upon how they ‘perceive’ their happiness level. Many factors like the area’s GDP, personal freedom, social support, and levels of corruption were taken into consideration while calculating the score.

5 Facts about the Happiness Index

Fact 1

The Sources of Collecting data for calculation of the Happiness Index are various, but the most important source is the Gallup World Poll. The Gallup World Poll is unique in its own way as its range and comparability of its global series of annual surveys.

Fact 2

India Ranks 144 on the Happiness Index. India’s score out of 10 is 3.573. We are now in the “bottom 10” group and that is not a state we should be in. It is a swift decline from our previous rank (in 2015) considering that India makes up to 1/5th of the world’s population. 

Fact 3

Pakistan ranks 66 out of the 156 nations, with a score of 5.693 and China ranked 94th. Bangladesh ranks 107th place, Sri Lanka ranks at 130th, while Nepal ranks 92nd in the Happiness Index. Pakistan is the Happiest Country in the South of Asia, and Sri Lanka is the Unhappiest in the region. 


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Fact 4

Finland sits on the top of the chart with the first rank, at a score of 7.809. This is followed by Denmark (7.646) and Switzerland (7.560) respectively.


Fact 5

The World Happiness Report of 2020 focuses on the theme of an individual’s environment – social, urban, and natural. Aspects like a sense of belonging, having someone to count on, trust, generosity, and kindness, and compassion & friendships were important factors. Also, the general well being of the individuals in a region was considered when the survey was being done. 


I hope this blog has been helpful in shedding some light on the Statistics of Happiness, and I bet you’ve known something new and Awesomely amazing through this blog! If you agree, share this blog! 

Also, thank you Ruchi & Dipika for motivating writing practices, and giving my creative juices a chance to get onto work!! 


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  1. We are lagging behind in happiness charter, that’s so sad. Our race to achieve everything is keeping us on toes but we are definitely missing the basics of life, happiness. That’s an eye opener post.
    Thank you for be a part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge.

  2. This statistics were quite rattling. I have a feeling that we are searching our happiness in outside more than inside.

  3. Wow.. Quite factual.. India ranks 144…thats terrible….probably because we are searching for happiness outside.. We need to dig within ourself and start believing in ourselves.

  4. It is shocking to India’s ranking in happiness. Indians today have become alone in this world full of people around. Priorities have changed and so on the emotions in people. As a result, we browse the internet to find ways to be happy which was one of the characteristics we were born with.

  5. I am really surprised to know this as I wasn’t aware. I learnt it the hard way to be happy, to be content and now when I do, I think I do not need much but the live and support of closed ones.

  6. I knew we don’t do good the scale of happiness, but these statistics are eye opener! As a country, maybe we can do better if we start focussing on smaller things. Improving lifestyle of the citizens for one or try to make everyone equal with giving similar opportunity. Few might feel my thoughts to be too idealistic, but we should try to make a difference!

  7. I just saw about the happiness index some days ago. It’s sad to know that we are lagging behind happiness.. But the happiness is a simply earned thing to cherish always. Loved your post dear.

  8. Unless and until we stop running behind accumulating tangible objects and defining happiness with materialistic things, we will not be able to understand the true meaning of happiness. Just hope people should realize this thing.

  9. The key variables such as social support, generosity and rest I find Indians are more helpful and easier to live with as they get customized easily with the situations. But ranking on 144 on index that is not digestible. Hope they frame better survey questions next year.

  10. Ha! I wrote on this topic two years back and the rank of India further deteriorated. Though I have a doubt on the method of calculating ‘Happiness Quotient’, I’m equally devastated by the same.

  11. These figures are not surprising, I would say, considering the factors in play like personal freedom, social support and corruption. We know we are not doing great as compared to other countries. But I guess if these variables are changed we would rank better.

  12. Brilliant post! It’s very well-researched! I loved the infographic and have saved it in my pin board. Thank you for imparting such valuable information about our country. I wasn’t aware that India is so low in the Happiness Index.

  13. The statistics are not surprising. The fall in rank over years should make us ponder on why… Maybe the common man of india needs and wants are varying.. How tobact upon that?

  14. We haven’t been able to tap on the’strengths on having a huge population and instead it has become a weakness. There is constant pressure on people to feed themselves. We need to first concentrate on reap the benefits of India being a agricultural country. There is so much pressure of fending for lively-hood that the happiness quotient is low. We are fighting with each other for our position in our work life and puts a pressure on work-life balance. These are reasons India lags behind. I hope collectively we can turn this around soon.

  15. We’re developing country and the happiness quotient would be low in all developing countries. With uncertainty the HI would become lower for us.
    I hope we recover fast.

  16. Loved the post, Prisha. It’s sad that we rank so low and was unhappy to see countries like Pakistan topping the list. Thanks for sharing this well- researched post which was quite an eye-opener.

  17. What as insightful post on statistics of happiness, though I watched in the news that Finland has scored top position in the ranking of the most happy country but somehow miss the actual data behind all this statistics, thank you for bringing under notice.

  18. Very well researched and written. It’s a shame that India is so back when it comes to happiness. Happiness is within oneself and I think everyone shld start rekindling it n awakening their happiness.

  19. This was a completely different perspective of the prompt and I absolutely loved reading it. That infographic was really interesting (i have pinned it :)) . I had no clue that our score of happiness index would be so low.

  20. This is the sad reality of India. Unfortunately we are very self centered people who want monetary gain more than anything else. So everything over and below this are those areas where we are falling short, happiness being one of them.

  21. Its quite astonishing that our country comes 144th in the Happiness Ranking. Right from practising yoga, meditation and having so many spiritual organisations to calm the inner self, we come 144th. This just means that we have a lot to work on moving up the ranks.

    A good take on the happiness prompt!

  22. This is really sad that our country is legging behind and people are unhappy with their lives. no doubt, there is a large number of population in our country that lives their life below the poverty line and even struggle for their basic needs. hope that things for better in future and we will have a happy nation for our future generation.

  23. I must admit this sis so well researched and well written post!! I am really disappointed to know that we are lagging behind in terms of happiness and so we need to spread more!!

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