Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish Cream for Dark Spots: Mamaearth Review

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“Mumma, you have so many dark spots!! Put some cream”. My world shook as my 4-year-old said that to me (trust me, this did happen and I have no clue where he learned this from!) But in a way, he wasn’t wrong. Ageing, hormonal changes, stress and a hap-hazard lifestyle have been destructing my skin. It had been too long since I had been ignoring it but yes, my skin was aging, dying and spotting. Mamaearth is a brand that does not need an introduction anymore. A brand that always thinks about the minutest problems mothers face, and curates products accordingly has recently launched Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish Cream. I happened to sample the cream on my skin. I have used the Bye Bye Blemish cream for about 15 days and here is my Review for the same.

My Skin Type

I have oily skin, with minimal to no breakouts. My skin is usually very clear, with a slight layer of oil that works like gleam. I usually avoid using any cream or lotion on my face due to my skin type. I also, often do not require any cream treatments. I occasionally apply some moisturizer during winters, when I feel that my skin has dried out too much. I do not have any remnant marks from the ‘pimple’ days. However, due to aging and recent changes in skin, I have developed slight pigmentation. Even though it is visible to others only when they look very closely, it is visible to me.

The Bye Bye Blemish Cream from Mamaearth

The Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish cream is suited for all skin types. It contains power ingredients like Mulberry Extract, Organic Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin C. The cream claims to be able to fight melanin deposits and reduce blemishes or dark spots.

Mamaearth claims that

  • The cream is non-greasy
  • It can suppress or correct sun damage 
  • The cream nourishes skin, thus strengthening it and improving skin quality
  • It is MADE SAFE certified, which is an international certification that the product is free of harmful chemicals. 

Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish cream is free of

  • Mineral Oil
  • SLS
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic Colors
  • Synthetic Perfumes
  • Artifical Preservatives
  • Petroleum

My experience with Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish Cream from Mamearth

I have been using the cream for about 15 days. Here is my review for Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish cream


The Bye Bye Blemish cream from Mamaearth comes in a cute-sy tiny jar. It has a pump mechanism to give out about a medium sized drop of the cream. Usually, one dot is sufficient, unless your skin is really drying out.


The cream is lotion like – white in color. The texture is smooth and soft. It absorbs quickly into the skin.

Method of application

Simply pump the bottle to get out a small quantity. Apply the cream in gentle circular motion on a cleansed face. the cream gets absorbed within seconds. It is recommended that the Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemish cream should be used twice a day, on a cleansed face. I used it once a day, before bedtime, as that is the only few minutes I get to myself.

Expectations from the Mamaearth Blemish cream and Results

The cream definitely lives up to the expectations.

After the first week itself, my spots began to lighten.

The Blemish cream from Mamearth did not make the skin very oily or greasy, which is a big thumbs up!

It has a mild fragrance, that gives out odors of natural ingredients. It may not be the most pleasant, but it is definitely not laden with artificial perfumes. Another thumbs up there!

It did, however, take away some smoothness of the skin. The skin appeared slightly coarse after application from Day 1. But my skin is a bit sensitive to any kind of cream, so that could be a reason.

Pricing & Availability

The product is available in a single size package.

50 ml jar costs INR 599

The product is available on many sites, here are a few:

Mummasaurus’ Verdict

I give a 4 out of 5 to the cream. I’m taking away a point simply because my skin did get a little coarse after using it. But that could be the problem of my skin, not of the cream per se. Totally depends on the kind of skin you have! I recommend the cream to my readers and would like to hear their experience of using the cream.

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    1. It did not irritate my skin, it was soothing. In fact many many creams irrirtate my eyes. This one is really gebtle that ways. By coarse, I mean slightly, very slightly bumpy… Or you can say rough looking

  1. This is something many people suffer with. I think this will be game changer. Now that this established brand has already made so many wonderful products, people would love buying it 🙂

  2. Dude, I love Mamaearth products too. The only con people said was this is kinda huge bottle and a turn down while traveling. Although like you said non-greasy and mild fragrance covers up everything 🙂 I’m gonna buy this next for my mommy!

  3. I have been using the screen for a month now and I really love the fragments of this product and suits my skin well too

  4. Mamaearth is a well known brand for moms and kids products. I have used a fewnof their products from kids range and I totally love them. Need to try out these too.

  5. I have heard amazing things about the brand. Pigmentation comes with age and i see some spots developing on mine too even if i take care of myself so much. I would love to try this cream too.


  6. This cream looks really interesting. I have got hyperpigmentation problems too and would love to give this a try.


  7. It made your skin coarse because your skin is sensitive. I also have sensitive and oily prone skin, should I give this cream a miss?

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