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6 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Reward with Good Health

The Common Indian is gradually becoming more aware of the lifestyle they live and the changes they need to make. But we still end up making some grave mistakes – sometimes because we are too lazy to change…

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LetsBlogWithPri – May Edition

It was an amazing experience writing with a group of great bloggers in #LetsBlogWithPri – April. I will continue the program in May 2019 and I can’t be more excited!  The “Let’s Blog with Pri” campaign aims at…

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6 Common Dreams and What they Mean

Dreams are a part of everyone’s night. Some see many dreams every day, some see a dream once in many days. But some times, some dreams affect you persistently. You often discard it thinking, ‘meh, it’s just a…

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Just Talk to Me ! Fictional Story for #LetsBlogWithPri

She knew she was going through a lot – a complicated pregnancy, a lack of company and the overwhelming hormones. It wasn’t easy to be on a bed rest for a very long time to come. She knew…

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Welcome to Let’s Blog with Pri #LetsBlogWithPri

First and Foremost, Thank you for Joining in this initiative! The “Let’s Blog with Pri” campaign aims at making blogging a regular habit and working towards building a blog train. The blog train, regularity in writing and thus…

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