#LetsBlogWithPri June Edition

This being the third consecutive month for the “Let’s Blog With Pri” Campaign, our group continues to grow. The “Let’s Blog with Pri” campaign aims at making blogging a regular habit. Precisely why we unite to write together without a monetary reward – purely for the love of writing and nourishing the passion that lies within. The format is based on a blog chain and linky party and the guidelines for the same are, as mentioned below.


The activity starts in June, and the deadline for completing your blog is every Tuesday. So your first blog should go up by 4th June 2019.

We will plan out 4 Blogs – on 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th June, respectively. These are all Tuesdays.

You may go by the prompt, or you may use an interpretation of your own, the only requirements are:
–  Submitting a blog on time ( by 11:59 PM on Tuesdays )
–  Add the badge
– Add your post to the linky on my blog (details will be shared)
-Hyperlinking one person before and after you
-Non sponsored blog – a blog written for your will to write, not because it is sponsored.
– Every Wednesday you would need to promote your blog on IG. Kindly make posts/stories around it, tagging me and the hashtag.

Hyperlinking: You may add a line at the end of your blog, before posting the badge stating ” This blog is a part of the #LetsBlogWithPri Campaign hosted by Prisha Lalwani from www.Mummasaurus.com. I would like to thank <person before you in the list> for introducing me in the blog train. You can read her blog here. I would like to introduce <Person next in Line> . You can read his/her blog here”

The group is required to be very rigid with their discipline to writing. Plz plan your month and be available for the activity. Last minute backing out will be difficult to accommodate.

Everyone will be required to fill up a form so we have all the details of you.

This month onwards, writing 4 blogs is a mandate. You may write more, but the minimum requirement is 4!


Engagements mean likes and comments (and social media shares, if applicable)

– Engaging on host’s blog is mandatory
– Engaging in blogs that you are hyperlinking is also mandatory.

So 3 mandatory blog engagements are solicited.

Thereafter, it is on you to read and engage with the groups’ posts. The more you read, the more beneficial it is for your blog.

Engagement on IG is not mandated. You are free to engage/skip.

A person will not be assigned to check if you have completed your engagements or not. Every Wednesday, take 10 minutes out and complete your engagements, failing which, team mates can highlight your name.

In a nutshell:

  • Publish and link blog by Tuesdays
  • Instagram post and stories on Wednesdays
  • Engage on the host’s blog, engage on 2 people you are hyperlinking to, by Wednesday!
  • Stick to timelines.

Badge Code

Simply Paste the badge in the “Text Tab” at the bottom of your blog post.

Badge code is as follows:

<img class=”” src=”https://www.mummasaurus.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/LetsBlogWithPri.png” width=”387″ height=”388″ /><b>Hosted By :
Prisha Lalwani
<a href=”https://www.mummasaurus.com/”>Mummasaurus.com</a>
IG: <a href=”http://www.instagram.com/mummasaurus1″>@mummasaurus1</a>
FB: <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/mummasaurus1″>/mummasaurus1</a></b>


Prompts for the Month of June:

1. 8 summer tips for pregnant moms

2. 8 tips when traveling to the hills/hill station

3. Recipe of a chicken substitute (soy, paneer, etc)

4. 4 ways to speak so that your toddler listens

5. Types of makeup brushes and their uses

6. Playtime ideas for 6/12 month old

7. Quote prompt: “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”

8. Picture prompt:-

Image Source: Pixabay


Train Sequence for June

These rules and guidelines are for the campaign of #LetsBlogwithPri hosted by Prisha Lalwani from www.Mummasaurus.com

Maitri Verma https://maitrisconfetti.com
Sona Saxena Www.coffeecoosnclicks.com
Isha Sharma www.justamaa.com
Revati Bhushan http://mommysmusings.in
Cindy D’Silva www.blogaberry.com
Sweta Kachhap https://cloudandsunshine.com
Noor Anand Chawla https://nooranandchawla.com/
Disha Mehrotra http://www.lifemyway.in
Kapila Rattan Bhowmik http://www.everylittlethinghappiness.com
Mahati Ramya Adivishnu Https://www.fantasticfeathers.in
Kanika Manaktala http://thecolorpallette.wordpress.com
Shruti Mirchandani https://aahamyaworldwithmaa.wordpress.com
Jameela Soni https://jameestrait.wordpress.com
Debidutta Mohanty www.womb2cradlenbeyond.wordpress.com


Hosted By: Prisha Lalwani Mummasaurus.com

IG: @mummasaurus1

FB: /mummasaurus1

Please add your links for the week below


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    1. This is such a great initiative Prisha. Thank you for hosting this and letting us be a part of it.

    2. I had enjoyed it last month and excited to be part of the train this month too. It’s helping me in getting back to regular blogging.

  1. This is the first time I’ve been part of Ur blog train, n I’m loving how easy n friendly uve made it… Good work Prisha…👌

  2. I am so excited to be a part of this blog train this month too.. You are a very good person Prisha… I am totally new in this blogging world…. And these blog trains are really helpful for me… Thanks Prisha.. 🙂

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